Turbo Round 627: The Great Equalizer

Well Gems and Gents, it seems it is time once again for a review.Before we get started I am running a little late at our glance at the round.The game clock stands at about 13 hours.I was watching The Equalizer movie with Denzel Washington.A great part would be pushing it, I would say a solid C+.Sometimes you like to watch a movie with no plot just people getting killed with power tools.It rests the mind, but I am not here for movie reviews, I am here for the round review. So let us begin.Shall we, after you.

We see our cities back this round, that is good I was getting claustrophobic, bitches was cramping my style (as if I had any).We also saw the 50k in reserves and 2k a pop for op hits.Subs are once again on sale so we see many more 4 star players.Will any of them leave their mark on the round? We shall just have to wait and see.

As we check on the global ranks we see the usual. Ops pretty much aligned by level."Mecc" has bumped up his networth and sits currently at about 3.1 trillion. I wouldn't think he'll remain untouched till the end of the round, but one never knows I suppose.And perhaps all these level 4 players this round are content just to have the extra twinkle. A few have loaded up on thugs and bodyguards and decided they would like a medal to add to their collection."Onika" currently has the lead with over 5 million du's and 3 million kill points."Mine" has just short of 5 mill in du's and stands at almost 2.5 mill in kp's.It says on his profile "we run the show", and says he will attain gold or bronze.Perhaps that is the case, we will have to look and see at the end. Plenty of kills still out there to be had, so plenty of time for anything to happen.

In free killer "Boss_Hog" has come out first, he stands just a roscoe shy of 450k in kp's everyone is currently pretty far back so they will remain unmentioned.As always we have 2 families that have reached the 10 members needed to show up on the prize page."Kappa" with 1.2 trillion banked & a few supporters, and "Prelude_To_Xmas" with 168 bill in the bank.It might take an early Xmas present for these families to be there at the end, but stranger things have happened.I mean we are talking of a fat, white guy sliding down chimneys to leave presents.

Let us see if any names can put me in the Holiday cheer, or will I be stuck with a scrooge-face?"CowboyKiller" catches my eye, but then I see a picture of some Marlboros and realize he is not talking football, would have never gotten a chuckle anyway."ComptonCandy" got a smirk at least it was an attempt at word play."0dB" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3re3Qf7JaE) might have gotten it if he had a picture.Wu Tang clan aint nothing to fuk wit. "QWERTY-ASDF" gets a kick in the ass.Well, let me put on my scrooge-face.In fact "scrooge-face" would have been a better name.It seems the 4 star subs have brought an army of mental midgets with them.

No I kid, I kid (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/dbe...-dog-star-wars), these are great names for me to poop on.Then again all of these crap names led me to watch that clip and that gave me a lot of chuckles, so in a way you are all winners. Anyway folks I know you will be traumatized by my intermission and we'll be at a loss, but all great things (or pretty crappy things depending on your perspective) must come to an end.

But do not be too sad or happy, I shall return for the grand finale in about 12 hours.Until then Roving Reporter signing off.

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Level 4

You ever notice that 4 has the money sign above it on your keyboard? Which of course is fitting.I will try my best to be in the holiday spirit but I accidentally took a nap after work and that shit makes me grumpy.Perhaps I will make a resolution for the New Year to be more positive in my reviews, but I would not count on it.
Here we go.Once upon a time, not long ago where people wear pajamas and lived life slow...Sorry...

At 1 minute we saw "LOL" laughing at other people's expense.Which is in fact my favorite kind of laughter, oh shit I forgot the new leaf, what I meant to say is it is my second favorite type of laughter.My favorite is of course the laughter of joy from positive things like a baby being born or the happiness a ham sandwich brings to a fat kid.Anyway "LOL" had a networth of 91.3 trillion, followed closely by Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and the rest of the "Black_Panther" party.I did hear that Mr_Worker was hoping to join them.

"Black_Panther" party had 90.7 trill, and bringing up the rear with some mighty Christmas spirit was "Jingle_Balls" with a few gifts over 50.1 trill.At 5 seconds "LOL" had 101.4 trill, "Black_Panther" party had slid back a bit to 66 trill.The grinch stole Christmas and his medal because it was gone. "Zorro" left a Z on Santa's ass and took the bronze with 56.5 trill. And that folks is just how the cookie crumbled.I would like to say that everyone is in the Holiday spirit, as I finally got a reply from IU/RU (after how ever many messages I have sent).They finally took pity on me.It is better to give than to receive.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. LOL $101,406,235,457,637
2. Black_Panther $66,004,626,050,027
3. Zorro $56,594,517,829,710

