What do Sandra Bullock, a porn star, and preggo-sex have in common? The answer is BLH. BLH Is that short for BLeH. Is he a fan of Bacon Lettuce and Ham sandwiches? I needed more information, so seeing as we do not have answers, we decided it was time to call in the Firing Squad to shoot off some questions and hopefully we would get answers that have been plagueing mankind since the beginning of time.

FIRING SQUAD:What is your TMB name?
BLH: My TMB name is 404.not.found or blh depending on the mood.

FIRING SQUAD:How or why did you select your name?
BLH: I chose blh cuz thats my favorite band name and 404 was given to me by an old friend from another game similar to TMB.

FIRING SQUAD: What country do you represent?
BLH: I represent the U.S. of A.

FIRING SQUAD:How did you find out about TMB?
BLH: I found out about TMB through a friend at school back in 2008 .

FIRING SQUAD: Who taught you the most so far?
BLH: scaronface and fr3sh of dynasty taught me most of everything I know.

FIRING SQUAD:What keeps you coming back?
BLH: I keep coming back mostly hoping for a change lol.

FIRING SQUAD:What bugs you the most about TMB?
BLH: The only thing that bugs me about TMB are the battle trophys and how outrageous the subbed accounts are more equipped than the average free players account.

FIRING SQUAD:Any TMB shout outs?
BLH: The shout outs I have is for ralphierotten aka cyclone, 818 (wherever he's at), SFlupin and Ironcladluke.

FIRING SQUAD:If I may ask... What's the last movie you saw?
BLH: The Heat.

FIRING SQUAD:How would you rate it? and why?
BLH: I'd give it an 11 outta 10 because my ol lady Sandra Bullock is in it.

FIRING SQUAD:Who is your current favorite celebrity?
BLH: My favorite celebrity is Gianna Micheals.

Smart mafioso's have partners with BIG GUNS. Negotiations tend to “sway” in their favor.

FIRING SQUAD:Do you have a favourite sports team to follow?
BLH: I used to play football in high school and my favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

FIRING SQUAD:What kind of music do you like? (or favorite band/singer)
BLH: I mostly listen to horrorcore like Mars, Brotha Lynch Hung and Immortal Technique.
MARs as in rapper Mario Raphael Delgado and not Mars, the 70's rock band I believe.

FIRING SQUAD:Using just one word, how would your friends describe you?
BLH: Well my friends and fiancee say i have no soul because i play TMB lol.

FIRING SQUAD: Ask and answer a question that you wish I had asked.
BLH: Have i ever had a threesome? Yes, I have, with my ex 2 days before her due date XD.
Uhh errr....I won't add a related googled picture here. The mental image is enough....and there may be legal ramifications.

FIRING SQUAD:Ask a question to a FUTURE Firing Squad Victim!!
BLH: What was the first family you joined in TMB and why?

FIRING SQUAD:Let's see who will be up next to answer that last question presented by BLH. Thanks for that bit of insight into who you are BLH. I'm going to go now and recruit Gianna Michaels and her BIGGUNS to the Firing Squad team.

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