His mighty white horse strode into town like a gallant knight, muscles flexing with sweat glistening from the sun. The rider upon the horse was wearing all black, complete with a black cowboy hat, the only complex thing about this dark rider was his blue suede shoes…

The year was 1876, the town folk were shocked to see such a noble and rich looking visitor, but they all knew his name;Hollywood_Hubert was one of the most feared killers in the Midwest, he was quick with his gun but also known as a ladies man- word has it he had slept with every fair maiden in Texas, Utah, California.. hell I don’t remember the other states but you get the picture… I searched for the handsome man’s smile, I mean if he is cute…I raised my freshly plucked eyebrow as he got off his horse- damn, he was certainly good looking, I have been wanting to interview Hollywood for the local paper for a while, but many lynching’s had me busy…

Book 1- Para Bellum- “kill from zero- if you had nothing- you had nothing to lose”

Ravenkc: Ok so OMG!!! Today we have in the TMB Saloon a mega Mafia Super Star!! The man I have been dying to interview for 2 yrs! Yes its true folks this man does play hard to get- well I guess thats cause he is from Hollywood after all!!!! Hollywood_Hubert please by all means make yourself comfy, have a drink, or two!!

Ravenkc: So I will just get started!! tell me about baby Hollywod when and where did you start out?

Hollywood_Hubert: wow, what intro! i hope i live up

Ravenkc: dont worry dear I have seen your thread posts I am certain you have the stamina

Hollywood_Hubert: been at this game for a while now, judging by my profile over 5 years

Hollywood_Hubert: damn, that's a long time

Ravenkc: hmm 5 yr badge, wow shit just tripped over your killers medals!

Ravenkc: did you know I like to brag about you

Hollywood_Hubert: yes killing is what i have been doing the longest

Hollywood_Hubert: i was really into the show the sopranos and when i was looking up stuff online about it i ran into this game

Hollywood_Hubert: first real family para bellum

Ravenkc: oh really and who did you meet first- who recruited ... oh yeah I remember you in there! omg like the celine dion song "its all coming back to me now".. sorry plz continue...

Hollywood_Hubert: a dude by the name of mrbigtimer

Hollywood_Hubert: his pitch if you want to rank go to a different family

Ravenkc: LOL

Hollywood_Hubert: with a pitch like that i was hooked

Hollywood_Hubert: para bellum was based in Liverpool

Hollywood_Hubert: the city of blood

Ravenkc: you sick bastard! and like the rest of us you fell into the family loyalty trap?

Hollywood_Hubert: yes, i'm a loyal bastard

Hollywood_Hubert: game was way different back then

Ravenkc: remind me of some of the names...

Hollywood_Hubert: it's been a while

names are tough but we played the game back then like most do now

Hollywood_Hubert: kill all the time. kill from zero
if you have nothing you have nothing to lose

Ravenkc: yes and there was a DU count

Ravenkc: or this was even before that??

Hollywood_Hubert: no there was a kill count

Hollywood_Hubert: we also had city pride

Ravenkc: right and many unions had a lot more people than they do now, do you recall who was the leading bank at the time??

Hollywood_Hubert: it was para bellum and pandora box

Hollywood_Hubert: omerta basically

Hollywood_Hubert: they ruled the game at that time
omerta and omerta families
ics, moct

Hollywood_Hubert: uml. families like that

Ravenkc: Oh yeah! Im sure V will be happy to hear you say that!!! *flashback*

Hollywood_Hubert: i'm sure.

Hollywood_Hubert: all we did was attack them

Ravenkc: and so you learnt to kill in there- who was your don or mentors at this time?

Ravenkc: LMFAO you attacked Omerta?

Hollywood_Hubert: yes all the time

Ravenkc: oh shit we were with Omerta so you must have attacked NYC as well?

Hollywood_Hubert: i remember back then people had killing guides. These long pages on how to kill and what was the most effective way to do it

Ravenkc: hahaha yes we did

Hollywood_Hubert: the longest one without a doubt. like 3 pages.

