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There was question if there would be another Brotherhood blog after the short one that was posted more recently, Here is Brotherhood Blog Part 2. Lets get a little inside introduction from a Brotherhood Member who wants to remain anonymous.

Lets start with what everyone spends money on and hides from the sunlight for.

After multiple chaotic and very close eors here is the barely controlled chaos that is brotherhood. We find our beloved council hiding in a dark room deciding who deserves to rank based off if they did more than just sit in the corner twiddling their thumbs. By the last few hours the council emerges needing showers and lots of beer but proceed to order their families on who to max as the rest of us lurk in case someone misses eor by not paying their internet bill.

We all send our ill gotten money to one of council to clean; council always has eor cash so if something happens we can blame them or is it because they have a plan. Yes let’s go with that.

Bankers proceed to rebank for union prizes and check standing often until his finger cramps. Our union does not value one tier above other it goes off EOR cash. Depending who’s doing EOR their very silent or on. Boards being vocal, in turbo we usually have multiple families so we have two bosses who decide which is going for tiers vs family so we don’t fight over ranks.”

Quite an opinion – quite an observation. Everyone observes things differently. It’s drastically different to be the one sending up from the one sending down at EOR, can I get an amen on that one?! I’d like a comment from those Brotherhood Council members as to why they emerge needing showers from their council room! Seems to me there is more going on here than meets the eye... I was able to catch up with Scrappy and ask him what this anonymous person meant by council members emerging from a dark room needing showers… he said…

“Most of us are coming from work… and most of us work in and around the Customer Service Industry… I wouldn’t want to be stuck smelling like food and stuff all day, would you?” – Scrappy
Moving forward! I took the liberty of sending messages to several people around the game asking them four simply questions.

They were:

1. What does (Insert Union/Family Name Here) mean to you?
2. Why are you in (Insert Union/Family Name Here)?
3. What do you think about (Insert Union/Family Name Here) recent success?
4. What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I spoke with several people from Brotherhood for this blog, but was able to record responses from Push and The_King, in Dynasty, Day-O & bright in Vecchia_Scuola and Sergei_Mikhailov in MBU. Let’s continue on to those responses.

1. What does Brotherhood mean to you? 2. Why are you in Brotherhood? 3. What do you think about Brotherhood's recent success? 4. What is your favorite aspect of the game?

The Brotherhood I think that says it all. I’m in this union to help as much as possible. Our success is built on the foundation of teamwork along with riding the coat tails of a few vets. Too many aspects in the game I enjoy to list. However I will say Dirty Nick asking for personal pictures of me is not one of them. Also Gankin Bones eye raping me with his selfies. If you guys are reading this Nick you can’t see it I will tell its fairly long. GANKIN I DONT WANNA SO A PICTURE OF YOU NO MEANS NO DONT BE A RAPIST.


Our union has what it takes to last; Can’t speak for the competition…


Also… more conversations that might need explaining, sound off in the comments below!

Day-O is next, let’s hear what Day-o has to say about BROTHERHOOD!




4. What is your favorite aspect of the game? THE COMRADSHIP, TALKING TO OLD FRIENDS...
Thank you so much for your response, Day-O. It’s good to see old timers in game again! Welcome back! It seems as though Day-O has it figured out. Loyalty, Unity, Fraternity are the meanings of BROTHERHOOD! Does anyone agree OR disagree? Let us know! I want to hear your feedback from these answers – it breeds great conversation and many times there are great debates on what these things truly mean and where we see them (OR DON’T) in the game!

Let’s move over to our brother from Moscow, Sergei!

1. What does Brotherhood mean to you?
Everything. There is nothing like a true brotherhood where everyone works together and where every member cares not only for himself but for the others too.

2. Why are you in Brotherhood?
It's the best union where I have been in for a long time. Just the name of the union can tell you why.

3. What do you think about Brotherhood's recent success?
It is deserved. Hard work and good organization guarantee you a success.

4. What is your favorite aspect of the game?
Well, I liked killing in the past. Never really collected much. But for the last few months, it has been very hard for the killers, especially free killers. So I had to switch to collecting if I wanted to help my family, but killing is my way of playing.
Thank you for your comments, Sergei! It’s true, hardwork and good organization lead to wonderful success! But, what about the fact that Brotherhood has lost two big players this round? How do you think this will affect BROTHERHOOD? Are you recruiting? Are you looking to expand to fill the gap of those who left – or are you going to press forward and see this through – without them? What’s the word, Brotherhood?!

Let’s head back to Dynasty’s lair… Here is The_King with a word on what Brotherhood really means to him!

1. What does Brotherhood mean to you? All brothers under one hood. Like a head under a hood in a hoodie.

2. Why are you in Brotherhood? People here are friendly and courteous, atleast till EoR

3. What do you think about Brotherhood's recent success? We are all making hay as sun shines. Right now we are doing really good. Donno abt tomo.

4. What is your favorite aspect of the game? Don’t know about it really but it’s addictive for some reasons. For me the Medals mean everything. Turns are nothing.
Medals mean everything, turns are nothing. That’s an interesting statement. To me, medals are only received when you use those turns to get them. They’re co-dependent, imo! I love the medals as much as the next Mafioso and that is one of the main reasons to play EOR – I still think medals don’t necessarily mean everything.

Do you agree with The_King? Do you have something else to say about it?

Now, to bright.

1. What does Brotherhood mean to you?
It means good times, old friends, and many laughs.

2. Why are you in Brotherhood?
Because DirtyNick and Gasface keep me

3. What do you think about Brotherhood's recent success?
I think it's awesome. Duh! LOL honestly they are a great group of guys. Most of which I've known for years and years..

4. What is your favorite aspect of the game?
um. gotta be that toh is not really at toh. lol its my favorite
Thank you so much, BROTHERHOOD, for your comments, cooperation and organization in getting back to me so quickly. Love the feedback and enjoy reading what people think about the game – how about you? Do you enjoy reading what others think about the game, beyond who we normally hear from?

I tip my hat to THE BROTHERHOOD for their hard work, determination and drive to get it done! Way to go, Brotherhood!

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Mohican, Righteous, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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