I had to rub my eyes at the start of this round. Did I see the NYC flashing icon at Times Square and the statue of liberty waving the NYC Union banner? Am I hallucinating? I'm trying to remember what I ate (and drank) last night. I thought that the NYCU had shrunk and dwindled and joined the rats in the sewers of the once great city. In my state of hypnagogia (yea I know...look it up bitch!), I gathered the courage to talk to a couple of these respected TMB veterans hanging out at a small cafe. (probably protecting some backroom shenanigans no doubt. We mafiosos know where to find all of these fake store fronts.

“Excuse me Mr.Pan, may I call you Mr.Pan?”

I'm just kidding. Get your ass back here you little shit. You can call me Tai_Pan. What are you doing here? “

“Well, sir, I was...”

”Don't call me sir.”

”Well, sir err Tai_Pan, getting directly to the point, I noticed the NYC Union for the first time in a long while and was wondering what was going on?”

I noticed two other men in the room get up from their table. One I recognized as Domenico walked to the front door and closed it. The other was SFLupin, and he went and looked out the window before closing the shutters half way.

”You've got balls coming here and being nosy but I respect that. As you may know, I've been away for awhile as have many of the old New Yawkers. I came back a couple of rounds ago because I missed killing people. Plain and simple. No need to join those Prophets over there..we know what each other are about. I like to kill and i'm good at it... and I missed it. “

”Ahh yes, those Prophecy members...often collecting but sometimes berserking... sometimes playing carefree and unpredictable.”

Knowing 2 of them were in the room I wanted to sound as complimentary as possible. Personally, I don't like them. Why would they leave NYC and end up joining Titans? Rank whores I bet.

“I read about Domenico in his Firing Squad Blog. He has a lot of history with NYC. “

”Look around kid. We all have lot's of history with NYC. “

“So why the sudden powwow of NYCU vets?”

”We're here to drink!”

SFLupin bellowed from across the room while cracking open another bottle of something.

“Don't listen to SFLupin. He's always drunk. Honestly, I met up with some other old NYCU vets, Markoez, Best, and St_Michael, and we wanted to chat some more.”


I was fully aware of the veteran St_Michael, but didn't want to giveaway my knowledge of the magnitude of players gathering here. There aren't a lot of them at this point, (nothing like the old days when there were multiples of each family and all of them full to the brim) but enough former bosses and dons of NYCU for one to question their motive.

”If you don't know St_Michael of 5-points then you must be pretty new around this block.”

“I honestly was just curious , and i'm sure others are too as to why you're all here after a long time away. “

”We're never really “away” as you called it. NYCU members are everywhere. Ask around and you will see how many people have ties with NYC in their history. We're here to celebrate...well I am at least. Sometimes people call out for help and we come together out of the woodwork to help...sometimes we just gather because we have a lifelong bond. Today I drink with my friends. Perhaps tomorrow we go wreak some havoc. You know there's people in the backroom.”

”Yes, i'm a mafioso too. I'm aware that there is always something going on in the backroom.”

”Well if you are a mafioso then you would know that you and I aren't privy to what is going on in the backroom unless we are IN the backroom. Maybe they are planning a rebuild. Maybe they are having a rousing game of strip backgammon....”

Realizing I wasn't going to get anything out of these guys, I tried to find an “out”.

”Hey, there's some awesome biscotti from a bakery down the street that would go great with your coffee. Let me go get some. I'll be right back.”

”I own that bakery, and the biscotti there is shit.”

I had forgotten that Domenico ran all the bakery shops on this side of town. As I turned the door I saw him close the latch. Oh shit.

”...err uhh Strip Poker anyone?”


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