Ravenkc: I wrote one for NYCU it was used a lot and I was pissed at tank one time for taking my name off the guide as he was using it with his fam lmfao

Hollywood_Hubert: mentor was leon as i knew him, he was also called vic or victorious but really i always find it funny when people say someone taught them. i don't learn like that.

Hollywood_Hubert: it was basically trial and error for me

Ravenkc: self-directive, or self-regulated you perhaps are

Hollywood_Hubert: right, there is only so much you can learn by reading. you have to get out there and get your hands dirty

Hollywood_Hubert: and i put in the work

Hollywood_Hubert: and got plenty dirty

Hollywood_Hubert: the game was different most people collected but we killed. Now I’m happy to say most players have adopted our way of playing

Ravenkc: right.. hhah thats me prob, I’d rather write and send others to do my dirty work!

Ravenkc: so how long did you stay there?

Hollywood_Hubert: years and never ranked

Hollywood_Hubert: and never cared

Ravenkc: Or should I say how many years did you serve?

Hollywood_Hubert: like 2 or 3 years

Hollywood_Hubert: i quickly took over leadership when Mrbigtime stopped playing

Ravenkc: well it was a very different scope back then i totally understand where you are coming from

Hollywood_Hubert: and ran para bellum for a solid two years

Ravenkc: yes I do remember you and the name but can u remind me there was you and this other guy - very good killers

Ravenkc: I had many shoot downs with you and this guy

Ravenkc: I just cant think of the damn name!

Hollywood_Hubert: yes me either

Ravenkc: wtf!! he is just as famous..
Ravenkc: well not now but was

Hollywood_Hubert: i do however remember having the most females in one family at one time though

Ravenkc: ok fuck him moving on

Ravenkc: oh yeah and who the fuck were they *grrr*

Hollywood_Hubert: i think i had like 5 female assassins at one time

Hollywood_Hubert: Lethal kiss was one

Ravenkc: oh wow

Hollywood_Hubert: one of your friends

vixen was another

Hollywood_Hubert: hazel-i

Ravenkc: I was about to say all sluts I presume but lethal.. thats class

Hollywood_Hubert: funny how i remember the females and not the males

Ravenkc: vixen lol I remember her

Hollywood_Hubert: she was a handful

Ravenkc: yes well you have always been perverted you should change your name to Hollywood_Flasher

Hollywood_Hubert: yes well i like to think it's my charm

Ravenkc: *hey ladies I have a big cock wanna see* *oh by the way my names hollywood*

Hollywood_Hubert: that is one of my classic lines

Hollywood_Hubert: haha

Book 2: Recollection of a New Era- A Dominating Bank to Remember- 14

Hollywood_Hubert: we never ranked, not until 14 came around that is

Ravenkc: ahahah thats what I love about you- I can be bizarre as fuck and you will go right along with it
Ravenkc: oh right back to game..

Hollywood_Hubert: 14 changed the whole game

Ravenkc: I dunno who the fuck they are.. must have been when I was having Archer- fill me in with this 14 bio..

Hollywood_Hubert: you know 14

Hollywood_Hubert: islander, bright, giles

Ravenkc: wait this is when Giles came into the scenario?

Hollywood_Hubert: yes

Hollywood_Hubert: they crushed omerta

Ravenkc: oh! yes I recall that now

Hollywood_Hubert: and dominated every rank

Hollywood_Hubert: not for long but when they ruled they ruled hard. i was on the ground floor with them due to my friendships with some of them

Ravenkc: I heard some wild shit about that TMB error something about the rules and there was some way of cheating or perhaps this was just a myth, just like Giles balls sack

Hollywood_Hubert: both are true

Ravenkc: hahahahahahhah

Hollywood_Hubert: just one is harder to see

Hollywood_Hubert: little back ground

Ravenkc: oh god he will kill us!

