There is no denying the fact that the Kings of TMB are still the dominating force that commands the ranks and jackpots; with their strategies and mathematical intelligences players such as Coca, Eck, Lopov, Spade and Ding_Dong are without a doubt the TMB Kings. But I feel many of the female players throughout TMB history and to this day go unrecognized in the ranks of killing, collecting, keeping a union happy and TMB Staffing such as writing blogs, making medias, facebook, twitter...

Yes it is not easy to organize families for kill and collect ranks but many of the organizing does fall to the female players, many male players flock to their queens for orders and in most cases do show respect to their leaders wearing lipstick.

However it has come to my attention, and especially on the threads, many of these known, well trained and respected female players are at the forefront for constant disrespect based on their gender. For the weaker unknown thread trolls to simply aim their fury and anger at- perhaps even female relationship or momma issues in a bid to try and gain some kind of power- in that moment they degrade these veteran female players who could most likely rip them a new arsehole and place them in a position that has always been an issue in a male dominated society- where sex is power yet so much can be taken away- notorious female players are being thrown under the bus at the drop of a hat simply because we are born with vaginas and breasts- for these insignificant mongrels to try and use this as a source of power.

Making further observations into this I have noticed that actually good players in the game don’t do this, in fact they are usually the ones to come to the aid of the queens by seemingly dealing with these pigs, but, still it continues.

I’d like to take this time to pay respect to a few female players whom I think deserve the honor to receive recognition for their contribution to TMB in the ranks of Killing/Collecting and something I am going to call 'TMB Propaganda and Moral Construction.’

MissMack: Now taking a look at MissMack, one would recognize she used to be a banker- but now charges around TMB showing her ability to plow the fields taking DU's and by god, she is hard to kill. MissMack has also organized many collect and killing families in main and turbos that have been very successful; her leadership skills are commendable. Not only has MissMack contributed to the game in relation to game play but has also worked many years behind the scenes being the media maker for the TMB Blog team- and she is the best media maker!! Beyond a shadow of a doubt MissMack has equaled the male players in this game- check her medals!!! So three cheers to Miss Mack, without you TMB would not be the same game we all love and play every day x

Ravenkc: Of course I am to nominate myself as I feel my seven years has impacted the game in many ways- I started the 'TMB Queens' many years ago in a hope to make the females more recognized; during that time there were good and bad moments, sometimes it caused so much controversy many females shied away from future families; however we continued on, many players who helped with this were Lethal_Kiss, Lips, chopperjo, Ophiela, Tiki, B and shell. I have run many families in Turbos and Mains- and a lot of these have been against IU! It was a rather hard road indeed; but if they wanted a fight I was willing to try and take it to them!! I have also been in IU. I was with them for a year; before 'he who shall not be named' turned upon me and it was a full on war!!!!!!! I have lead many battles and unions to attack IU this is no secret- I felt that I had been exchanged for an evil they could not see. Through the many battles, charges and madness I have still maintained respect for the leaders of IU- which I never had a problem with in the first place. In this time, I learnt you could indeed rank out of IU- but you needed much determination and heart. Furthermore; taking up writing as an outlet and strategy to try and fund my madness; no way was I going down so easy! I wrote blogs including; short stories, scripts, instructional killing/collecting observations and my favorite- Interviews.

Cassius/ Tiki: Cassius was a banker, she contributed to game play through organizing, sleepless nights, holding/maxing and everything there is to know about the banking systems... Tiki our female staff second in command to the honorable Storm, puts in numerous hours training noobs, controlling staff issues/ complaints/ turn returns/ sub issues- you name it she does it! Tiki will always be known as a TMB Queen; I mean really she is mother to us all!

FamilyMatters: she is the quiet queen who was born to the NYCU union and was one of the best bankers in the game; a quiet achiever, and active, most loyal Queen- now spends her time In UC Avengers- hitting or BT collecting.

Constanzia: Considered to be ranked in the top two female killers of the game- her hits are strong and persistent; a notorious leader and vet player had this to say about her game play.

I don’t really know what to say.
Umm I’ve become the boss of SS Slayerz when both boss and consigliere got caught up with real life things. So I had to step up and lead the family. Then after few months I formed my own
family - Immortal Assassins based in London.

After few months Lucky Chevy spotted me and kept trying to get me to Detroit, eventually my family moved there and we worked alongside Lucky's HS. few months later we merged and since then I'm running HS with him. Every bit of decision goes through him and me. For some time Lanska helped running the fam but now he's too caught up with RL. So yeah atm it's basically Lucky and me but of course everyone has a say in HS.

We do what most HS members wanna do.

It's fun being a boss in a family that has almost all male members. It's a lot more difficult to run a family with females, it was like that when I was in SS. Not easy. So big thanks to my
guys who make my "bossing" so easy

The most hard time of being a boss was during the time HS played with IU. I've had to deal with tons of silly things. especially cus I was or well still am more or less the only person from HS who can talk normally with Eck. I must say now that we're back on our own, it's much
much easier

And about my medals ... I got most of them by just working with Lucky. At times more people
helped but yeah mostly it was just Lucky and me
WeLoveWiseGurl Ravenkc Lethal_kiss MissMack Lady_Esquire Betty chopperjo Miss_Fortune Marge Constanzia
Marina_Goreey Mrs_D Ophelia Hellzbitch DeeDee Hedgewitch
Huka FamilyMatters KidVengeance Tease Fiona Sexy_JAG
Kitty_Kali Shell Morning_Cow Cassius Merci ILoveBites Lips
Santoro Fliss Liza SV BeatrixKiddo Stalked Randello
Fazzle Itastelikecandy Pebbles Krystal Scorpz Buffy Lenore
Dusk B Tiki Lioness Barbie killa_princess Amatiel Bella

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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