I had a nice beer buzz going on and I thought I was being pretty cool and respectful in my request. I remember doing this back in the heydays and allies were thankful for the heads up and would understandingly comply with the request. What transpired well...it may explain part of the demise of the old NYCU or perhaps it's just part of mafioso chest thumping. Does every family have a couple of goons like these guys? Read on and decide for yourself. The names have been changed to protect their family members some embarrassment.

To: Larry
CC: Moe, Curly,

heya courtesy call to you NAP union brothers.
NYC is on lockdown for a reunion party.

we may not look where we are attacking while in a drunken stupor if you are in the city.

Hey Larry, you should drop in here for a visit. It's been awhile.

From: Blogger

From: Curly
To: Blogger
CC: Larry, Moe

I'll tell you what I told the Jap cunt.

I have been in NYC for 7 years, I'm not leaving now. If you want just one more enemy, go ahead. Not a problem.
I was going to reply with the customary gunfire, as we are all trained to do in such situations, but that's when I thought I would read through the rest of my messages.

To: Curly
CC: Blogger, Moe

You have not been in NY for 7 years.
If u had.. I would know you.
From: Curly
To: Larry
CC: Blogger, Moe

6 years Circus_Nuts. .... and you are?
FROM: Larry

To: Curly
CC: Blogger, Moe

Started in the original wolfpack with Splat and Cypriot.
Gambino Guns Godfathers.
I was also on the NYU council for 4 years.

Never heard of you.
From: Curly

To: Larry
CC: Blogger, Moe

I was wolfpack back in rounds 62-80. never heard of you. my name then was scarface06. ran a wolfpack fam too, chaingang, rapidfirerhonda and bane were among my members, started under Kar.

Fyi, splat was a cock.
From Larry
To: Curly
CC: Blogger, Moe

You were never an original Wolfpack member.
2nd .you were in a wannabe Wolfpack fam with no ties to the actual real one.
Your just 1 of many tryhard fucktards in here shooting their mouth off because they have not
achieved anything themselves.

Iain aka Splat is an original NYU like myself.

You wish you were.
At this point I felt I had to break the news to them before actual bridges get burned. So I tried to lighten up their train wreck of a chest thumping conversation.

From: Blogger

To: Larry
CC: Curly, Moe

Focus guys focus!!
NYC is on lockdown !

oh nevermind...


We're just drinking and watching slideshows of days gone by anyways.
I hadn't heard from Larry or Curly for awhile and assumed I was done with this thread. That's when I received this private message oblivious gem from Moe...

From: Moe
To: Blogger

Bro I really don't care I go were I want as I want so stop telling were I can't go n plus I
never heard about u either for all I know ur just someone that thinks is running some but in
reality u don't run shit but ur mouth
...and I thought I was the only one that plays TMB in a drunken stupor. I dared not comeback with anymore witty replies as it would probably be over their heads. It was one of those double facepalm, shake my head and laugh kind of day. On a promising note for Moe, at least he called me “bro”.

Much like looking at the nice picture above, sometimes people just can't see the guns


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