By H. S Espinosa

A quiet evening turned sour last night as TMB’s very own Storm got arrested outside one of Cape Town’s hottest cross-dressing clubs, Elephant.

Following a reported bust-up in the ladies toilets, Storm was photographed being manhandled out of the club’s entrance by bouncers and an excessively muscular transvestite. It is reported that he was found cursing at the men (and woman?) in question shouting “I’m gonna d*** you up lady boy”- which was later followed by a desperate plea for him to call him.

It is unsure whether this episode is a one-off or our very own head honcho admin is trying to discover a new release from the pressures of running the site. Either way, we would like to remind him that whilst he may look good in a dress, he still does not need to go full hog and use a tampon.


Following a reported confusion between his real life and online persona, it is reported that Domenico has now taken up a life of crime and established his own criminal cartel in the North Dakota.

Whilst the area is not known for its crime levels (or even if crime exists there) he still feels that it is apt for him to launch his criminal aspirations. Nevertheless he still feels that it is worth to go toe to toe with the notorious Lebrowski twins (confirmed inbred) and Billy Joe Joyce (assumed idiot). Nevertheless we raise concerns about his insistence of branding him as “Pepperoni Dom” with the Italian ethnicity connotations probably not going to do much for his brand in an area notorious for high volume of bed sheet sales and a profound interest in burning crucifixes.

However, we wish him well in his new journey. Though if he conducts a drive-by on a moped then he deserves to get everything come to him.

That’s all that we have for this edition, but we look forward to reporting about the latest crazy going-on in the TMB world next time.

If you have any rumours that you wish to submit, please get in touch with heatseeker (confirmed arsehole) in-game and we will credit you with… err, something probably shit.

Signing off

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