By Ravenkc

Chapter 1:The Big Hitter Woowzaa tries to intimidate a TMB Queen to bring out The Big IU Boys

It was a sunny day in the land of TMB, within round 600,everything seemed amazing as usual, I was taking a relaxing bubble bath when all of a sudden there was a huge man standing before me.'Woowzaa' he said in a deep voice, I raised my eyebrows ‘And?’ the man said ‘I want the big IU boys to come out and play, you are the TMB Queen are you not?’ I stood to face him, at 6’1 I could look him in the eyes… ‘What does IU have to do with me, I am just a school teacher, I know nothing’ … I started to casually get out of the bath, but the man Woowzaa grabbed me by the wrist..and broke my 18 karat gold charm bracelet Spade had given to me…I became enraged.
I heard a loud noise and then I felt Woowzaa let go of my arm, men in black suits surrounded the area, I hit the floor, I recognized Ding_Dong’s voice “Just stay down Raven and protect yourself” gun shots started going off everywhere, Ding_Dong was wounded, this guy was trained well, he had a lot of artillery he was going for kill points for sure, but who did he work for?
It was a shootout ‘ME’ from IU hit him hard, then Cultivator; Woowzaa was definitely giving these boys a run for their money, but he was zeroed of all his weaponry and escaped through an opened window.

Siilentbob: WTF was that Raven you almost got killed!

Ravenkc: Hence the word almost, I don’t know BOB, who was it and why me?

Siilentbob: He wants Spade I presume, what have you two been up to lately?

Ravenkc: Nothing, he is at work all the time, I wouldn’t know what he does these days I hardly see him at all…

Siilentbob was smirking looking cute and irish as ever, I thanked Me, Cultivator and Ding for saving my ass, I honestly did not know what was going on, I messaged Storm the news to see if he knew anything, jesus now I am being attacked in my own home while rubbing lotion on my body about to take a damn bath wtf was the world coming to!!

Ravenkc: what the fuck are you looking at bob?

Siilentbob: you.. in your underwear.

Ravenkc: wtf man, secure the premises so I can get dressed ffs!! And where is ECK, suppose he is off getting high again, I need to talk to him..

Woowzaa hit hard early in the round 600 would we see him again? And who was the man in the strange hat who held my wrist so tight…

I messaged RayRay from Phoenix, he must of known something?

RayRay: Look Raven I know who it is but I aint telling ya!

Ravenkc: You’re an old friend, he almost killed me in my own home, what is the meaning of this?

The phone went dead…
I called Jackie_D-Amico; as I seen his mark on Woowzaa’s weapons

Ravenkc: Jack, whaddup who is this new fucking guy you got working for you, he is about 6’4 wears a big fucking cowboy hat and high boots, looks like a mountain man

Jackie_D-Amico: Umm.. Raven how did you get this number?

Ravenkc: what the hell has that got to do with anything, what you are putting hits out on me now?

Jackie_D-Amico: Im sorry Raven, look I will get back to you..

The phone went dead…

Wtf is going ON!!!! Well I wasn’t touched but ME, Cultivator and Ding_Dong did get wounded in their bid to protect me, Spade must have hidden cameras in the house still, as I dunno how they got here so damn fast in the first place *he better not have any in the bathroom*


I contacted Spade, finally he answered, he also knew all about what went down in my bathroom, and the IU boys including bob, I was angry then as he seemed so happy, why was he happy? I felt sad I looked at the bruise on my wrist and felt like Spade thought the whole thing was just a big joke, he was high as shit, but still, this is pretty serious.
I got off the phone and got in contact with Eck, perhaps he, an old friend would take all this as serious as it felt, Eck spoke serious to me, but he was also stoned;( I considered staying with Storm for a few days well until they could find out who this Woowzaa freak was
More days went by, no sign of Woowzaa, but I heard from Spade more frequently and one night I swear I seen siilentbob in a tree with a sniper rifle outside my bedroom window, I figured it was the wine and went to sleep..

Chapter 2:Round 600 Build OFF- Woowzaa Appears again but this time he got what he wanted Spade was there waiting.. smiling-

It was in the middle of the street- Miami USA, I was just at the beach taking in some sun, when I felt like I wanted to go shopping, the street was full of people at this time of day, I looked up and recognized a black aston, it was Spade, I forgot all he had done to me this week and had a huge smile on my face.. but before I could begin to walk toward his car… I was once again held by the wrist, I turned to see who it was.. siilentbob
Siilentbob: Follow me birdy..
I didn’t bother asking why or even talking I knew something was about to happen, we took a side street and walked away from the shopping complex and got into bobs car, a green Lamborghini Giro 2014, arrgh shit, the guy was a lunatic, he sped off at 100 miles and hour, laughing the entire time…
I got sick of this and pulled out my gun

Ravenkc: I love you bob, but take me back, take me back to Spade now..

Siilentbob: you fuckin mad bird, you won’t pull that trigger but I will take you back for the fun of it

The car took a fast turn… we sped back

Spade was in a full on showdown with Woowzaa, I seen Spade throw a spinning heel kick knocking Woowzaa in the face, then he flipped back.. Woowzaa was taller but Spade was faster.. OMG I WANTED TO FIGHT TOO.. but I knew I was no match for Woowzaa….

The fight went on for over 2 hrs, Woowzaa was getting worn down, I dunno what kind of drugs Spade was on but he just kept smiling..

Spade and Woowzaa had a build off up to 8 million dus, this is one of the biggest build off’s seen in a main round in TMB for a long time, the tension was hot, Woowzaa still unknown, but was holding a huge credit card… Spade seemed to be getting off on it all…

Spade hit hard and fast knocking Woowzaa down to 1 mil… then Woowza built back up to over 2 mil, but was defeated- Spade zeroed him with a finale blow straight through the heart…

No one knows who this mad guy was… He collected a fair amount of kill points during his trip to the TMB underworld ending round 600 with 2,431,070 kill points and collecting gold-
We lay the Gold medal upon his coffin with a little ace of spades; we sent his corpse back to hell, Spade still seemed amused and not bothered by the enemy who seemed to be holding a lot of cash.
I always felt weird in my bathroom after that.. could Woowzaas demon spirit come back from hell and be watching me, fuck it, I may have taken too much medication tonight, I got into the hot tub and laid down.. Spade joined me everything was once again perfect.

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