Man_Tits and his pal Gasface have been spotted in game recently. Here at the blog section we cannot help but wonder, how many noobs have fallen victim to these two already these past couple of days? Man-Tits for those who do not know, is one of best shit talkers ever in TMB. This guy can talk good quality shit all day and never seem to run out of what to say to piss his targets off. If you think this is a lie ask around in game.

This relentless cyber bully has been away from game for a while and nobody but only him and Gasface know how long they will hang around. Maybe they are just passing through to say hello to friends? Maybe they are back for real? Only they know. One thing is certain though, while they are still here there will be lots of real shit talking PMs. Advice? Don’t take them on unless you have a PhD in good quality shit talking, ignore them instead. There, now nobody can say there were not warned.

Man_Tits have called to his side a few of his mates like Haggs, Chris, Buggerlugz and a few others to awaken Tax_Collectors. This reporter would give anything to see their family board. There must be some very interesting posts in there. It should be noted that these guys aren’t just shit talkers, they are all good players too.

Chris was very excited to see his pals back in game.He couldn’t hide his excitement as we chatted with him about Man_Tits,Gasface and Tax_Collectors.

It's great to see the old family back together again - Man Tits, Gasface, Bobby, Cassius etc. We've all had some great memories playing together, and to quote Bobby_Blunts, the family made me feel warm and fuzzy inside once a few old faces popped up.
I got an invite and my initial reaction was 'wtf?' but I saw the Tax Collectors icon and immediately lost my shit.
The collateral damage being active this round increases the amount of cash around, and with no looters out there doing a good enough job I think it's a perfect time for the Tax Collectors to be on their job again.
Not everybody is thrilled as Chris about the appearance of Man_Tits though, one player had a different opinion. He said that news of Man_Tits sightings within TMB cities didn’t make him happy at all.

He is a cunt and no one likes him and I wish he didn’t come back to the game. He just is rude to everyone.
He is always rude about my mother.
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