Hollywood_Hubert: 14 started because of 13

Ravenkc: ok Im blushing- *fan me* ok ok.. so para bellum.. 14 then what!!!!

Hollywood_Hubert: 13(omerta) bank, started to say who gets money and who doesn't

Hollywood_Hubert: and since we hit omerta all the time we were one of them that didn't

Ravenkc: right.. I always thought they were stuck up cunts to be honest

Hollywood_Hubert: one of the small ones

Hollywood_Hubert: but then 14 started up because of islander said fuck that

Hollywood_Hubert: and islander was a straight gansta

Hollywood_Hubert: and i think pops pissed him off

Ravenkc: was he hot or what?

Hollywood_Hubert: anyways islander and his friends started 14 bank
Hollywood_Hubert: to destroy 13

Ravenkc: I have bright on my skype lol

Ravenkc: ok Im following..

Hollywood_Hubert: and provide gun cash to anyone and everyone that wanted it

Hollywood_Hubert: didn't matter who you hit

Hollywood_Hubert: yes 14 main players

Hollywood_Hubert: islander- the money and leader

Hollywood_Hubert: bright- bank manager and main organizer

Hollywood_Hubert: giles- mafia game legend

Ravenkc: LOL
Hollywood_Hubert: and victorios- war general and killer

Hollywood_Hubert: and splooge- the maths king( he was UC but a close friend to 14)

Hollywood_Hubert: they went to all the small families and banked for them

Hollywood_Hubert: one of the families was IU

Ravenkc: *blush Im sorry his voice and accent turns me on*

Hollywood_Hubert: yes the same IU that dominates the game now

Ravenkc: damn..

Hollywood_Hubert: and that was the best time for me in tmb so many good stories

Hollywood_Hubert: it started out like 1 or 2 rank spots from 14 and by the end my whole family

Ravenkc: now I just feel sad - that was your best time!!??

Hollywood_Hubert: i remember once giles was in his own family ranking by himself just to push out an omerta family

Hollywood_Hubert: it was just funny stuff like that

Ravenkc: you know the giles you knew acts as though the game is death

Hollywood_Hubert: giles stealing whole banks in the middle of the night

Ravenkc: everytime I talked to him in skype about the game he just didn’t wanna know about it

Hollywood_Hubert: with his spy network

Ravenkc: all he wanted to talk about was me

Hollywood_Hubert: he loves you

Ravenkc: maybe I met mad giles tmb retired giles

Hollywood_Hubert: yes giles is retired from active duty

Hollywood_Hubert: anyways 14 killed everything and maybe tmb with it

Ravenkc: who came into power after that? who knocked 14?

Hollywood_Hubert: admin did

Hollywood_Hubert: that is scandal time

Ravenkc: ok well we won’t go into that then...

Hollywood_Hubert: charge backs and glitches

Hollywood_Hubert: end result it got most of 14 banned

Ravenkc: yikes maybe Im glad I didnt hang with you guys then lol

Hollywood_Hubert: 14 motto was if you're not cheating you're not trying

Hollywood_Hubert: they were ruthless

Ravenkc: jesus I can see it working though Giles is autistic and I love him for that

Hollywood_Hubert: i think glitch was bullshit

Hollywood_Hubert: it was tmb problem they just took advantage of it

Hollywood_Hubert: tmb's fault for not finding it and fixing it

Ravenkc: ok, So after the 'scandal' did you join Avengers? how did it form?

Hollywood_Hubert: well

Hollywood_Hubert: it was a crazy time and most of family stopped playing so i was looking for a new family

Hollywood_Hubert: i even worked with IU in a couple turbos they probably don't even remember that

Hollywood_Hubert: people might not know but before IU was IU they were a small but had an excellent turbo team, that is how they started winning, was in turbos

