Sometimes you cross paths with people and don't know it. I didn't think I knew who St_Michael was until he started to speak. I had to point down the double barrelled sawed off shotgun when I realized we had a shared history. We were probably so busy years ago, fighting enemies side by side, that we skipped over the pleasantries and just got the work done. Don't get me wrong...the gun is still cocked. He may appear as an Arch Angel, and Disney loving father but if he doesn't like how you look or the tone in which you say something trivial, he will live up to his reputation as the ruthless leader and killer of 5-points fame.

FIRING SQUAD: What is your TMB name? (or your mainly used name(s))
St_Michael: I’ve used St_Michael, or simply St since about 2009 I think. Before that I used the name Priest_Vallon, although the very first name I used was Stormhunter.

FIRING SQUAD:How or why did you select your main name?
St_Michael: Five Points was my very first family, and after a few rounds of using Stormhunter, I figured that Priest_Vallon was a more appropriate name. After awhile, I’d apparently pissed off a few to many people under the name Priest_Vallon, so I switched to St_Michael and only let people in Five Points know. I’ve been St_Michael ever since.

FIRING SQUAD:What country do you represent?
St_Michael: The U. S. of A.

FIRING SQUAD:How did you find out about TMB?
St_Michael: You’re probably going to laugh, but I found it on Google while searching for a Chronicles of Narnia based RPG.

I'm not laughing. I'm reminiscing about the carefree times of being in Grade 5...

FIRING SQUAD:When did you join TMB?
St_Michael: According to my profile…I’ve been a mafioso since August 15th 2007, although this is my second original is from a couple weeks before that. I could do the math to figure out what round that was, but math always makes my brain hurt.

FIRING SQUAD:Who taught you the most?
St_Michael: A couple of old school Five Pointers…Vinni_5pts, and Angelico. I also learned a ton about collecting and banking from Woodsman. Chainsaw and Krax probably taught me the most about handling the politics of the game.

FIRING SQUAD:What family/union are you currently in?
St_Michael: I currently bounce back and forth between Ronin and Loco Ghosts in the London Elite union. I don’t have the time or energy to be as active as I used to be, or I’d still be running Five Points

FIRING SQUAD:Who is the funniest person in TMB?
St_Michael: I have an odd sense of humor, so while most find MrWorker and V annoying as hell, I just laugh because they’re getting exactly what they want from everyone else…a reaction. I have to toss Storm in there too though, because the “day in the life of Storm” blogs are pretty damn funny. I hope to see more of them.

FIRING SQUAD:What do you enjoy about TMB?
St_Michael: I enjoy laughing at the people that take it far too seriously and go absolutely apeshit when they get attacked/looted. I also enjoy the fact that I still talk too some of the people that I met in my first few rounds playing the game.

FIRING SQUAD:What do you dislike about TMB?
St_Michael: Not sure where the fault lies in this one, but I miss the old school type player. The one who actually had respect and cared about his/her family or union above all else and wasn’t worried about trophies or how many BT’s they can collect. The type of player that when you set a war time, was always on and in the chatzy 20 minutes before the scheduled hit.

FIRING SQUAD:How would you improve the game?
St_Michael: I’m not going to bitch and moan about rule changes, because I realize that they have to happen to try to improve the game, however I think the rules that were in place circa 2007-’09 were by far the most fun I’ve ever had playing the game. Looking back on how many people were active then compared to now, I’d say others might agree. I ran Five Points for quite a while, including when we had six families with close to 30 members in each. The landscape of the game is a little different now.

FIRING SQUAD:How would you describe your gaming style? (killer?looter?collector?irritator?)
St_Michael: I’ve done all of it, but warring and killing is in any Five Pointers blood.

FIRING SQUAD:Do you have any TMB shoutouts?
St_Michael: Vinnie, Ang, Lady, SinfulAngel, TheMadHatter, Anthony, Alphonso_Capone, Ian, makavelli187, zztop, Punisher, and all the other former Five Pointers, Chains, Krax, Gallio, Oz, macabre, Bella, Huka, Tai, Steve, AK, you, SexualChocolate, Dr_Horrible, Jumbo, ICL and probably a shit ton of others I’ve missed.

FIRING SQUAD:If I may ask... What's the last movie you saw? In theaters?
St_Michael: Frozen, because I have a 2 and a 4 yr old, both girls and they love anything princess related.

FIRING SQUAD:How would you rate it? and why?
St_Michael: As a Disney movie, it was pretty good.

FIRING SQUAD:Do you have a favourite celebrity?
St_Michael: I guess I’d have to say my favorite current baseball player. David Wright.

FIRING SQUAD:Do you wipe with your left hand or right hand? (or neither...)
St_Michael: Right, although when I had arm surgery a few years back I had to learn how to wipe with my left, that was tough.

FIRING SQUAD:If you won a lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy and why?
St_Michael: I’d pay off my student loans, although knowing my luck, I’d only win $2.

FIRING SQUAD:Using just one word, how would your friends describe you?
St_Michael: Loyal

FIRING SQUAD:Ask and answer a question that you wish I had asked.
St_Michael: What do you do for a living? - *gets up on his political soapbox* I’m currently unemployed because of a piece of crap legislation known as Obamacare. I had a great job, albeit without benefits, but once Obamacare went into effect they cut my hours because they didn’t want to pay for my healthcare. After realizing that I was only working there for about $120 a week after gas and taxes, I decided it wasn’t worth my time. I’m currently an unemployed “freelance writer”. So if anyone’s hiring, let me know.

FIRING SQUAD: Any last comments you would like to add?
St_Michael: To any and all former Five Pointers or NYC Union, I’d like to see a comeback. Send me an in game message if you’re up for it.

FIRING SQUAD:And just like that...there's a NYCU reunion going. Sometimes you just have to ask for what you want. Thank you for stepping up in front of the firing squad and spilling your guts hahahaha. You are a brave mafioso.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Slixed, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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