Today we're joined by one of TMB's oldest bankers, a legend by his own right, killer, collector, looter, and loyal member of ICS. Sporting a beautiful badge on his profile. Let's all welcome to the stage, the glorious, yet somewhat old bastard! GUNCHESTER!
*in comes Gunchester sporting a bong, shorts, sandals and a rainbow tie-dye tee-shirt.*

KIRITO: Yo man!

Gunchester: Hey brv thanks for waiting abit busy day in the end lol

K: Happens to the best of us! Glad to have you for an interview anyway, shall we begin

G: Well I suppose so lol

K: (can i call you that? Hahaha)

G: Gunny is fine lol

K: Sweeeeet,

G: Am gonna roll a joint for this lol

K: me and you both!

G: Sweet puff puff pass mofo XD

K: My first ever TMB name was WeedBaby lmao, a sweeet fragile 14 year old I was.

G: Ahhhhh now your as corrupt as the rest of us

K: Welcome to TMB I guess haha. So first things first, how are you on this fine day of interviewing? And where are you joining me from?

G: Am good thanks happy now av sparked this joint and I am from manchester, England Wooooop wooooop

K: Ah you're a northerner haha, shouldn't be woooping about that lad! Makes sense, you're all corrupt cunts up there!

G: Haha of course gotta make a living

K: Indeed we do! I think the first question to ask is, when did you first start playing TMB?

G: Hold on let me think back av slept and smoked way to much since I started! plus old age! It happens to the best of us lmao

K: aha, how old are you Gunny?! 8 years strong now aint ya? haha

[color=Mediumvioletred]G: But was was around when ics first started up I think 30ish round not 100% on that it was a very long time ago and the answer to how old is *coughs* 31 *coughs* Lmao[/color

K: Round 30 wow, you're an old bastard Ahh you're not old! when you get a grey hair, then you're old! When you can't wipe your own arse! Then you're old!

G: Haha will you come wipe it for me. You look young enough to look after me till I die lol!

K: I'm a ripe old age of 18, yet I am stunting that 5 year badge as of this year, don't tell anyone haha. I'll look after you Gunny, we'll call it a price of 20k creds a round? haha

G: I wont as long as you promise to wipe my shitty ass XD

K: Done Deal. haha Have you ever not been a part of ICS?

G: No ICS4LIFE am no sell out

K: Rare to find people who care for their people nowadays, and a lot of the old players have sold out *cough* IU *cough* So as you're so old, I guess you never really had a mentor? Self taught I assume?

G: Haha yeah but tmb is not like it use to be...... Respect, honour, loyalty! And pretty much but obviously ics work and helped each other tried different things and compared results I have a guide somewhere its huge

K: You wrote a guide?! Thats some commitment right there!

G: There was a few of us we all added what we learnt. It was a team effort and thats what its all about!

K: Should submit it to storm! Might be worth sharing with new players, unless it's the secret handbook of ICS! haha

G: Lol our hard work.... am not gonna give it away that easily

K: Understandable! haha. Are you still in contact with the ICS originals? do they still play?

G: A few yes there is still some playing tmb.....
our feathery friend ducky,
sarge the sexy mofo
kank who is as old as I am tmb age :P
Budcandy our sweet tastin friend XD
Saint-Bread the crazy mofo
And <b>fondlemynutz</b> which I do all day playing tmb

K: Shout out to them man! Still on note of ICS, do you specifically remember any wars? big memorable moments?

G: There was always some thing going down on tmb XD

K: Must have that one time when you think, man can't believe that happened!

G: I did a few wars but as you seen am mainly wankin.... I mean banking
K: haha, I notice you bank a good 75% of the day

G: Well this round has been interesting XD Its called a team player Always good to have a bank open as much as possible!

K: Indeed, so far ICS has been a fair bit of fun! IU seem to be taking a bit of a pasting this round!

G: Yeh we are a crazy bunch never die attitude

K: I know he's not ICS, but Islander has literally been on a killing spree! Whats your opinion on that one :P?

G: Islander is it the real one???? Either way fair play

K: Aye! He's back for one round! and one round only! Almost like some kind of excluse! Went down 00'ing the whole of the union is what I heard!

G: I seen it :P I dont miss much

K: Pshhh deadly guy, one I will never cross! I gathered haha! besides when you're wanking ofcourse! What's your preffered style of play then, collecting, looting or killing? (wanking/banking is not an option!)

G: I like it all av done abit of everything it's good to mix things up that way doesn't get as boring as sticking to one thing

K: Definitely

G: Plus depends how busy I will be over the round in real life

K: I know what you mean, I like looting/killing however collecting can be fun providing you have the right protection!

G: Gotta get that money brv

K: indeed you do! Get money fuck bitches, on that note, do you have a favourite TMB Queen?

G: I would say out of everyone it would have to be my old friend katana

K: Katana! Smooth as the blades steel, but as sharp as its edge! Had a run in or two with that one!

G: Yep shes a tough kitty alright bcaws out your fucked!

K: Same with all the queens though!

G: Yep there is normally a queen in every fam/union

K: Definitely! Thats how it should be! Lets take a cool down question! Favourite movie? (not obliged to say godfather) haha

G: Lmao! Actually I think it would be full metal jacket, Drill Sargent is funny as fuck

K: thats an old film right must be before my time! War film I assume!

G: (Facepalm)

K: I'm a 95 baby, that's 1987! Give me a break!

G: Watch it you will enjoy it!

K: Oooo demanding haha

G: Thats a fuckin classic!!! 95 I was not far off leaving high school then haha.

K: You old bastard BACK TO TMB!

G: Now I do feel old..... cunt

K: well thats because you are! haha favourite and least favourite features of the game?

G: Well theres a few issues at the mo thats still being sorted (% ops) but I think the new rules are looking half decent! The battle trophies was awful...

K: I agree! I quite like the 75% bank thing, and I'm liking the killpoints system, making good progress with it so far! the 24hour activation is tasty for the killpoints too!

G: Yeh keeps players playing, if you can make it most tohs
K: **************************************************

G: You have got a few more targets now!

K: Gonna blank that part out as not to reveal my strategy haha!

G: Lol yeh best had lmao

K: Our secret! We had better wrap this up I guess! Anyone you wanna shoutout?

G: Yes The whole of Titans union, Nameless and Hitsquad also big up, but of course my one and only ICS brothers and sisters, V and MrEight! I could go on, but we'd be here all night!Wooooop woooooop!!!

*Passes the bong*

K: *takes the bong*

G: Weed for all

K: It's been fun TMB Thanks for the interview Gunny, and readers for reading this far, fuck knows why you did!!

G: Ahhh I will give you a reach around to make up for it

K: Decent!

G: (bow)

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