Hollywood_Hubert: but they weren't really for me

Hollywood_Hubert: too serious and English haha

Hollywood_Hubert: most of they were not from the U.S.A

Ravenkc: hahaahahah yes I could imagine you in there with the crazy fucks haha

Hollywood_Hubert: and our humor was just different

Ravenkc: of course

Hollywood_Hubert: but then i got in touch with my favorite banker

Ravenkc: in america the word cunt is like really bad

Hollywood_Hubert: from 14

Book 3: Splooge ‘the KING of Maths’ and The UC hitters

Hollywood_Hubert: splooge

Hollywood_Hubert: he was a head of UC and we were friends. We hit it off and i joined UC

Hollywood_Hubert: splooge i consider one of the best at the maths of this game

Hollywood_Hubert: he was math power of 14

Ravenkc: wtf happened to him and when the fuck is he coming back if not even a fucking message. I am pissed at him

Hollywood_Hubert: that is why he is also known as the king of maths

Hollywood_Hubert: i'll get to that

Ravenkc: ok keep telling your story i dont have to do much but rub ur leg

Ravenkc: go on..

Hollywood_Hubert: it was a power struggle time in tmb.After a lot of people were removed from the game.A lot had quit for different reasons

Hollywood_Hubert: UC was pretty strong

Hollywood_Hubert: omerta was trying to rebuild after getting killed

Hollywood_Hubert: and IU was coming up

Ravenkc: Im picturing all this in my mind

Ravenkc: then what happened!

Hollywood_Hubert: I played with UC and we did well and had lots of fun

Hollywood_Hubert: IU was gaining power and we started to have battles with them

Ravenkc: yes u became one of the hot shots of UC

Hollywood_Hubert: killing battles

Hollywood_Hubert: we had lots of good killers

Hollywood_Hubert: splooge, tank, tnt,doopy, spade,tripp,nexus,jumbozo

Hollywood_Hubert: many more

Ravenkc: godfather2017 at one stage

Hollywood_Hubert: yes godfather2017

Hollywood_Hubert: awesome dude

Hollywood_Hubert: but we were mainly about fun

Hollywood_Hubert: well at least i was

Ravenkc: jumbozo wasn’t there back then

Ravenkc: he came way after

Hollywood_Hubert: yes he did come later

Hollywood_Hubert: not way later though

Hollywood_Hubert: splooge was also on the game staff

Hollywood_Hubert: and started really not liking IU players

Ravenkc: there was a lot of controversy indeed

Hollywood_Hubert: yes i consider splooge one of the best players ever to play

Ravenkc: blogs apparently being written against Iu or Uc – a lot of madness wasn’t just player vs player but staff vs staff lol

Hollywood_Hubert: i watched him steal two jps from feldman in a row

Hollywood_Hubert: one he was competing against two builders but he knew he was going to win because he did the math already

Ravenkc: (nerd)

Hollywood_Hubert: and one time, one of my favorite tmb moments, he farmed like 3 million kills in like 30 secs for like 50 players to beat IU in killing ranks

Hollywood_Hubert: he like a bet with tmk , i think

Hollywood_Hubert: yes i don't think he would mind being called a nerd

Ravenkc: well he was a sexy nerd I seen his pic yes he showed me I was one of the lucky girls he said ... a god of tmb he is..

Hollywood_Hubert: yes he is

Hollywood_Hubert: well his dislike of IU got him removed from the staff by storm

Hollywood_Hubert: storm felt he let his personal feelings get in the way

Ravenkc: do you think he went over the top? Psychologically speaking?

Hollywood_Hubert: storm might be right

Ravenkc: hell we are all guilty of it

Hollywood_Hubert: i think splooge was done with tmb

Hollywood_Hubert: and didn't care and knew that this was a good way to go out

Hollywood_Hubert: like a superstar

Hollywood_Hubert: well, after being removed from staff he still had his staff account

Ravenkc: and he really did just disappear from our lives too.. *sad*

Hollywood_Hubert: and he could do a lot of things on his staff account

Hollywood_Hubert: like ban people

Hollywood_Hubert: and he gave his account to a friend and banned like 20-25 iu members

Hollywood_Hubert: which got them both banned for life, i think

Ravenkc: lol the colt from old regret.. hahah this story is naughty *cover ears* *lalalalalaa*

Hollywood_Hubert: that was end of splooge

Book 3: Hollywood Leader of the IU Avengers Ultimate Killing Family

Ravenkc: ok enough about splooge.. I WANT HOLLYWOOD!!!

