Easily classified as one of TMB's bad boys, here today I have the pleasure of getting up close and personal with one of TMB's players that most of you love to hate. Ladies and gentlemen of TMB let's welcome Haggs to the stage.

-Couple of claps from the audience-

-Most boo him while showing a thumbs down-

-A few even throw rotten tomatoes-

B: Sheesh tough crowd...

Hello Haggs!! I know you're a busy man with causing havoc around the community and all so I would like to take this time and thank you for showing up. How are you?

-Haggs flipping the bird to the crowd then pitching pieces of tomato from his suit back into the audience-

Haggs: I'm scared, but I'm good, thanks. How are you?

B: I'm doing great, thanks for asking. What are you scared about?

Haggs: I've never done anything like this before. I'm shy.

B: Hmmm. With your reputation in the game, you don't really come across as the shy type.

So TMB wants to know how long have you and Ajax been boinking?

Haggs: I'd say me and ajax have been having it off behind his wife's back for a good two years now. Possibly more.

B: So in other words you're a home wrecker. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope his wife finds out and beats the crap out the both of you.

So let's get down to business. I have come to know you as one of the best underrated players in this game. Who's not only a great leader when it comes to running a family, but also a very strong player as an individual. But I'm sure inquiring minds would like to know in your own words "Who is Haggs the player?" and why is that about 70% of TMB think you're a complete asshole?

How did you come to find this addictive virtual mafia world?

When did you start, what family did you join, what's your favorite style of play, and who trained and had a hand in molding you into the jerk of a player you are today?

Haggs: I'm actually quite touched by that.

It was a friend of mine that got me to play this game. We used to play it in school instead of doing work. It seems that I'm the only one who got hooked.

I joined the game in November 2010. I started out in Hooligans under the wing of a guy named Rissuto. He taught me the basics of the game.

I prefer collecting but that's not so easy when you don't know how to be nice to people.

B: You know what they say haters gon' hate.

I've had a few run ins with Hooligans. That Emir guy is kind of a douche. No offense Emir.

Are you still with the Hooligans family?

Haggs: They seem like a crazy bunch. I'd probably fit in well with them but I tend to roam the streets alone these days. I don't really like people.

I think Rissuto fell out with Emir and left. I felt like my loyalty lied with Rissuto, so I left with him and he formed Hoodlums and we went to war with Hooligans.

I still talk to Emir now and again. He's a nice guy.

B: Who won that war? Hoodlums or Hooligans?

Haggs: I'm not sure it was much of a war to be honest, but Hooligans are still around so you could say they won the fight.

B: I didn't know you had quite the history with Hooligans. I always thought you stemmed from The Warriors. How did The Warriors come about and what happened to them?

Haggs: I'm not sure how long I was with Hooligans and Hoodlums for, but I stopped playing the game for a few months after that. When I decided to start playing again I was recruited by Cro and joined UK Warriors. They were run by MrWorker and ajax. It was such a lively family. Everyone just had a laugh and we were able to rank as a family.

I'm not sure how it came about but we were offered to join RU. After a lot of thought and many discussions about it we decided to accept their offer and became RU Warriors. It was around the time Mr Feldman was in charge.

We all learnt a lot from being part of RU and working alongside IU. We had some great success, but like all great things, they come to an end at some point. The family just seemed to fizzle out. There's still a number of Warriors around the game so I wouldn't count out a return. The time just has to be right.

B: The infamous MrWorker. How was it like being in a family with him for rounds on end? I'd want to blow my head off within minutes of being in his presence. How did you manage?

Haggs: Worker is a lovely, friendly guy. I got on very well with him and still do. He was the boss of Warriors to begin with but I think once we joined RU and things were getting a bit more serious he felt like he was being pushed out. He eventually left/got voted out. I think I was the only person who wanted to keep him in the fam. It was ajax running things mostly anyway, but SOExclusive (gay name, I know) was appointed as his consig after that.

