*in walks cracker* he sits down at the table, ready for his questions, but he approaches this like how he approaches the game. Been playing for eight years, been a part of big families in the game and has always had his say, but he is ready for this, his time for the spotlight. Lets delve into the mind of someone who you may not know, but that's how he plays it...

Ladies, Gents and Trannys of TMB, we present to you – Wesker and Cracker

Wesker: Hey there (here you sai hi back)

Wesker: lol

Cracker Chris: hey man

Cracker Chris: nice t finally catch you on at the same time lol

Wesker: Yes, after many attemps i finally got you lol

Wesker: anyway, tell us how you find out about tmb

Cracker Chris: I actually found out about the game I seen someone drop a link on craigslist promising cash prizes lol so I was like what is this I have to check this out lol

Wesker: I see. lol

Wesker: And what was the round you joined if you remember well?

Cracker Chris: cash prizes boy was I naïve lol

Wesker: haha

Cracker Chris: somewhere around the late 20s to early 30s

Wesker: damn

Wesker: the game had many people playing that time?

Cracker Chris: yeah it was pretty big back then not like heyday big but it was still fairly large

Wesker: Okay cool

Wesker: before we talk about your first family tell me,

Wesker: cracker, why did you chose this name?

Cracker Chris: well this wasn't my first name but I have been using this one for 5 years or so I think

Cracker Chris: but I chose this one because one of my fav rappers haystack had a song called cracker and it was a good song so I just went with it

Cracker Chris: sides ima cracker lol so I rol with it

Wesker: alright, another player I interview enjoy listen rap cool

Wesker: so you joined the game and what was the first family you joined?

Cracker Chris: it was a clericuzio extension I think northwest they were all compass points north south east west and so on

Wesker: I see and what were the other families in that time? do you remember?

Cracker Chris: I lasted there a few rounds

Wesker: I see.

Cracker Chris: I know there was dutch union Avalon I think and honestly I really cant remember I really didn't know what I was doing back then lol

Wesker: haha

Cracker Chris: and I was pretty damn stoned back then when I played

Wesker: Alright.

Wesker: Did you remember anyone who taught you about the game like a mentor?

Wesker: or did you learned only by yourself?

Cracker Chris: honestly I really don't remember my boss back then in clericuzio I didn't like the fam so I only stayed a few rounds and left then I hooked up with markak who had a union called dutch mafia I was his consign for a round hen had my own extension dutch_mafia_II I did that for a few rounds and mark teached me a lot back then like the basics cause I really didn't get the game back then.

Wesker: Oh cool

Wesker: and after that family, what was the other family you stayed?

Cracker Chris: lol well after that I had a lil uhh shall we say state sponsored vacation for a few months

Cracker Chris: when I came back I logged in in las vegas and got recruited by a player named Mud and he was part of xecutioners union which I think was a split off of hitsquad I think

Cracker Chris: Mud was a great boss he taught me a lot finer points in hitting and warring xecutioners was a strictly warring family at that time it was a damn good time

Wesker: brb 1 min

Cracker Chris: kk ima have the most boring interview ever aha

Wesker: lmao

Wesker: sorry man

Wesker: you wont

Wesker: its because my house is receiving friends of my sis tonight

Wesker: and i had to go say hi to them

Wesker: anyway

Cracker Chris: all good where you from man?

Wesker: im from brazil bud

Cracker Chris: nice im in california

Sure as hell is a sexy place

Wesker: i will visit yet this place, they say its amazing

Wesker: So you joined Mud's family,

Cracker Chris: same with brazil

Wesker: it was a collecting family?

Cracker Chris: no xecutioners was a war and killing fam

Cracker Chris: back then you would build for a few days find a target and just go to town on another fam or union

Cracker Chris: war chatzys team hits suiciding al these strategys that just aren't really used as much anymore

Wesker: Alright, so you could say you always has been a killer?

Wesker: or the current rules nowadays made you a collector?

Cracker Chris: honestly I have done it all right now im a collector

Cracker Chris: but I have killed looted and collected

Cracker Chris: not really sure if I have been rather good at any of it lol but hey I have fun that's all that matters right haha

Wesker: Of course man, kill, collect, loot, its just the way you play, the result is what matters, have fun

Wesker: So you stayed with Mud for how long?

Cracker Chris: I stayed with mud for like idk maybe ten rounds? I met some really col folks in that union evil clown, harry hatchet, Helen.

Wesker: I see nice, I suppose those guys are not playing anymore?

Cracker Chris: ive looked for me but haven't seen em around for a long time

Cracker Chris: oops met looked for them

Wesker: yeah it was years ago right.

Cracker Chris: yeah this has to be about 5 years ago

Cracker Chris: that's about the time I ran into domenico again and really found my role on this site

Wesker: Domenico, how did u met him? tell me about him.

