Setting: Local exclusive club, open only to members of the mafia. In a room that is usually flooded with music, dancers, cigarette smoke and booze, hundreds of members of the Italian mafia from all families and points of Italy get together to discuss the recent comments stated by the Pope.

Prominent Members present and speaking:

Ernesto (Sacra Corona Unita underboss)

Vinny (Camorra soldier)

Alfondo ('Ndrangheta Consigliere)

Ladislas (Corleone Crime Family Don)

Serafino (Mala del Brenta Consigliere)

GianLuigi (Enforcer of the Greco Mafia Clan)

Marco (Cuntrera-Caruana Family Don)

**News anchor in the background**

“Today, Pope Francis has excommunicated all members of the Italian Mafia, declaring that members of the mob need to repent of their actions so as to not end up in hell.”

Around the room, we see men from all over the country of Italy, representing many different Crime Families, but all united for one purpose…*

Ernesto: “What’s this man saying? We’ve always given to the church, always been faithful to raise our families in the church.”

Vinny : “Yeah! My kids have gone to that catechism stuff since they were small!”

Alfondo: “We were all baptized in the Catholic Church. Do they mean to say that we’re losing our spot on the ride to heaven?”

**The men in the room get louder and louder, complaining about the future of the Italian Mafia and the church.**

Ladislas: “Gentlemen. We’ve gathered together tonight to discuss the most pressing issue on our minds right now; Pope Francis and his outright disrespect for the institution of the Italian Mafia, which has stood for nearly 900 years. I am appalled, as you all are, that our great Pope would turn his back on us. He said he condemned the mobsters of the 'Ndrangheta Crime Family. They’re our brothers too. It’s time us mobsters stand up and band together, to continue going to church, to stand firm and show the Pope we aren’t condemned.”

Serafino: “We’ve been dealing with this man and his swift ability to crack down on corruption and crime. We’re not denying that in the eyes of the world, some of the things we do are criminal. The more this exalted pontiff defines us though, the less support we have. He gives strength to those under our thumb. It’s our job to win them back.”

Vinny: “How do we do that, boss?”

Ladislas: “You guys, let’s talk it out. Brainstorm, as they say.”*

Alfondo: “We could whack a few priests – maybe that would get the message across.”

Ernesto: “Naw, that would only anger them… they’d send more down here.”

GianLuigi: “I say we take the fight to them like Alfondo said!”

Ernesto: “Killing is the very reason we’re at this point!”

Vinny: “So you say we should stop killing?!”**Pulls his glock out of his holster*

*Glocks, Ak’s & Uzi’s all appear from all around the room.*

Yelling, screaming, swearing and anger storm the room at that moment…*

From the back of the room, shrouded in cigar smoke and defended by three burly enforcers…

Marco: “Never in the history of the mafia have we all stood together like this. This meeting itself is historic. We don’t all like each other and there are some issues to take care of, but we can put all of these issues aside to take care of the greater issue, a pontiff with ideas of his own… Now, first things first… put your guns away. Don’t waste your ammo on each other.”

GianLuigi: “The Pope will surely make things more difficult for us. I say we need to secure certain ports from the Italian Government first, so we can call in reinforcements should we need and to protect our ammunition and supply lines.”

Marco: “Very good thinking. Are there specific families that desire to take on this task?”

Ernesto: “I will take it to my family, but I believe Sacra will be willing to work with anyone to secure the specific ports we need.”

Ladislas: “Now is the time to raise up your men. Now is the time to use those money laundering routes to funnel support to the proper points. Sacra and Corleone will take three ports and hold them. We will gather support from the neighboring mafia clans that we have good ties with in other countries only if we need to. Italian mafia only, for now.”

Vinny: “What do we do in response to the Pope?”

Serafino: “Let’s keep going to church. Let’s make our operations cleaner, more covert. Let’s clean up our streets and get rid of petty theft. We need to show the people we’re on their side… and the church is only out to get money. Pope Francis said that we’re on the road to hell. Let’s make sure we’re not near that road in the eyes of the people.”

Alfondo: “What about the media? They paint us in a bad light… how do we fix that? They said that we use the church to keep credibility in the eyes of the community… it makes us look bad!”

Marco: “Let’s clean up our communities first, get them to change the opinion of the media – get the ports secured and pay off the security – then… we’ll discuss our plan to kill the Pope.”


***This conversation is fictional. Any and all characters or conversations that are portrayed in this blog that have any relation to people currently alive or in real life is purely coincidental.***

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