Round 599 (or as I like to call it the last round of the 500s) saw no ratio on turns entered into the round. Also it only cost only 5 turns per hit to kill someones ops, with a cap of 5 percent per top of the hour. It would seem some operatives were most definitely going to die. Who would pull through the slaughter to claim victory?

As we sneak a peek at 17 hours remaining we saw a handful of subscription players in level 4 all built pretty much the same with no one standing out. That held true in every level. It seems a few have made it through, so far unscathed.

We also saw a very close race in free killer ranks. Perhaps I will get lucky and one of these players will let me know who they are. We have "London" with 493k in kill points and right behind him at 484k is "Rhys". Will anyone else make a run? Only time and turns will tell.

In supporter killers we had 3 players with over a million kill points. "Loose_Screws" sat at the top with 1.6 million kill points followed by "Phuck_Cancer" at 1.2million and "Brass" at just over a million. We will return for the finish and see who is victorious. One name on the list seems to contain a word I myself tried to use before and a certain staff told me not to do it. Will it get cold or have staff become more liberal, I'm almost as curious about that as I am about the EOR results

As far as the global ranks... 1 player had separated from the pack at our glimpse. "Shrek" had a networth of just over 3.5 trillion but with little defensive units he will need lots of friends or lots of time to keep it. Here is wishing you luck. As seems to be expected we saw only 2 families with 10 members: "Simon_Says" with 238 billion and "HunkpapaLakotaSioux" at 47 billion. I am sure by the end quite a few more will have been added.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

End of the round

I will start out by saying when I went to take a screenshot at 10 seconds the round had ended, so either the round ended 10 seconds early or my computer entered a time machine without telling me.

Level 4

With 3 minutes remaining we saw "Styles" out to a strong lead with 37.5 trillion, followed by "OMD" with 20 trillion and right behind was "Deadhead_OG". As we jump to the final 20 seconds before EOR I was slapped by a time machine. We see that "Styles" has increased his networth to just shy of 42 trillion with "OMD" back at a lick shy of 33 trillion and Deadhead_OG at 18 trillion. To transfer or not to transfer that is the question. As the clock hit 10 seconds before EOR here were your final results with "Styles" coming through with in well... style.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Styles $41,948,927,084,898
2. Indigo $22,604,391,128,168
3. Deadhead_OG $18,019,463,960,600
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

Rest assured Roving_Reporter will keep trying to get the story from IU

From Murderer:

"You cheeky fucking bastard. Last time you were given a comment and you posted some other bullshit. Maybe this time, you can take the time to take a couple steps and go fuck yourself. As you can see, no one really gives a shit about your stupid fucking review as you’re as piece of shit who only posts the comments that you want, and completely ignored what I had said. You can get rope at any local store, you will do the world a favour when you leave us."
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Level 3

Marlboro is good for the soul

At the 3 minute mark we saw "MAFIOSO" leading the pack with 14.9 trillion and "TheSpanker" was chasing his behind with 7.4 trillion. Holding the last medal position was "Genghis". As we jump to the final seconds we see we see "MAFIOSO" still holding on with 15 trillion and "TheSpanker" still at 7.4 trillion. But now "spanked" has jumped in behind "TheSpanker" when he or she should be in the front. And as the clock struck 10 sec before EOR, he or she was, followed by "MAFIOSO" and rounding out the medals was "Marlboro"

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth
1. spanked $5,019,025,015,914
2. MAFIOSO $5,007,464,235,758
3. Marlboro (RzX) $4,653,973,401,500
From Lucky_Chevy:

"Chrispy was handling eor turbo. so he could explain more. but the end results is... we manage 3 tiers. level 1 silver, level 2 gold and level 3 silver not too shabby for a family who has all odds against them.. giving the circumstances that our ops gets hit 24/7"

Splooge would have owned you fuckers... just sayin

From Hollywood_Hubert:

