When I first heard the name, Mr_Coco, I immediately thought of an old kids breakfast cereal commercial - I go CO CO for CoCoa Puffs!!. - After playing against him for awhile, I learned to respect the name (at least a little bit more). Now that i've read his replies, I am not sure what to think of him. A shit talking, money looting, big butt loving American perhaps? Read on and tell us what you honestly think of Mr_CoCo.

FIRING SQUAD: What is your TMB name? (or your mainly used name(s))
Mr_Coco: My name is Mr_CoCo

Why did you choose that name?
Mr_Coco: I chose this name because my rl nickname is coco.

What country do you represent?
Mr_Coco: I am sadly from 'merica.
I wouldn't be too sad...perhaps a patriotic flag picture will brighten your outlook on your home country.

When did you join TMB?
Mr_Coco: I joined TMB almost 5 years ago in July.

Who taught you the most?
Mr_Coco: Enforcer and bugs from SouthSide taught me almost everything i know

FIRING SQUAD:Who in TMB makes you "facepalm" the most?
Mr_Coco: Ohhhh TonyGiovanni is the idiot thats makes me facepalm, the guy is a moron

FIRING SQUAD:What do you enjoy about TMB?
Mr_Coco: I enjoy to talk sh*t to people and loot xD

FIRING SQUAD:Have you ever pretended to be a player of the opposite sex in TMB?
Mr_Coco: I've pretended to be a diffrent player but not of the opposite sex

FIRING SQUAD:How would you improve the game?*
Mr_Coco: dem BT's needa get outta here and IU has gotta crawl in a hole and die

FIRING SQUAD:How would you describe your gaming style? (killer?looter?collector?irritator?)
Mr_Coco: Well i kill, collect, and loot all at the same time

FIRING SQUAD:Do you have any TMB shoutouts?

FIRING SQUAD:If I may ask..What's the last movie you saw?
Mr_Coco: The last movie i saw was Mac & Devin Go to High School.

How would you rate it?
Mr_Coco: Ohh gawwd the movie is about a 8/10
Looks like a fun time !

FIRING SQUAD:Off the top of your head, who is the sexiest athlete?
Mr_Coco: Alexis texas is the sexiest women, im pretty sure she has dressed up as an athlete xD
I had to <cough cough> google this person. Apparently she was a pro-boxer of some sort...possibly in the olympics. I need to go research some more. I think I saw some of her warm up videos.
FIRING SQUAD:If you won a lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?
Mr_Coco: i would buy the VW 1960-1970 bus, they are sexy

Using just one word, how would your friends describe you?
Mr_Coco: Eh i guess they would describe me as chill, thats whats i've been told B)

FIRING SQUAD:Ask and answer a question that you wish I had asked.
Mr_Coco: Who's TMBs best family? LOCO!!

FIRING SQUAD: Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself Mr_CoCo. Alexis told me that your interview would be extra short and quick! Anyhow, I better go and clear the cache and history before my wife sees where i've been. “I was doing research about Texas and this is what popped up, I swear!”

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