Wesker: what was the family you and him ran?

Cracker Chris: well domenico was the dom of clericuzio when I first joined the game didn't really talk to him then cause he was the don I was a lowly lil soldier I think he yelled at me for doing something wrong lol I didn't realy like him

Cracker Chris: but about this time I seen his name in the game again im pretty sure he was running a custos cohors extension for maria at that time I started talking to him asking about what happened to clericuzio and next round I told mud I had to roll and jumped into domenicos family

Wesker: I see.

Cracker Chris: towards the end of that round or the round after that I became his consig

Cracker Chris: and basically I been his consign ever since lol

Cracker Chris: no matter what fam we do or union or style of play im usually his right hand man

Wesker: Thats great. im glad you guys work together.

Wesker: have someone to trust.

Wesker: So, you stayed with Dom for how long?

Cracker Chris: I have been with dom ever since its gotta be like 5 years now I have taken a few breaks here and there but when im in the game I run with dom

Cracker Chris: and if im not his consign its just for a minute till he knows im actually back in the game not just visiting lol

Cracker Chris: yeah trust is a huge thing me and him are pretty much always on the same page even when im not playing the game we keep in touch

Wesker: Nice

Wesker: 5 years back when you were his consig, did you guys have any wars?

Wesker: or did you hit everyone? lol

Cracker Chris: well when we were in custos cohors that was a really unique family style that I haven't ever seen again we were basically hitman people paid to take out other players annoymously

Cracker Chris: so basically we hit whoever we were paid to hit that was a really interesting dynamic.

Cracker Chris: after we did that we started nameless together which was a indie style family

Cracker Chris: basically we did what we wanted talked shit and hit whoever pissed us off or who whined about it that was one of my favorite times in the game cause there was no politics no bs no making people happy

Cracker Chris: we just did whatever we wanted and was fun at the time

Wesker: Ah thats sounds fun.

Wesker: Have you own style and fuck the rest. Cool

Cracker Chris: basically we had a lot of friends in the other indie familys circus nuts men in tights and skidmark united there was competitions sometimes to see who go t the most people to block them lol

Wesker: hahaha

Wesker: I'll try this someday

Cracker Chris: I wasn't as crude as some of the so I never won but id usually get at elast a few blocks a round and all kinds of hatemail

Wesker: lol

Wesker: Well this is something that didnt change yet,

Wesker: hatemail, we all love it

Cracker Chris: lol ive calmed down for the most part now lol but still get some hate mail here and there

Wesker: The current days you and Dom are back with Nameless family,

Cracker Chris: yeah lol

Cracker Chris: he was running prophey when I got back a few rounds ago

Cracker Chris: well next round he wasn't around and I started nameless family and hes a sucker for nostalgia so we been using since last 3 rounds or so

Cracker Chris: even started the FYUU union going again lol

Wesker: yeah I saw it lol

Wesker: like before you hit who you want or that changed?

Cracker Chris: no were still affiliated with titans union doms still really involved with them and even brought me into the union council kicking and screaming

Cracker Chris: so we have to uphold there allies and naps and cant be as crazy as we used to be cause we still represent that union

Cracker Chris: its not like the odl days my motto used to
be nameless was the outback steakhouse of familys no rules just right lol

Wesker: I see.

Wesker: yes we all see Dom banking like crazy

Wesker: brb

Wesker: srry (again) lol

Cracker Chris: yeah dom really found his calling banking sit there and get drunk late at night collect money hahaha

Cracker Chris: he even got me bankning a lil last round which was definatly something different

Wesker: I see.

Wesker: did you enjoy?

Wesker: or it was a hard job?

Wesker: hehe

Cracker Chris: it was ok was kinda cool to be ranked #1 in the game for an hour or so definatly first time I ever had that happen lol

Wesker: lmao

Wesker: i know the feeling

Wesker: its good

Cracker Chris: yeah I never cared about ranking so this last run has beendifferent for me lol

Cracker Chris: think ive ranked more these last few roudns I been back then I ever did in the 6 years I played before lol

Wesker: So I'll make a few questions that I should had asked you in the beggining but i'll edit it later dont worry,

Wesker: lol I see

Cracker Chris: all good

Wesker: Are you a free player or are you a supporter?

Cracker Chris: at the moment ima supporter but I was always a free player back in the day never had the money to spend on a sub back then and we never bothered ranking so it seemed like wasted money

Cracker Chris: we were never on the pissheads or omertas good side so we never had a realistic chance at ranking back then

Wesker: Alright cool

Cracker Chris: although when me and dom brought back clericuzio and banked with free world bank we did rank a few of our guys a round back then

Wesker: random quest, Dom was the dom of Clericuzio?

