Last week we published an interview in which Haggs was the interviewee and B the interviewer, but Haggs being Haggs, just as B was about to wrap it up, he somehow managed to turn the tables around by asking B if he could ask her a few questions and she agreed…

Haggs: Ok, first question. Why are you so god damn crazy?

B: If you're being serious, well I don't think I'm crazy at all. In my world I'm perfectly sane. Maybe it's you and everyone else that thinks I'm crazy who are the real crazy ones.

Haggs: How many toes do you have?

B: 8, just like any real human.

Haggs: What colour do you get if you mix blue and yellow?

B: Green duhhhhh.

Haggs: Clever girl. What's your favourite food?

B: Garlic shrimp.

Haggs: How long do you think Storm has been growing his hair for?

B: It's been said that your hair can grow from 5 to 6 inches a year. His dreads are pretty long so I'm going to give a rough estimate of about 21 years.

Haggs: Well done. You scored 4 out of 5. You were incorrect on the favourite food question unfortunately. But you still passed.

B: Who doesn't like garlic shrimp? That's food for the Gods.

Haggs: Let's have some bonus questions before we move on to the harder section.

1. Shall we just cut the chit chat and have sex?

2. Can I have a kiss?

3. When we move in together, can we get a goldfish?

B: 1. I don't know how Ajax would feel about that. I don't want to be the side chick.

2. How about a slap in the face and call it a day?

3. Sure, why not. And we can also get a bird and name him Rio.

Haggs: Playing hard to get I see.

B: You know it.

Haggs: Ok, let's move on to the big girl questions.

How did you discover the game?

B: Back then in my days of mischief, in 2010. I had a few friends over and we were having a session. One of my friends who went by the name P-Murda in game played this and told us to check out all the shit some nerd was talking to him online. The messages he was reading were hilarious to me at the time. Not sure if they were actually that funny or if we just laughed cause we were all under the influence. So I took his phone, replied to one of the messages and then cause I'm just a naturally nosey person started clicking on other things like family, the black-market, bank and found myself intrigued. I asked him what kind of game this was and he explained. So long story short I ended up making my own account and here I am.

Haggs: What do you find so addictive about TMB? (TMB, meaning Terribly Massive Balls. Only joking.)

B: You like balls don't you?

Haggs: I love balls. But you had the chance to ask me about that in my interview. Now you'll never get the chance to know about my love for balls.

B: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Anyhoo, 10% social aspect and 90% killing. Not BT collecting killing but actual killing. For some strange reason I find it relaxing and it calms my nerves.

Haggs: Speaking of balls, that brings me to my next question. What does 'B' stand for? How did your name come about?

B: My old name game name used to be HeadBussa, yeah I know, don't judge me. Then I dropped the head part cause some people don't know how to act and tend to get all perverted when they hear the word head.

Used Bussa for a while then just decided to drop the ussa and use B. I thought it was more fitting anyways.

Haggs: It's a good job you didn't drop the 'ead' and the 'ussa' because then you'd be known as HB. Wait a minute, is there something you want to tell us here?

B: Now you said you wouldn't expose my secret. Screw you narc.

Haggs: What was your first family? Talk me through your family history.

B: I joined NYC briefly with P-Murda, but he ended up getting into real life situations and went on vacation. He was my guide in game and I couldn't really get into it after he left so I left for a little. One day I decided to log back in. Somebody from UML sent me an invite, I forgot who he was and who the leaders were. I didn't learn anything there, but I stayed for a bit. I was barely active though.

Then I joined some family ran by Toblerone in Detroit. I forgot the name of the family honestly, but Toblerone taught me a few things. It was real boring there and I really couldn't get into the game and just as I was about to quit for good I met Deathseeker. We had weed in common and that's why we ended up becoming good friends. I ran with him for some time in HKU and MMM. We had a good little family filled with hitters like Lethal Kiss, Marina Goorey, BadInfluence, Ice, Cold Killa, Mooky and a few others. He taught me the basics to killing. Then as you know all good things must come to an end so I ended up joining Illuminati. After Illuminati, went to RU and stayed in that family longer than I have been in any other family. I think Lethal Kiss and Sheikh were probably the main reasons I stayed so long there. I love those two, the best people to ever know in TMB. But after about 2 years in RU I branched off and joined Chaos with Drob. That didn't last long, but it was fun while it did. Then I went solo.