B: Worker a lovely guy? Pffft... -eye roll- More like Satan's spawn. I've had the privilege of being in Warriors a couple of times. I even remember the time where you asked me why was I being a rank-whore because I joined in at the last minute and ranked with you guys. LOL Good times.

Haggs: Admit it. You just wanted to know how it felt to be cool.

B: Awww man you figured me out. Darn...

What is your take on the rule change that has happened, the new rules that are coming soon and the current state of the game?

Haggs: BTs are the worst thing to ever happen in this game. Transfers are good because they encourage teamwork, but I don't like how they give the ability to the top families to lock the ranks at EOR. I haven't bothered to look into the new rules really but change is the way forward from the current state of the game. And I'm not a fan of the level 4 sub. I think it's overpowered and it floods the game with too many turns.

B: I agree with the BTs part, there is just no point at all for BTs. You never heard of John Gotti or Al Capone riding around killing people for battle trophies. The hell type of crap is that? Whoever made that up needs to slap himself.

If you could have one set rule in this game what would never change, what would it be and why?

Haggs: No gays allowed.

B: Well if that rule did happen then I think this game would only be left with 30 players. That wouldn't be fun at all now would it?

Haggs: I suppose you're right. We can keep the gays then.

B: Good cause hate to break it to you. If that was a set rule you would have been booted off the island a long time ago buddy.

Haggs: Are you calling me and ajax gay? It's not gay if you close your eyes.

B: If the shoe fits, you better lace that mofo up and go river dancing in that bitch.

I have a lot of rainbow people friends. I don't discriminate so you and Ajax are ok with me.

Is there a memorable moment that has happened during your time here that you want to talk about? A funny story, a highlight of some sort, war with anyone, (but in your case it's more like wars with whole families,) how you won your first medal maybe? Anything that you want to add?

Haggs: I've got a few stories. Remembering them is the problem.

I've been banned from the forums countless times. I once got frozen for calling a staff member a cunt while Storm was CCed in the message.

I got frozen for "borrowing" a staff member's name.

I always found the time funny when me and ajax invaded London. We had a good laugh there. One round I pretended to be Dusk and took control of Loco for about half a round. That was funny, talking to Bella about being constipated.

My first medal was a bronze collecting family medal. Rissuto sent me off to a ranking family for being a good boy.

B: What have you come to enjoy about The Mafia Boss that keeps you logging in and who would you say has been the most influential mafioso during your TMB career thus far?

Haggs: It's safe to say I'm addicted to TMB. But I think it's the social factor that keeps me coming back more than anything. It's a very strange and wonderful place.

I'd like to say I've been my own biggest influence because I just love myself. But being in Warriors has probably been my biggest influence. They were a great family.

B: If you had to pick a Top 5 list of the best mafiosos to ever play this game who would they be and why?

Haggs: Hmm, very good question. I can only really mention the people who I've played with.

In no particular order:

1. ziki, for his extreme loyalty, humbleness, hard work, and skill.

2. Cocamafiosa. Although I don't really know him, I think that pretty much goes without saying.

3. B, for her fiery play style, killing skills, and helpfulness.

4. ajax, for his leadership, intelligence, and straightforward thinking.

5. And obviously me because I'm just an all around sexy bastard.

B: Did you just add my name on there because I'm interviewing you?

Haggs: Yea I just didn't want you to feel left out. But no, you're one of the best killers I've seen.

B: Well thank you, I appreciate that.

Any shout outs before we bring this to a close?

Now is your chance.

Haggs: Firstly you, B, for being such a great friend, my partner in crime ajax, ziki, Jose_Cuervo, wisegurl, Basciano, Wesker, Cro, Pooxx, Soe, MrWorker, Misfit, KidVengeance, Bad_Intentions, Fatal, Liza, Roughy, merci, YB, Krypton, Rissuto, hazylife, and that Canadian fairy Michael.

And a shout out to all the other Warriors I've missed out.

And I also want to give you another special shout out. Thanks for interviewing me. I don't feel like anyone else was worthy enough or willing to take on the job.

B: It was my pleasure.

Haggs: Before I go can I just ask you some questions?

B: Yes.


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