Wesker: "dom was the dom" lol

Cracker Chris: don was the don of clericuzio I was his co don when we brought it back

Cracker Chris: dom ooops
Wesker: Understood.

Wesker: So tell me (if you want) what does Cracker do in real life?

Cracker Chris: Well for work I bartend and kinda run this
bar at a hotel I work at and also run all the conferences and banquets

Wesker: Oh thats a nice job, do you enjoy it?

Wesker: or do you have many annoying clients to deal?


Cracker Chris: yeah I like bartending a lot get to meet a lot of differnet people all the time since were a hotel bar and get to walk away with cash in my pocket every night

Cracker Chris: and yeah I get my share of annoying customers but that's the beauty of bartending lol the customer is always right but you get to decide who remains a customer

Wesker: Of course.

Wesker: I also worked in a hotel so i know how things works

Wesker: we need to put a limit on certain things

Cracker Chris: nice I like woring hospitality I think ima stay in it for awhile

Cracker Chris: k?

Cracker Chris: oh got you lol

Wesker: yeah its a nice area to work if you like talk to people

Wesker: and of course the cash


Cracker Chris: yeah I have some great convos with customers and love the cash! usually walk home with about a hundred bucks a night

Wesker: damn

Wesker: thats awesome

Cracker Chris: most I ever made in one night in tops was like 525 on a 14 hours shift

Cracker Chris: i was tired as fuck but smiling the whole way home

Wesker: Yeah its worth the sacrifice

Good Customer Service ‘skills’ eh?

Wesker: anyway

Wesker: you are a vet, you saw all the changes in the game that has been made until today.

Wesker: whats your opinion?

Wesker: im telling about the current rules not the ones that will come in
round 592

Cracker Chris: shit man lol

Cracker Chris: i always end up coming back after a big
rule change like the credit wipes and so on

Cracker Chris: so i just relearn how to play with the current set of rules

Cracker Chris: i think staff do a great job but it just seems like this game is set up to have a few certain people run roughshod over it

Wesker: I see

Cracker Chris: islander, pops, Cypriot, pope benedict, eck currently always seems like theres a big spender that kinda controls which direction the game is going. I think the new rule changes that are about to take place will really shake things up and im interested to see how it will play out

Wesker: Yes lets see we cant say what will happen

The new Revoultion?

Cracker Chris: I think it will even the playing field out a bit but who knows im just excited to see what happens i hope nameless can make a name for itself so to say with the new rule changes

Wesker: As we all saw more people will be able to rank.

Cracker Chris: yeah hopefuly not more IURU lol

Wesker: haha

Wesker: they seems always adapt and make their way to the ranks.

Wesker: but its all about team work

Cracker Chris: yeah might not like em but they do seem to know what there doing but easy to control the game when you have all the big supporters with you

Cracker Chris: Yeah that's what makes nameless great pretty much the entire family has been around the game 4 plus years and most of us have been running together in some form or another for idk 3-4 years

Cracker Chris: so we all know what to do and work well together

Wesker: yes I can see my old friends schofield and bad intentions there. i may visit you guys next round or this one

Wesker: lots of nice people together

Cracker Chris: yeah we have a good core and a rotation of people that pop in and out our fam boards are usually pretty damn entertaining and long lol

Wesker: Cool

Wesker: So

Wesker: before shout out time, would like to add something?

Cracker Chris: shit man

Cracker Chris: idk i guess this goes out to all the players out there if your looking for a cool place to chill where your not gonna get bossed around al round and have a boss that actualy listens to you and asks for your input hit us up were always looking for new blood but sometimes its a fight to get in like last round we were full all round had to push people to other families in the union

Wesker: Hahaha Cool

Cracker Chris: you gotta have a pretty thick skin though to hang with us

Cracker Chris: we have a few guys from the tent and a few other guys that love to talk shit don't matter if its on our boards or to other familys they like to cause a reaction some people haven't been able to hang with us cause we talk shit to each other like you wouldn't believe lol

Wesker: Lol

Wesker: So any final shout outs?

Cracker Chris: oh yeah and i know ima miss some people so them my bad you will get over it!

Cracker Chris: domenico first and foremost best boss in the game! All the crazy aussies that run with us chopperjo, ironcladluke, will and even though she went over to the dark side ravenky. Mud, evil clown (where the fuck are you man if your around hit me up) chrispy, 3kings, maria, toxicangel, inthemixgotti, 3kings, man, ted, miss niq, billthebastard, 800lb gorilla, coley, santoro, popebenedict, zakk_wylde, blind, all the guys currently running with us and everyone that's ran with us in the past

Cracker Chris: and seriously if any of you guys are still around hit me up would dig to see what you guys are up to these days

Wesker: Nice

Wesker: Well it was a honour to interview you bud

Wesker: Wesker finishing here and im out!

Wesker: alright