Hollywood_Hubert: yes

Hollywood_Hubert: well i took over the reins of UC

Ravenkc: HE is the the leading UC guy now!!!

Hollywood_Hubert: yes i made UC more about killing and just chilling with friends

Hollywood_Hubert: more relaxed

Hollywood_Hubert: not so serious in way

Ravenkc: one time there though you had your crew Bt collecting

Hollywood_Hubert: i mean UC never was serious but we are more relaxed now

Ravenkc: sir to be honest I wondered what had happened to the killer inside

Hollywood_Hubert: yes

Ravenkc: but you all appear to be back now

Hollywood_Hubert: it just matters

Hollywood_Hubert: i always say whatever makes you happy do it

Hollywood_Hubert: i always enjoyed killing

Hollywood_Hubert: so i kill mostly

Ravenkc: well we wouldn’t play this long if it didnt in some way make us happy

Hollywood_Hubert: in the game

Hollywood_Hubert: some like to kill, some collect, other loot, whatever do it

Hollywood_Hubert: i am kinda known for killing though

Ravenkc: I’d like to ask you about Jumbozo and his 'hulk smash' he despises the Bt collectors?

Hollywood_Hubert: haha jumbozo

Hollywood_Hubert: he had a sub

Hollywood_Hubert: he likes to smash with sub turns

Hollywood_Hubert: jumbozo is old school like me

Hollywood_Hubert: he protects when he is killing and likes to have zeros when he is done

Ravenkc: hahah ok- he never replies to me since his gf went off about tmb women about 3 yrs ago

Ravenkc: so I have to ask questions about him through others

Hollywood_Hubert: he hardly ever talks to anyone

Hollywood_Hubert: it's not you

Ravenkc: Im pretty sure he hates me I dunno what I did

Hollywood_Hubert: haha, he has heard of your kind

Ravenkc: lol

Ravenkc: my kind?

Hollywood_Hubert: joking

Hollywood_Hubert: lady of the night

Hollywood_Hubert: you know

Ravenkc: ok whatever... yes you are a strategy killer .. tell me about ur best gun battles?

Hollywood_Hubert: okay

Hollywood_Hubert: i have never got a medal looting bts in the main

Hollywood_Hubert: that's just not for me

Hollywood_Hubert: nothing against it, just boring and it's not killing it's looting

Hollywood_Hubert: 95% of my medals i've gotten in turbos

Ravenkc: well to be honest its the rules babe

Hollywood_Hubert: and never looting or farming

Ravenkc: I mean we collect its not our fault it generates BTS

Hollywood_Hubert: right, i understand i have nothing against it

Hollywood_Hubert: just none of medals came that way

Ravenkc: I know you are a 'real killer'

Ravenkc: a down right murderer ahhaa

Hollywood_Hubert: well, i'm a good turbo killer

Ravenkc: just dont kill me I have seen you move

Hollywood_Hubert: i'm good at math

Hollywood_Hubert: so i know the best targets to hit in turbos

Hollywood_Hubert: it's pretty easy

Ravenkc: nice, and why haven’t you told me this b4!

Hollywood_Hubert: but most of my medals came like a year ago when there was a lot more targets

Hollywood_Hubert: i think i went a like 20 turbos in row winning a medal

Ravenkc: these are free killer medals?