Yeah my history is pretty boring. LOL Sorry to put you through that.

Haggs: *Yawn* Sorry, what were you just saying?

B: Wow shit face, it wasn't that boring that it deserved a yawn. *middle finger*

Haggs: Funnily enough, that links to my next question nicely.

You're most well known for your time in RU. How did that opportunity come about?

B: When I was in Illuminati Mr Feldman and Mrs Coca would message me asking if I wanted to join RU because they thought I was a good killer. At that time I was the boss of Illuminati and didn't want to walk out on them so I declined the offer. Ralphie Rotten ended up taking over Illuminati and that's when I went to join RU.

Haggs: Interesting. It seems Mr Feldman had an eye for talent.

B: Yes he does.

Haggs: As a family and individually, do you remember your first medal?

B: Marge aka Miss Mack got me my first medal. It was a family collecting bronze. When I was Illuminati even though we weren't that strong of a family, and really didn't turn in what was required to get rank seats, she always did look out for us and she really didn't have to. The other bankers were always so rude, but she was always so polite and so helpful.

Haggs: How about individually? Your first tier medal.

B: The first tier medal I got was from Sheikh, he hooked me up with a silver tier 1 medal for banking.

Haggs: What a kind man.

B: Shiekh is good people.

Haggs: Am I correct in saying you have 29 killer medals at this point? What was achieving your first killer medal like? What inspired you to gain more?

B: Not 29, I only have 22 personal killer medals. But I take pride in knowing that they were actually earned without farming, without the help of a multi, without generating BTs and without looting already dead people. I earned half with old style killing all as a free killer, and then the rest I earned when the BT system was introduced to the game as a free killer and supporter killer. Not as many as the guys in IU but still an accomplishment.

When I got my first killer medal I was like "Oh yea, in your face, I got a medal, woo whoooooooo". It felt great. My goal was just to complete my set, but after I did that trying to earn more personal killer medals became addictive. I could have had more golds than I do, but some asshole always has to farm just to get ahead.

Haggs: Oh, so you're not as good as I thought you were? Pfff...

B: Yea maybe in time when I stop being a lazy bish I'll get to that 29.

Haggs: Seriously though, in my opinion, you're one of the best killers in the game. But how does it feel being the best female killer in the game?

B: I'm pretty sure that question is going to piss a lot of people off and have the haters jumping out the woodworks with their unwanted opinions, but I think it feels great. I'm not the best killer in game, but I do know I'm one of the best and don't need an entourage behind me to solidify that I am.

Haggs: Maybe that's what the question was designed for. Let them hate.

Do any memorable build offs you've been involved in spring to mind?

B: I hate build offs cause there is always a good chance I may lose, most of the time the person I built off against had way more turns than me. So I try to avoid the embarrassment as much as possible cause of that. Definitely not a build off kind of player, I really just kill. I've had a few though, won and lost.

You learn from each one.

I wouldn't consider this a build off, but it was pretty memorable cause it was funny. It was when I kept zeroing Attila. He hit me once and of course used the "he couldn't tell it was the RU icon" line, which is something he used to say all the time. Like literally every round he used that line and I was always the one he used that line on, so I got tired of it and zeroed him. He built, I zeroed him again, he built 4 more times and each time I kept zeroing him. I don't know why I enjoyed it so much and why I kept laughing as I was clicking the attack button, but it truly was justice served.

And then of course there are my killing rampages when I just kill to kill. Then laugh when I get the "B what the fuck you little bitch, are you on your period?!!" message.

Haggs: So you like picking on old people? That's not very nice is it? But I'm sure it was funny and it sounds like he deserved it.

B: I like Attila. Definitely TMB royalty and a great killer.

After that incident we became maxing friends.

Haggs: Did you have a mentor?

B: I had teachers and I think it's safe to say I really was my own mentor.

Toblerone and Mrs Coca taught me a bit on how to collect.

Deathseeker taught me the basics of killing. I learned some killing moves from Mikey.

Drob taught me a few things. Sheikh helped me to become an overall better player.

You've even taught me a few things about collecting so I think I can add you on this list.

