Turbo round 601 saw a 5-1 ratio on turns entered into the round.
And operative hits cost 2000 turns. So it seems operatives get a slight pass this round.

As we peak in at the 16 hour mark. We see one supporter has separated themselves just a bit from the pack with just over 5 million operatives. The top spot in global ranks however belongs to: his name, is his name is "Slim_Shady" with a whisker over 7.5 trillion networth. As we check in with the kill point specialists we see "Zoey_Deschanel" as the only player to pass 1 million kill points, followed by "Boom_Shakalaka" with just over 925k in kill points. But he/she seems to be killing while I am writing. So with his or her 3 million defensive units they just might get there before I punch my last period. "Stereo" holds the last supporter medal spot currently with a respectable 850k in kp's. Perhaps only one speaker is working and he will get it together before the end of the round.

As we take a look at my personal favorite (the free killer ranks)... even though they rarely find the Roving_Reporter to share any quotes with, I still have a soft spot for them. We see "Fernanda" holding the top spot with a stones throw from 700k in kill points. "Paor" is holding second with 525k in kp's and appears to have been love tapped by "Fernanda". "MtN" is just coming up a little short with 505k in kill points. I wish all the free killers good luck as I know it takes a little work to get those turns.

Currently the only family in the ranks is The_Muppets (London_Elite).Here is wishing Joedog some luck as surely many more families will enter the fray before rounds end.
I would root for ya though if I could but I can not as Roving_Reporter is only here to report the news and tell some bad jokes. Last but not least I see Boom_Shakalaka has managed to pass a million and still hold 3 million defensive units.We will see how impressive his/her kill points are when we return in 16 hours, until then Roving_Reporter is signing off.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

End Of The Round

We will switch it up this round and start off in the Supporter Kill Point Ranks. "Boom_Shakalaka" continued his/her killing spree and never looked back. Congratulations to you as I saw you killing and I much appreciate when the prize is earned through killing. "The_pale" came in second place taking the silver spot with a valiant attempt at 2.5 million kill points. "Stereo" did not add to many more kills after our check in at the 16 hour mark but still managed to take home the bronze with 861k in kill points.

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Boom_Shakalaka 3,570,422
2. the_pale 2,499,620
3. Stereo 861,140

Received from an anonymous member of "The Warriors":

"It was a play it by ear type of turbo for us as most of us were busy with work and didn't have enough time to really organize a master plan. Although we weren't able to rank as a family, a couple of us were still able to rank individually. We took gold for best supporter killer and 5th in level 3. Congratulations to TMBs best XXXXX killer X (Boom_Shakalaka) on another well deserved medal."
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

We will now jump into the free kill point ranks. A dirty job but someone has to do it.
Taking the gold spot was "Fear", with a collection that could have earned him a bronze among the supporters with an impressive 1.5 million kill points. "Fernanda" was the only one who made it from our 16 hour check in and was able to capture silver with 959k in kill point. Last in the medals was "20potoatoes", bringing the final curtain to the killers with 840k in kp's.Congratulations to all you hard working free players.

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Fear 1,502,748
2. Fernanda 959,966
3. 20potatoes 840,428

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Collecting Family

As we look in at 2 minutes Vacation (Legends) holds the top spot with 13.6 trillion networth, followed by Believe_Suspension at 13.1 trillion. And holding the 3rd spot was Golden_Company(Avengers) at 11.8 trillion. At the 1 minute mark the ranks were exactly the same. But some things had changed as the final tick-tock hit the game clock:

-Collecting Family-
rank family boss net worth
1. Tin_Men Zoey_Deschanel $13,933,194,807,097
2. Vacation(Legends) Plankton $13,667,870,148,966
3. Believe_Suspension Junk $13,116,541,380,601

from Gunchester:

"Rules came out early which was nice but the rules I thought suited supporters and would be difficult for the free players..... so with that we got together as many sub/ players with creds to make a main family to go for family rank and high tiers and tryed a second fam of what was left so they could grab a tier or two at least coz we knew family rank was out the question for them.

Skip to last 10hrs or so left of round.......

Between the two fams we kept each other maxed as much as possible but looking at the high ops around we knew there would struggle but we still tried.

Skip to last 2hrs or so left of round.....

Second fam sadly got pushed out of tiers but we was looking good with what we had banked and kept safe for the 10hrs. We was lookin at maybe goin for the round and push donna but once we seen the others jump up we thought it was best not to waste creds on it so we settled for a bronze in level4. Tin_men fam jumped up and took gold last secs so we regret puttin so much cash for level 4 bronze but these things happen and we are happy to still get silver fam rank and also we had others who took some ranks but that would be tellin who they was :-P. All in all am happy with what legends got out of turbo and thank evryone who was involved.

