As he stands in the danky cold room of his old shop, 'Meatworker' calmly chops the meat away from the bone of a dead Hit Squad member he just murdered, he doesn't blink an eye as he does this, but continues his work well into the night. With the smell of fresh meat he gets excited, a hired killer for one of the most notorious gangsters in the mafia world, 'Meatworker' also known as 'Mack' has made a name for himself roaming the streets at night with fellow gang member Tears_For_Fears doing the jobs only few can do... only a true killer can partake in such a gruesome world of madness......

Chapter 1- 'Meat and Greet' – 'Meatworkers' Introduction to the Mafia World!

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways."


Ravenkc: So 'Meatworker', Im excited about our interview today, Im very fortunate to have you here with me, I know other interviewers for the TMB Studio were not brave enough to take the plunge, however I am always ready for anything, you do smell like a butchers shop though, or perhaps a past victims blood, please explain to all your fans and haters out there your first journeys in the underworld- where and when did you begin and who trained your fine Meat lovin blonde ass??

Scene 1- 'The Cold Room' Birthed in NYCU but raised in IU

Meatworker: Well I was introduced by Tears and trained by him and yourself a little bit hahaha and there has been a lot of people show me some things its good my first union was NYC and I believe my first fam was Ace Vanguard

Ravenkc: Another member from the old NYC!! so you was birthed in New York, were you a killer or collector during this time?

Meatworker: haha yes NYC I was a killer tried collecting but couldn't do it hahaha

Ravenkc: lmfao well you have to be patient, you are far too much of a killer, you have madness in your blood!!.... ok so then what what of your adventures after that within the game?

Ravenkc: I believe you had a stint in IU? can you tell us about it? And who trained you from there?

Meatworker: well I was killing with those guys for a long time then I got a sub haha and the fun began when I joined IU and was killing for them then for a while until Tears took off so I stayed with him. Eck and Murderer taught me a lot while I was there the first time under the name Mack haha

Ravenkc: oh yes, I notice you on occasion use the name 'Mack' however I prefer to call you Meatworker due to the TMB Queen MissMack!! hahaha- oh wait did you you say Murderer and Eck (*Eyes Flutter* hehe if they aren't a pair of cunts ey haha)

Chapter 2- ' A Cold Hearted IU Killer' The Rise of an Executioner

Ravenkc: oh yeah flying in IU is always fun, especially turbos!!! Do you have a particular memory of any occasion in regard to this?

Meatworker: yes well that why I stay Meat now hahaha

Meatworker: Yes one turbo I was running around just killing everything hahaha it was great

Meatworker: Just being able to kill free hahaha

Ravenkc: yes, you’rE a mad cunt, I assume you have many enemies in the game, do you have any you would like to mention?

Meatworker: prob have a few hahaha but fuck em it a game to me, I just want to kill I don't care who haha

Meatworker: choose to love me or hate me I care not hahaha

Ravenkc: oh come on!! I want the goss... grrr I know I have sent you on a few missions to behead some people HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Ravenkc: you are one of my baby dragons!

Ravenkc: ok.. we better not give you up- I get excited!!

(At this stage I was gritting my teeth this cheeky cunt is like pulling teeth from a dead horse)

Chapter 3- 'The Expendables- Notorious and a Meat Hungry Outlaw'

Ravenkc: You then went over to Expendables??? How did this come about and can you give us a little idea of some of the adventures in these times?

Meatworker: hahaha same here bit too excited with the trigger sometimes hahaha

Meatworker: yes I was in the Expendables was fun while it lasted

Meatworker: we were just there to have fun it was cool

Ravenkc: yes of course, its all about fun isnt it !!! did you have any memorable battles in this time?

Meatworker: not that I can remember haha I have been taught to wipe that stuff hahaha I can remember killing HoneyBadger in turbo not long ago hahaha Tears protected for 6 hrs before I got on and killed him then he rebuilt and we both had to wait for one of the big guns, a moment later he was dead perfect timing, Tears keeps telling me he was rampaging around with millions of dus hahahaa then I get on and kill him hahahaha then the msgs started and I was blocked so I knew it was HB

Ravenkc: lmfao I think everyone has met good old HB, getting a bit of taste of his honey!!! hahahahaha

Meatworker: I don't care what you do raven just don't tell me about that shit hahahahaha

( I don't know what Meatworker was alluding to at the point- Dr HB Death just ain't my flavour of honey, in fact I like a bit of 'Coca')

The Finale Chapter- 'Mack The Ripper- Meat and Grinding back in IU and Meat Cleavering his way to Victory

Ravenkc: Ok so I’m just gonna get straight to it- you're back in IU, have you been learning more there? (I hope se) Do you have a particular mentor?

Ravenkc: I know when I was there I very much enjoyed me some Irish stew.. I mean siilentbob.. (no he does not pay me to mention his name in every blog!)

Meatworker: not really just killing like I always have maybe a bit more efficient lately and yes learn everyday hahahaha

Ravenkc: yes I have notice you guys are plowing the fields... like soldiers on crack

Meatworker: ok I have not talked to him haha not a very social person myself hahahaha

Ravenkc: So then I was about to ask you, you don't suppose you can appear in the 2014 TMB Sexiest Man Alive calendar?? you can wear just your apron?

Meatworker: hahahaha not a chance lady

Ravenkc: Miss Mack and Shell direct the calendar I just advertise it

Meatworker: people can keep on guessing hahahaha

Ravenkc: hahha I will make a report to the Queens you are shy, young and good looking- I am sure they will be swooning.. of course I do this as you are so shy, I take sick pleasure in shit like that

Ravenkc: *mental note 101- drug Meatworker to appear in calendar in his apron*

Ravenkc: ok moving on… so you love to kill, and you don't like to collect, and you don't have any mentors in IU ... do you receive a lot of hate mail?

Meatworker: hahahaha ok you do what you need to hahaha, yes killing is the game for me collecting is too boring can't sit still enough, not really atm just trying to kill the most efficient i can ask here and there maybe not much but

Ravenkc: yes well I do have an educated psychological profile on you in my mind, whilst you are shy and you don't talk much I do believe you should be diagnosed with ADHD

Ravenkc: I am sure IU are enjoying your enthusiastic killing ability!

Meatworker: hahaha maybe I don't bother with doctors always got a new word for some shit hahaha

Ravenkc: lmfao

Meatworker: I hope so I been trying

Ravenkc: ok so you are what I’d call a rookie in the game however you have earned your stripes in more ways than one- I am very proud of you and you are certainly outstanding at what you do!!- thank you for your time Meatworker, you may take time now for some shoutouts to your mates in TMB, anyone you have respect for…

Meatworker: yes a noob how HB puts it hahaha still got him but hahahaha well I like to thank Tears, Amatiel, Ravenkc, Taipan, BaddRatt, Coca, Lopov, Eck, Revolution, Murderer and Killa that's about it Thanks Raven I see you around hey haha

Meatworker: awwwww Killa_Princess too

Ravenkc: is she your favourite queen huh? LMFAO

Meatworker: hahahahaha maybe

Ravenkc: hah how cute

This is Ravenkc TMB Queen reporting to you live from Meatworkers 'Cold' room, I am wondering if Spade will be escorting me home soon, I am starting to get the creeps I think I just seen a human leg hanging off a hook in the far corner, I mean I am down for killing cheap cunts who deserve it, but sitting around corpses is not really my thing!!

There appears to be a 'Storm' approaching....

TMB Queen

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