Howdy all, Blogger here. Just got trained on how to edit and post my own round reviews on the blog site, so now i can write, comment, edit, add pictures, preview, and post my own reviews. Except I dont have pictures to add, and my text skills leave a lot to be desired.Oh the power, THE POWER! MWAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHA Hahahaaaaaaaaa ok I’m done.

Sorry for the delay on this one, but this should be fixed up now so the reviews get to you in a timely manner.

I’m so excited that I can’t even wait till the right time...I GOT QUOTES FROM IU THIS ROUND. SO MANY QUOTES. This shall be the best round review ever!!! So without further ado...

war of IU took the level four gold, winning a jackpot of $1,069. Drob of RU won the silver and C won the bronze. So here is the first response I got from IU, when I asked them for any comments on their round, from Ulster:

How many IU does it take to change a light bulb?
Nobody knows because IU doesn’t tell anyone anything.

Isn’t it wonderful they finally gave me something to work with!

Sir_Edward_Carson won the gold in level three. Second was killer25 of ICS/Legends, and bronze was Gasface of Vecchia_Scuola/Brotherhood

Killer25 had this to say about his silver:

Not much to mention to be honest, the family surprised me by awarding me it without my knowing with was very good of them.
6rightwinger9 of Avengers won the level two gold, dustie_chick of West_Coast got silver, and Rufus_H_Wray of Hooligans got bronze

6rightwinger9 had this to say of their gold medal:

I really appreciate the opportunity To roll with a family that is active and has the same goals as myself....This will be my third round with UC and have already secured a Family Gold a Family Silver....and I was rewarded with a level 2 Gold for being on and helping where and when I could.

Gotta Thank Mighty Max for getting me into UC...Hollywood_Hubert for selecting me for a tier spot and UC in general for being a BadAss Family that is still going strong after all these years.

Trigga of RU took level one gold, samball of Jackanapes got the silver, and Bobby_Cat of IU got the bronze

Trigga had a super awesome comment about the gold win...

No Comment

Seriously, that’s not even what I’m saying because they gave me nothing, that’s actually what they told me.

The supporter killer ranks were relatively dull this round. Hold_Up had almost double the person in silver, which was Silentmafiosa of IU, and Jumbo of Avengers grabbed the bronze, another million and a half behind them

Jumbo was gracious enough to give us a word on his bronze:

I was just bored of collecting, decided to switch it up a bit. I always enjoy the messages I get when I am killing. I had fun till about the last two days when the targets started drying up, Congrats to those in front of me.

Free killer ranks saw the gold winner, R-U_RU of, you guessed it, the RU family, have a solid lead over the rest of the field. It was much closer for second to fourth though, as zeppo of Avengers grabbed the silver, JohnnyTrueLove of NameLess grabbed the bronze, and New_Sheriff_n_Town grabbed fourth, with only a 70k kill difference between the three. Great work to them all as usual.

The cost of the family ranks was back up a bit, after being down last round. IU grabbed the gold again, Killers_Inc grabbed the silver with a late influx of cash, and NameLess rounded out the medals by grabbing the bronze. Avengers and Loco grabbed fourth and fifth respectively, a few trillion dollars below the top three.

Now we get to see all of the lovely comments that IU gave me about them grabbing the gold! I am excited for everyone to finally get a peek inside the family! I messaged every person in the family in hopes of a response, and got a group effort, which started with the quote I mentioned in the level four gold comment, the helpful one about the lightbulbs!

From harryverderchki:

aww thats not nice guys .. Blogger just wants some oral sex. Go into the corner blogger and we will all yell "FUCK YOU"

Yay! Do I get the oral sex along with the group shout out???
From Wesker:

go die in a corner u dumfuck
awww...thats not very nice wesker. What if the people you asked for interviews gave you responses like that? And your spelling leaves a bit to be must have some great editors for those interviews...

From Leah:

lmao i choked on my cereal
Quick guys! Did someone give her the Heimlich?

From Roughy:

Bobii makes me stay here
Please help release me from this HELL HOLE!!!!
Go Fuck your Gerbil Mr Blobby
Ut oh...maybe that is why most of IU doesnt talk...are they trapped in cages 23 hours a day??? And is mr blobby meant to be myself or bob? Lets dig deeper...

From Weebs:

Awww now blogger will never message us again lol
Oh on the contrary Weebs, ive thoroughly enjoyed finally getting some IU insight, even sending this message back to them:

I've never gotten so much response from IU
I'm going to cherish this moment forever
Thanks to everyone that responded

And then I got this from harryverderchki to wrap it up:

and so for my teammate I add, fuck you , and stop bugging us.
So in the interest of brevity in the future let me assist you. Every time you see us get a gold in any category, you write those fucking cunts are awesome. Every time you see us get a silver in any category, you write those fucking cunts are stellar. Every time you see us get a bronze in any category you write, one of those fucking cunts must have needed a bronze to finish their set.

So there we have it! Finally from insight from IU!

Stax had this to say about the silver:

A lot of teamwork in short
Domenico had this to say about the bronze badge:
The warehouse keeps chugging along. We had a lot of people preparing for vacations or getting ready for other things, so was a slow round for us. Should see some new faces this round here, which im excited about. As always, FOR THE 19!
The union ranks saw jackanapes get the gold for the third round in a row. Congrats to them on that, the union ranks always seem to be a close competition. RU-BWA got the silver, and Chicago_Outfit got the bronze. Brotherhood grabbed fourth, and Legends grabbed fifth

King Kayle had this to say for the gold win:

Another successful round here with the apes, our third union gold in a row and we aren't seeing any signs of a decline.

Drob added this for the silver:

Thanks to my union.
Josh had this to add about getting the bronze:

We were pretty pumped about union bronze, there was a lot of cash floating around at eor, but some smart cash handling by Vito and a few others secured us atop brotherhood and legends. We feel as though we really established ourselves amongst the big unions and have our expectations set high for the future.

And for a comment on how we got started, I'll keep it short but basically a few rounds ago when myself and Vito started talk about organizing some older veteran fams that left unions due to nonsense etc, in a force that would play smart, have fun, and most importantly remain drama free lol.
Congrats to Josh and the whole Outfit on that. First round as a union to grab a medal is always impressive. Let’s see how they grow and continue to have an effect on things.

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books. As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game. Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!

Until next time...

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