"Rules weren't great for us but we tried anyways family name was Double Dragon. Wanted to get at least third but came in 4th at the end. Still got something just not what i wanted. Tiered only one player level 3 bronze- Marlboro(RzX in main) it was a good family effort and i should have banked up better in the last couple of minutes to secure the 3rd place spot. Side note though, the lags at eor i thought was a little better overall but still not up to par. I understand things happen but round after round you have lags at eor time to me that shouldn't be acceptable. saying that had fun so what the hell"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Level 2

With 8 minutes remaining we saw "TeD" at 4.5 trillion, "P51_Mustang" was sitting at 1.2 trillion and "M4sTeRM1nD" sat at EIE billion. Take that funny speller of names. As we jump to the 3 minute mark we see "Porky_Pig" saying "that's not all folks" as he bumps everyone down a spot. But what does the end hold?

Was it the Queen of the Frozen Kingdom?

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Jingo $6,000,570,866,201
2. Lost_girl $4,001,037,484,801
3. Bare_Bear $3,463,016,469,123
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Level 1

At the 8 minute mark we saw "Saint-Bread with 8.7 trillion" followed by "Pedobear" with 3.4 trillion and lastly Vic2 at 1.2 trillion. And as we jump to the final ticks of the clock:

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth
1. ThirstyThotty (Capobianco) $5,489,462,215,442
2. fluffeh $4,002,179,108,128
3. Saint-Bread $3,774,330,543,001
From Capobianco:

"It was a great round all in all, nameless worked together, even though we couldn't get a family rank(I blame it on cracker signing in2 hours before it Effin ended) I think we did an overall great job. I was pissing when I got ranked, so I missed eor, however I am just extremely happy at the outcome we had. It goes to show that indies can still thrive here. All we need is our peens touching, crossing streams, and team-work. I thank everyone that helped rank my annoying ass, Steve, cracker, killer, bunch, and the others that were In the family that I forgot heir fucking names. I'm currently in the shower sending pictures to cracker, and cookie so sorry that I couldn't put more time into this quote. Anyway, remember everyone. "Float like a cloud, burn like gonorrhea. If penicillin can't kill it, you're fucked"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

-Collecting Family-

-Collecting Family-
rank family boss net worth
1. Beyond_Scared Khan $7,768,230,815,115
2. Spankers_R_US (Phoenix) TheSpanker $7,036,220,913,626
3. IU HeadLips $5,132,034,436,641

A family true to its name

From Scrappy:

"On the Phoenix side of things, we took Silver Family and Silver lvl 2.
It was a great round - lots of activity, plenty of people were on and interested in what was going on. Legends worked together, in two separate families and it worked out well for both of us. I was impressed with the fact that we've been together for such a short amount of time, but we worked so well together. Great job all around!"

Phoenix Don Emeritus
Legends Co-Don"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Loose_Screws 4,075,211
2. Phuck_Cancer 2,420,461
3. Brass 1,588,208
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. GODZILLA 1,008,877
2. PedoBear 891,408
3. Rhys 887,281
From SOE:

"1.) Warriors were the "Care_Bears" family
2.) We did not go for family ranks just tier
3.) Bare_Bear got Level 2 bronze
4.) PedoBear got Silver Free Killer
5.) Phuck_Cancer got Silver Supporter killer"
PedoBear's thoughts on Turbo free killers:

"That was a close round, as top 4 free killer were neck and neck with 800k-1 million kills. This is the first time free killing was harder than supporting imo. Even though London went supporter killer last hour of round and took 5th place, All of his kills were made as a free player. So I still include him in the top 4 free killers. You know it’s a shame when a free killer does better than a supporter. Anyways, Top 4 free much respect in the race as well as the other free killers. Congrats to all winners in the round"
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

I will start off by apologizing to the TMB community as this review got hit with a few technical difficulties. I could go into detail but I will spare you and only say next round I will make sure to make up for it. I appreciate as always everyone's input, quotes and help with this review. Roving_Reporter signing off.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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