Hollywood_Hubert: not all

Hollywood_Hubert: i started out free

Hollywood_Hubert: but when i won enough turns in free i could add enough to win a couple supporter ones too

Ravenkc: so originally IU had the turbos and you didnt like it, wasnt you thing but then turbos became one of your killing fields

Hollywood_Hubert: most of them are silver though, damn IU farmers

Hollywood_Hubert: lol

Ravenkc: farmers!! Bastards yeah I see you have 21 killing silver

Ravenkc: you must have went turbo mad

Hollywood_Hubert: yes, my name is notorious in main to really do anything

Hollywood_Hubert: it was like 20 turbo rounds in a row where i won a medal

Hollywood_Hubert: if you look at them

Hollywood_Hubert: for free killing mainly

Hollywood_Hubert: the gold medal dude 1 million kills

Ravenkc: did u change your name each round?

Hollywood_Hubert: silver me with like 420kHollywood_Hubert: and bronze with like 310k

Hollywood_Hubert: or something like that

Ravenkc: yeah I think you hit me onetime

Hollywood_Hubert: i mean the gold medal dude didn't fairly double my kill count

Ravenkc: so ur a turbo killing machine!!

Hollywood_Hubert: at one time yes

Hollywood_Hubert: before this bt crap

Ravenkc: my dad tries to teach me some shit but im too fucked up to learn

Hollywood_Hubert: but i did win some medals with bts too

Ravenkc: well when the opportunities are there who doesn’t take them right?

Hollywood_Hubert: yes, they are pretty easy too

Ravenkc: I think when I was in UC a few rounds we bt collected for some fam medals
Hollywood_Hubert: yes, was that with the missions thing

Hollywood_Hubert: i think so

Ravenkc: oh yeah fuck - you just reminded me hahah

Hollywood_Hubert: i mean i try to play like the way the game wants me to

Hollywood_Hubert: so if they're missions for kill points okay fine i'll do them

Ravenkc: LOL @ the missions one time I had a fam full of 4 stars.. we did not activate till last hr of turbo so we were fully maxed we all did our missions and won gold LMFAO

Hollywood_Hubert: right, i know stupid

Ravenkc: made some people complain to staff but it was hilarious

Hollywood_Hubert: those are the rules, i would tell my guys to do the same thing

Hollywood_Hubert: wait until eor and then do your missions

Hollywood_Hubert: maxed

Hollywood_Hubert: it was dumb though

Ravenkc: yeah my dad thought of it not me

Hollywood_Hubert: that is what dad's are for

Hollywood_Hubert: right to help their little girls out

Ravenkc: yeah) i cant take credit for it-

Ravenkc: so how do you see the game right now- is it dead as V says?

Ravenkc: Or is there still hope from the mighty UC Avengers?

Hollywood_Hubert: I"m not that high on the game right now.

Hollywood_Hubert: the player pool is just too low

Hollywood_Hubert: UC anvengers will always be there doing our thing

Hollywood_Hubert: no matter what but the overall game not that great

Ravenkc: there isnt as many people playing, its simple

Hollywood_Hubert: it was just more exciting with more people playing.

Hollywood_Hubert: hardly any new players, that just hurts

Hollywood_Hubert: all you get now are vets like myself and we just don't mess up that much

Ravenkc: yeah hey well need to get it out there advertisement is everything!!!

Hollywood_Hubert: and the protection program is so bad

Hollywood_Hubert: at the very least you could hit noobs just joining back in the day


Hollywood_Hubert: 540 they use to call them

Hollywood_Hubert: something like that

Ravenkc: there was a number name for them i forgot??

Ravenkc: oh yeah

Ravenkc: hahaah

Hollywood_Hubert: for their startup cash

Ravenkc: (rofl)

Ravenkc: Tell me about the current UC Avengers???

Hollywood_Hubert: but now you don't even have that with the protection program

Hollywood_Hubert: the current avengers

Hollywood_Hubert: I"m the humble leader

Ravenkc: yes

Hollywood_Hubert: jumbozo is my consign

Hollywood_Hubert: and a relentless killer

Ravenkc: *mute guy* *hulk smash*

Ravenkc: and nexus

Hollywood_Hubert: nexus is my old advisor

Ravenkc: *pervo killer*

Hollywood_Hubert: familymatters is the head of my collection wing

Hollywood_Hubert: mightymax is a free bt looter machine

Ravenkc: i heard a rumour she is insane these days is that true?

