She stalks her victims with much grace, imagine a cat slowly circling around its prey, eyes fixed; hunters eyes. There is no room for error, for she has been trained well. Lioness stands toe to toe with some of the most feared killers in TMB today, many have felt her wrath, an attack so strong one may feel as though they have been hit by an assassin’s bullet right in between the eyes.

A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.
-Vernon Howard
Chapter 1- CCCP: Looting it Up With Feldman

It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions
–Daniel Defoe
Ravenkc: Ok so I am sitting in this huge hotel room with one of the current TMB Queens! She is very modern in her sexy outfit, and I adore her charming accents, ladies and gentlemen please pay attention for today we bring you the story of the amazing and sexy Lioness!!!!!!
So, Lioness I am dying to know where did you start out in TMB?

Lioness: Looting for Cccp like a noob

Ravenkc: CCCp... hmm i do recall the name, but since my illness I do forget things, may I ask who was the Don and who trained you, and looting- geez that went out long ago…

Lioness: Hahaha. Mr Feldman was cool and a real killer. I soon left to kill them though. I was a super noob, learnt the hard way lolz

Ravenkc: arrgh!! of course!! I do remember him LMFAO... haha

Ravenkc: so you turned from looting to killing when the rules changed?

Lioness: I’d like to add that Mr Feldman got me my 1st ever medal lolz
No I was killing early in my tmb career, i was with 13 killing Iu Ru. I was drawn to it but it has evolved as has the game. Then I stopped for a while but that gentleman Mr Cocamafiso inspired me to kill again so Lioness hunted again with passion

Ravenkc: oh yes now you got my knickers wet!! Coca inspired you? to rejoin? how do you know him in RL?

Ravenkc: And how long did you play with Feldman before rejoining again to play with IU?

Lioness: Coca is a Real nice guy. I was with IU with my friends Merci and Shell Redroom. Fun times we had laugh but I wasn't so active. Coca knew I was a killer, he inspired me that was it. Lioness kills you and enjoys it lol. What the game is about. I hate all these moaning fools, do something about it or be quiet lolz
I wasn't with Cccp long. I learned to loot and moved on but it was fun.

Chapter 2- There is much Honour and Strength with the IU ranks

Fear not, we are of the nature of the Lion, and cannot descend to the destruction of mice and such small beasts
-Elizabeth The First
Ravenkc: Ok tell me more about IU, who mentored you the most, was it the king himself or some of his other noble comrades such as Lopov, Eck or Bob?

Lioness: Lol yes he did. I need to work as members of IU do, refine to their style and kill methods. Perfect game environment was when we had targets, was good fun.
All guys and girls in IU_Ru are great team players and all helpful even Bob lolz

Ravenkc: lmfao I love how you add even Bob- well when I was in IU Bob was also one of my favourites as well- like baseball cards in my mind- each player has their flashcard with their strengths/abilities and weaknesses.... Bob’s one who would show his arse and I’d love it!

Ravenkc: Do you think they are the most professional players in the game? And how do you think they have been keeping the moral going all these years?

Lioness: Pmsl he is too funny Nice guy as well. The hate in game is annoying because there’s cool people here u know
Yes I do and their game craft is tidy I guess its because they are tight knit and some loyal good people

Ravenkc: Do you have any favourite war stories you would like to share? A shoot out? Build off with some slut? LOL

Lioness: Tbh hun most people know me.I probably 00ed them at some point in the game if I ain't I’d be surprised and I will try soon lol

Lioness: I like wars

Ravenkc: Love the spirit there babes, Im glad you are a TMB Queen, see we swear to protect other TMB Queens so all is good *shifts uneasy in seat* hahahah

Chapter 3

Some people lose all respect for the lion unless he devours them instantly. There is no pleasing some people
-Will Cuppy
Ravenkc: OK I have to ask and this is the finale chapter. I have chosen you for your game play ability- you are not just a girl in tmb- you are not just a pretty face- I like this and admire this about you, however there are some female players who do spoil this for the rest of us and simply play for some kinda online chat site- what do you think of these players?

Lioness: Pmsl
Awwww thanks hun thats really sweet
Well there’s some hot guys here. (blushes guiltily) but its a game so they seriously should go careful.

Ravenkc: oh yes, had a lot of these kinda convos with fellow TMB Queen, the beautiful Lethal_Kiss, haha- I prefer to call it the love triangle from hell that NEVER eventuates into anything!! rest assured only the true Queens will remain!

Ravenkc: Ok Darling thank you for your time!! This is the time for shout outs so cheers to your TMB journey thus far, may the rest of your travels be fierce- never give up hope and always remember to remain immortal!! Take your time you dont want to forget your mates- brothers and sisters in arms!

Lioness: Awww thank U
One love to Everyone and a big thank you to all my tmb friends over the years and putting up with me Mwah XXXX

Ravenkc: That is it everyone, but before we leave, we have some bulletin posts from some popular players in TMB about TMB Queen Lioness!!

Dont know if she is the most feared Queen, But she has the skill
Cause she's a good killer, she was taught by the one and only coca;p
Ravenkc:Well isnt that a reputation to be commended for, congratulations Lioness!! Now lets get the fuck out of this hotel and hit the clubs girl. I need to get Dirrrrrrrty!!

Reporting to you live for the infamous TMB Studios chilling with the one and only Storm – Ravenkc xx
TMB Original Queen.

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