Dearly despised and detested, we are gathered here today to say goodbye to the once so powerful, so loved, so humorous, independent indie player.If you don’t know, independents are the elite embodiment of the depravity and skill for which made this game popular in its founding years. Players who are recognized for their ability to provoke reactions, to push the boundary of taste (2 Girls, 1 Cup family theme anyone?) and to generally reprimand the generic idiot who populates the vast number of families that have ever existed in this game. But most of all, independent families are where killers go to finally say that they are now one of the best.

They had no naps, no unions, and no alliances. They did only what they wanted to, when they wanted to, and had no compassion for those whose round they destroyed. They thrived on zeroes, messages of hate, and vulgarity. Being banned from the game was an honor. When all was said and done they sat back on their family boards, indulged in some of the most humorous conversations you will ever read, and enjoyed a pint of Elephant Poo lager.

Think you could have been an indy player? The indy reputation dictates:

1. A promotion to Captain is the most honored position in this game.
2. You shall not rank.
3. You shall not solicit in any union.
4. If you block someone you are not indy
5. Always use perfect punctuation and grammar or forever be subject to ridicule.
6. Racism and bigotry are encouraged.
7. You must have your account frozen every 30 rounds.
8. You will post your trolling escapades on the family board and the first person to post on
family/business board will be idolized/reviled in equal measure for the entire round.
9. If you ask "can my mate join" the entire family has justifiable reason to kick you in the

Needless to say, being an indy is an honor. It's the unofficial rank, the level FYUU if you will. You may not get turns, sure. Instead, you get a reputation. You are easily recognizable, almost feared and definitely idolized. You join a collective list that includes some of the best players that you will ever play with, and cause apocalyptic damage that is unfathomable from 20 people.

I am an indy player, returned to the game.Things have changed.The game has transitioned into a ranker’s world, leaving no room for the wicked. There are those who know when an indy player is present and those who do not. Those who do, laugh, as they once did, at the humor and entertainment the player brings to the family. Those who do not, complain and bellow, at the vulgarity to which they are being subjected to. I am now part of a union. Recently in my union I was contacted by my dear friend, and don, to tone down my posts on the union board as some people were getting upset that a few of us were being assholes just to be assholes. It was in this moment of receiving that message that something small died inside of me (maybe a fetus), and I realized the Independent player was truly dead.

Check out our game's history. Read past round summaries, interviews with some of the greatest players to have ever played and you will notice some trends. Words such as Matty and his Skidmarks, Powderpuff forcing some poor bruglione into a mental institution following another city raid by Circus_Nuts, iD single handedly decimating some upstart union with ambitions in Inner_Circle and even myself, who has at some point graced every single independent family that has ever been worth a damn (I'm a gorram seal of approval - Heatseeker).

Also the fact that IC, Skidmark and Circus_Nuts is usually where the staff go to hunt for new blood helps.

If you haven't been an indy, then you clearly have not tried hard enough in this game.So while you continue to play Tee Em Bee, don’t forget to stop by the ruins of the fabled great halls of the Skidmark Mansion, return to the now barren grounds of where a mighty tent once stood, take a jeep tour of the legendary Circle, and explore the forest of the flamboyant MiT. (Don’t be too worried if you step on a dirty condom or two, syphilis is all the rage these days). And to the newer but just as triumphant in their own way indy families, remember VBP and their naughty antics, rejoice in the presence of a broken down bus, and never forget the best advice ever passed on in the indy ranks - Its only gay if your balls touch.

To all our fellow indy players here or gone, in hiding or finally realizing there is such thing a real life, fuck you.

All our loves and herpes,

Heatseeker and Lisa

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