Hollywood_Hubert: no not true

Hollywood_Hubert: lol

Hollywood_Hubert: stop spreading rumors

Ravenkc: good i was getting jealous of her so called *madness*

Hollywood_Hubert: haha

Hollywood_Hubert: we do our own thing

Hollywood_Hubert: we owe no favors

Ravenkc: zeppo...

Ravenkc: tell me about him??

Hollywood_Hubert: zeppo loyal dude

Hollywood_Hubert: wants nothing

Hollywood_Hubert: give him a target and he goes gets it

Ravenkc: yes he is a darling

Hollywood_Hubert: we do well in turbos

Hollywood_Hubert: mains are tough for us

Hollywood_Hubert: 10 days, so long

Hollywood_Hubert: and people seem not to like us

Hollywood_Hubert: won the last two family collecting golds

Ravenkc: well being good in turbos is promising you could be a bum like some fams and do absolutely nothing

Hollywood_Hubert: big ups for the family

Ravenkc: yeah thats pretty good

Ravenkc: and something to be proud of

Ravenkc: V certainly doesn’t know his shit then

Ravenkc: cause IU leads but UC are still chasing

Hollywood_Hubert: we aren't in IU's league

Hollywood_Hubert: i know that, but we do well

Ravenkc: well winning fam gold aint too shabby mate

Hollywood_Hubert: we don't try to be

Hollywood_Hubert: we do the best we can

Hollywood_Hubert: i'll put it this way

Hollywood_Hubert: pound for pound we are the best

Ravenkc: alright its been almost 2 hrs!!! im going to ask you some question u have to answer with one word!!!

Hollywood_Hubert: fun

Hollywood_Hubert: how i'm i doing

Hollywood_Hubert: lol

Hollywood_Hubert: go

Ravenkc: biggest build off was with who?

Hollywood_Hubert: tmk

Ravenkc: who is your fav tmb queen?

Hollywood_Hubert: betty

Ravenkc: who is your tmb mentor?

Hollywood_Hubert: nobody

Ravenkc: and who is your best mate in tmb?

Hollywood_Hubert: splooge

Hollywood_Hubert: giles

Hollywood_Hubert: was splooge

Hollywood_Hubert: currently giles

Ravenkc: Ok sexy I have held you captive two full hrs and frankly my hand is sore.... hahah so I need some shout outs lol shut up about Giles you are making me feel guilty I stopped talking to him.( since my new bf) ..... he even unfriended me from Fb for a while over it.. arggh OK SHOUT OUTS BABE go right ahead you deserve it- everything you are a god in your own right and I love you!!

Hollywood_Hubert: no shout outs for me. i'm way too cool for that.

Hollywood_Hubert: thank you for this interview

Ravenkc: Well thats a new one- no worries You know you are one of my favs of all times sir hell I have even dreamt about you!! true story!

Hollywood_Hubert: i get that a lot so i understand

Ravenkc: yeah right tell the truth for once!

[GREEN]**Wild West Music plays in the background…**[/COLOR]

It was a long night in the TMB town Saloon of old Bootstrap, I had been drinking so much of V’s Wild Whisky I was also extremely drunk, this stranger in the big black cowboy hat and blue suede shoes suddenly became irresistible, before I knew it we gave each other oral sex and Storm was drinking shots from Tikis big boobs!!- The Bar was crazy that night- perhaps our drinks had more than whisky?? siilentbob was serving the drinks with Chukalonee, while Mr Worker seemed to be just gazing over at Killa_Princess all night who played the piano upon Lucky_Chevys knee… Jumbozo was sitting alone and Eck looked as though he was taking notes on me!!

I ended up waking up in between Lopov and V!! The rest of the night remains a mystery, t’was a night one should forget in the TMB Town of old Bootstrap in 1876…

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger,Storm, or Tiki in game.

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