Much Respects
Legends Don"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Level 1 Collecting Ranks

As we snuck a peak at the 2 minute mark we saw "Sandy" at 16.6 trillion networth, followed by "MoneyCK" at 2.2 trillion and "Big_Trips" with 1.7 trillion. So as we jump ahead to the 10 second mark we see "DomHemingway" (RocknRolla) in the top spot with 6.9 trillion. On another note... I saw the movie and I would say skip it but I will not as this is not a fucking movie review. He was followed by "Robolectric" with 3.8 trillion and "Sandy" at 3.4 trill and that is how it would end minus one Sandy.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. DomHemingway $6,990,519,816,340
2. Robolectric $3,823,962,928,955
3. NewbBewbs $2,501,295,523,536

From Constanzia:

"HS had two families this turbo. cloe_hoarhouse who was run by chrispy and sexyboyz who was run by me. chrispy's family got lvl 1 gold (rocknrolla) and 5th place in lvl 2. my family had most of the supporters so we got 4th place in lvl 4 (legacy), silver in lvl 3 (slixed), silver in lvl 2 (best) and 5th place in family ranks. we didnt plan to go for family ranks but then guys suggessted we should go for it. must say ... pretty good turbo for Hitsquad "

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

Level 2 Collecting Ranks

At the 1 minute mark we saw "Bane" holding the gold spot at 5.7 trillion followed by "TiTo" at 2.5 trill and "Arceus" at 1.2 trillion. As we then sneak in right at the end we see "Major_Paine" had taken the lead at 7.2 trillion, followed closely by "sbtv" at 7 trillion. "Bane" had dropped to 3rd with 5.8 trillion, and that is just how it would end.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Major_Paine $7,200,303,142,500
2. sbtv $7,002,152,995,840
3. Bane $5,811,771,401,957

From Major_Paine:

"Considering we were missing a couple of key players (and didn’t have a plan until 2 hours before EOR) it still turned out to be an outstanding turbo for us. Probably the best so far! Our “money man” was spot on and was able to precisely distribute cash so we could rank in all four individual levels and earn 3 medals. Even though we are small, we truly have a great team of players!"
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Level 3 Collecting Ranks

At the 1 minute mark "Pillow" was holding gold with 34.2 trillion, followed by "Monica" (Familymatters) at 26.5 trillion and "cloe" at a monkey butt short of 10 trillion. At 10 seconds "Monica" still held at 26.5 trillion but had jumped to the gold spot, followed by "Lelouch" at 12 trillion and "Pablo" at 11 trillion and that folks is just how it would end.

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Monica(Familymatters) $26,503,856,899,616
2. Lelouch $12,050,764,333,250
3. Pablo $11,004,230,899,701

From Hollywood_Hubert:

"we had everything set up for a great turbo. family set told people to use credits it was going to be a good round for us, 5 to 1 ratio on won turns is good for us. things going well down to the last 8 minutes in the round family banking going fine.... but
wait with 4 mins left guess what members can't family bank,okay transfer back fine. Another can't family bank nothing they put in would bank... nothing not even 2000 not to mention the 2.6 trillion they could have banked. k=000 didn't work, nothing did. oh okay so send bank, nope transfer won't work either. Not a lag issue just another classic bug in the programming. not sure what to do at that point and time ran out. We got fucked. oh well. we came in 4th place (golden_company) when we should have easily took 1st.

Monica(familymatters) got gold in level 3. it's crap. Depositing money shouldn't be a crap shoot. it should work every time that shit is
unacceptable. i guess that is the site, a crap shoot, sometime you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. not the way i would want the business to run but to each their own."

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Level 4 Collecting Ranks

"The_pale" held the gold spot the last 10 minutes and would never let it go. Nobody got close as he/she ran away with the top spot. The fight for the other spots on the other hand, was a constant change and saw many come and go from the ranks. We saw a "Screwdriver" that was "ComfortablyNumb". Someone else rang a "BELL" to wake a "tired" "Max_Paine" as he jumped from level 3 to 4 in the closing minutes of the round. But when its all been said and done, here were our winners:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. the_pale $83,318,737,253,886
2. BELL $20,601,295,521,999
3. donna $15,244,112,490,110

From Scrappy:

"Legends took Lvl4 Bronze, Lvl3 4th place and a silver family. Some Phoenix was mixed in there, I took 4th place in lvl 3.The turbo round was a good one and there were plenty of things that could have gone differently, but Legends worked as a team and had gold family up until the last second. Congrats to Tin_Man on gold family.

Good job to all of those involved!"

Legends Co-Don"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

Congratulations to all the winners...and to the losers, well there is always next round.
I will see you then. Until we meet again.

Roving_Reporter signing off.

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