Haggs: Well that certainly doesn't seem to be a bad bunch of players to learn from.

B: You can learn something from everybody. Even the suckiest of players.

Haggs: That's very true indeed. You can learn a lot from a dummy.

How did you become the player you are today in the game?

B: I became who I am in game mainly because I became addicted and wanted to be the best player I could be. It was funny because some players really felt like they had the right to speak on me saying things like, "Drob bought her turns," as if it was any of their business, using that to try and discredit me as a player, like I wasn't kicking ass and winning turns before that. It was kind of annoying, but then it just made me realize that some people really don't have lives outside this game, so can I really blame them for making my business a highlight in their life? No I can't, so I'll continue to pray for them, that one day they will be able to gather up enough courage, step into the real world and find some business of their own. Amen.

-Haggs' mind wanders-
I wonder if Attila is still alive...
-awkward silence-

Haggs: Earlier, you said you found killing to be relaxing. What kind of murderous psychopath are you?!

What I want to know is, what is it that you find so enjoyable about killing?

B: You know what, I have no idea on how to explain it. All I know is it puts me in a zone where I feel relaxed. Yea, I'm weird like that.

Haggs: Who do you think is the best player in the game at the moment?

B: Cocamafiosa hands down. He's the real God of TMB.

Haggs: I'm not even gonna hesitate to agree with you there.

Who do you hate the most in the game? And who do you like the most?

B: Hate is such a strong word so I will just say that there are players I don't agree with.

I don't agree with these players that are hypocrites. I'm talking about players that talk shit about killers that protect, but they protect too. Or they talk about players that suicide, when members in their union suicide as well, or when they say dumb shit like, "you only kill collectors", it's like really? All the killers in your Union kill collectors every round.

I don't get how they see it as strategy when they do it, but when another player outside their union does it, they see it as being weak. That's just retarded.

I like a few people but please don't make me name them.

Haggs: We'll save that for the shoutouts.

Maybe it was a bit too much of me to use the word hate. But on a similar note, if you had the opportunity to punch someone from the game in the face, who would that be? And why?

B: I don't let anyone here get me to that point and if I did I wouldn't even give them the satisfaction of mentioning their name.

Haggs: Oh how sensible of you...

If you were to name your top five killers in TMB, who would they be? I'm not gonna let you escape from me without sharing that list. So let's have it...

B: My top 5 killers list is:

5. Splooge
4. Mikey
3. Eck
2. Mr. Feldman
1. Cocamafiosa

Haggs: Last question to round it up. Considering the current state of the game. Is there anything you would change?

B: I wish they would do something about the farming but I would have to say GET RID OF BTS.

Haggs: Interesting. I think it's safe to say no one likes BTs.

Ok then. Let's have your shoutouts.

B: P-Murda, Drob, Lethal Kiss (my ace, I miss you sexy bish), Sheikh, Mikey, War, Mr Feldman, Mrs Coca, Cocamafiosa, Miss Mack, Fatal, Foreplay, Cassy, Ajax, Outlaw 69, Ramsey, DeathSeeker, Choppa, Toblerone, Princess, Ralphie Rotten, Mooky, mjd, Bos GencoD, Ruthless, Dabaws, HoneyBadger aka Rip, Ice, Julz, Attila, RavenKc, HenryHill, Don_Marco, Wezzy, Bad_Influence, Bad_Intentions, Kraken, Iso, TonySoprano, Boston, Huka, Johnny_Truelove, Ceasar Yayo, Marina_Goreey, Onyx, Lu Bu, Mass Destruction, Yakzi, YB, Sokz, Tiki, Storm

Kisses to the sky for Q.

Shout out to Mr Worker for the 8 threads and counting that he's made in my honor and for also being the biggest hater in TMB.

Shout out to you for becoming one of my best friends in game, and making it to my top 4 favorite people list. You're an asshole and you talk a lot of shit but you've made this game a whole lot funnier for me to play and because of that you can now consider yourself totally freaking awesome.

*chest bump*

Haggs: Saving the best for last eh? That just brings a tear to my eye.

Well thank you very much for your time B. It's been a privilege to get to know more about your history and I've enjoyed it.

Cool cats 4 lyfe.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Slixed, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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