Nice profile lol..
Turbo was good for us..last turbo we thought we shouldve won but certain factors ensured we
didn't. .plus we were lazy only using one capped builder...everyone got in each others ass
about it and this time we came correctly and won fairly easily..even managed to get some fam
turns....happy with the results
From Drob
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Level 3

I did read on the forums that someone asked if someone else was after my job.I will say this it is not as easy as all might think, of course it is not that hard either.It is somewhere between hard and soft... like a semi. You know what would make it easier? If you fuckers replied to my messages.Ahh the new leaf let me rephrase that then: if the TMB community would be so kind as to take a little time out of their busy schedule of trolling and scanning porn sites.
Wait, wait I meant busy schedule of work and raising the next generation of imbeciles, err...I mean next generation of accomplished scholars.I would appreciate that kindness greatly.It would help me to help you help me.Sorry, see what naps do to me?

At 1 minute "IGETITIN" was set a top the TMB Level 3 kingdom with a thrust over 29 trillion."Purple" was a color shy of 18 trill and "AdaZal" was at 11.8 trill. It is my favorite thing when people put a ranDom caPital leTter in their nAme you aLl should do thAt next round for my ChrIstmas preSent.As punishment for this transgression I kick all of you out of the medal contention, let that be a lesson to you.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. TomTit $20,003,028,412,590
2. four_draws $15,002,039,611,722
3. O_- $6,540,762,261,000

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Level 2

In all seriousness ladies and gentlemen, I do hope that all of you are having a pleasant Holiday.I hope whatever you are hoping for in life, you either have already achieved or will soon accomplish. See... new leaf of kindness, that's me.
At 1 minute a "CoMeT" shot right up a "DUCKY" but it kept on going until it came face to face with a "Beast", a "Demon" an the Ol' Dirty Bastard.Then that comet fled in search of the "Routemaster", but all he found was another "Viper". The comet asked why, the viper replied: it is what it "I.S.FU_CKER", now give me all your "ComptonCandy" bitch.
If you do, I will tell you where to find the Routemaster.
Having no other choice the comet gave the viper his comptoncandy and while the vial viper was sucking it down he hissed and said: he sits upon a golden throne with his loyal silver servant "Sempai" and his bronze slave "ribaFISH" upon the TMB pedistal.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Routemaster $12,378,407,588,988
2. Sempai $11,001,306,393,500
3. ribaFISH $8,000,797,031,801

WC went for indi's last turbo due to cheap subs everywhere we finished in tier 2 silver , tier 1 4th , missed bronze by 8 bil $
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Level 1

I will keep this one simple.
At 1 minute "LEEROY" held the top spot with a networth of 10 trillion.
"I_C_U" was in second with 8.1 trill and last, but never least was "Generalissimo_Meow".
At 10 seconds "Harper" had stepped in the gold medal with a networth of 17.9 trill, followed by "Piss_The_Bed" at a diaper short of 11.1 trill and "I_C_U" had dropped to the last medal spot with 10 trill.And 6 bill more than "LEEROY". Thats what you get LEEROY for all those capital letters.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Harper $17,905,944,620,758
2. Piss_The_Bed $11,094,485,335,480
3. I_C_U $10,007,031,974,368

We got silver family and level one gold, was a solid outing for us.
Another great round for nameless. solid all around team effort. Not a selfish person in the team and the results continue to show it.
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Best Supporter Killer

"Onika" crushed the competition with over 7 million kill points.
"Mine" on the other hand is a liar, he clearly said gold or bronze. He said nothing about silver, but have fun with those turns you won.Oh wait, no turns just tin. I am sure you all had fun so that is all that matters. Let us not leave out the bronze that "Cheetah" captured.

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Onika 7,129,327
2. Mine 2,579,452
3. Cheetah 1,198,365

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________

Best Free Killers

"Grem" was the only one to pass 1 million so he gets the only mention from the free killers.

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Grem 1,138,308
2. Boss_Hog 503,936
3. YeLSeL 314,773

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Collecting Family

With people still adjusting to the fact that the game was lag free, the family prize was pretty much the same the last 10 minutes of the game.So not much to write about.

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. The_Noresmen Tor $34,237,292,331,982
2. Crayola Purple $30,050,970,944,335
3. The_Jingle_Balls Jingle_Balls $22,148,105,177,157

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________

The Golden Fuckin Chuckle

There were no great names this round, but being that I have turned over a new leaf, we will take the best of what we had.
The winner is "ComptonCandy" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGmbUXqHPk4). To all in the world of TMB, I wish you Happy Holidays once again. To those that contributed: thank you as always. To those that did not, maybe you can turn over a new leaf as well.
May you all keep a smile on your face and a dollar in your wallet.
Until next time, Roving Reporter signing off.

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