Half Price Extravaganza

With subs being on sale and a sudden increase in level 4 players, we should have a game of musical chairs at the end of the round.
Along with a 5-1 ratio on turns entered into the round it would seem to be a guaranteed barn burner, but I have been fooled before. So we shall see.

As we take a peek in the round, the game clock ticks to 15 hours. And as I scan global ranks "Holy" falls a prayer short of 2.7 trillion networth, "DEXTER" (a very shitty show btw) sits at 1.4 trillion. He is followed by a name from the old days (but most likely a cheap imitation) of the one they call "Cypriot". He sits with a networth of 593 billion and is the only one that seems to have entered turns into the round for hiring as he stands at just over 7million operatives.It reads on his profile that it is his round so we will see if that rings true at EOR.
There are a few operative posers, "UnusualSynonym" sits with over 6 million ops but it would seem to me they are a mix of whores and card dealers.
"Zorn" has a similar layout and stands with 5.7 million op's.

Let us take a look and see how our fine killers are doing this round.
We shall start with the supporter ranks.
"Matty" sits with 2.2 mill in kill points holding about a 725k cushion over "Jax" who has a teller short of 1.5 million.
Not to ramble but I will, I will, the name Jax made me of think course of "Sons of Anarchy".
I have watched this show since it came on and I feel kind of guilty for it, because to be honest I like the subject matter but it is one of the worst written shows on television.
Now that I got that out there, we will see what our free killers are up to.

We seem to have a very tight race currently with only about 35k separating 1st from the 3rd.
"H90D" falls just short of 500k, he is followed closely by "Izzue" at 482k and right behind him is "Dead_or_Alive" with 462k nuts to butts ladies and gentleman.
We'll see if anyone new steps onto the scene or if one of this bunch can manage to separate themselves from the pack.
2 families have hit the 10 person quota, we hope for their sake that the pattern of the 1st families created never being seen at the EOR in the ranks won't hold true.
But taking a quick look at them, I'm afraid I've got some bad news (picture in your head the "Bad News Barrett" voice it will make it much better), unless they add some turns they would seem to be just a picture on the wall.
However, here is hoping they prove me wrong.

Let us see if we have any interesting names that stand out and if any of them have listened and posted a picture.
We have a "MettaWorldPeace", now I always liked Ron Artest but this person has no pic.We then got a "Bull_Nuts" with also no pic.
This picture would have added a lot of bonus points and almost sealed the win. The pickings are slim this round so far. We have a "Broncos_Suck" but no pic here either.

"MaryPillPoppins" is a good name and they may have a chance if no one else is going to have a damn picture.
I see a "Sharkoon" but again no pic.
See if they had posted a pick of a raccon crossed with a shark I would chuckle, and a chuckle always helps your chances.
That seems about all that stands out to me.
We shall see if any one adds a picture or if anyone new enters the round.
That golks is the end of our glimpse. As I am about to have some fun, here is hoping you do the same.

Roving_Reporter signing off.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

End Of Round

Family First

We will start this review with the family ranks, and with the increased turn prize I am sure more will be motivated to get a medal.
At the 8 minute mark we see "IT_WONT_LAST" (all caps so you know they mean business) with a networth of a whopping 41 trillion.
With a family full of 4 star players it would seem that someone wanted to make a point,. You will have to guess what it was as per usual the 'no comment' card was played.

They were followed by "The_Aristocrats" not far off the pace with 35 trillion, and by "MightBeDrunk", looking for a fat girl with a bronze at 13 trillion.
As we jump in our rented TMB time machine to the 1 minute mark, we see "IT_WONT_LAST" with 55 trill, "The_Aristocrats" at 40 trill and some"FVKAZ" at 37 trillion.And that folks believe it or not is how the places would stand. Hey maybe that family was drunk as they got left at the bar.

- Collecting Family -

rank family boss net worth
1. IT_WONT_LAST (UGUESSIWONT) heart $55,262,960,518,828

2. The_Aristocrats (UC_Avengers) fall_soldier $40,718,691,332,544

3. FVKAZ (Hitsquad) UnusualSynonym $29,651,661,003,675

From Hollywood_Hubert:

hi reporter.

we did well. we couldnt get first place family because it won't last family was all jacked with stars but we are more than happy to take silver.
we also ranked in level 4 bronze a little mix up with myself costed me the silver in level 4but that is okay.
silver family and level 4 bronze. great family and great results.

fall_soldier(hollywood_hubert) bronze medal

The_Aristocrats (UC_Avengers) family silver

The_Aristocrats it's a family act.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Level 4

Ah, plenty of level 4 players this round.
Who would stand out?
At the 1 minute mark "WAIT" held the top spot with a networth of 195 trillion, followed "Julian" with 57 trillion and "Tipzy" at 14 trillion.
At 10 seconds before EOR "Tipzy" was drunk and got rolled in the alley by a "fall_soldier" for his bronze medal.
Everyone else kept the same spot.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth

1. WAIT $195,355,786,022,749

2. Julia $46,274,139,825,465

3. fall_soldier(Hollywood_Hubert) $40,391,992,732,973

From Viking_Slap:



TITANS MAY FALL... BUT LEGENDS NEVER DIE... over 550,000 turns are won by various players

The Turbo Round was expected to be tough as more IU and UT players were active and many had bought subs on sale. However, due to good planning and coordination before the Turbo started, the players from LEGENDS were able to work as a TEAM.

Hats off to Vito_Vitale for the initiative and to the many senior players in playing. A good factor was that there are no egos and no drama within LEGENDS - resulting that many free players were able to get ranked and earn turns.

What can be best summed up is that LEGENDS worked as a team and had fun, which is why we play

2nd place
4th place

2nd place

2nd place
3rd place

4th place

4th place

4th place

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Level 3

At the 3 minute mark "Odin" had his one eye on the gold with a networth of 83 trillion followed by "Jam" at 40 trillion and "Tiggy" with 37 trillion.
At 1 minute before EOR "Odin" kept his spot but "Test" had jumped into the silver medal spot with "Jam" now clinging to 3rd.
But at the 10 second mark everyone failed the "Test" as he jumped up to snatch the gold from a god.
I am starting to think it was just a name as real Odin would not lose.
To take the 3rd spot was a guy named "rubber_desk_johny", and judging by the lower case I would say he was a respectable guy. Congratulations are in order, and these are the winners:

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Test (best) $56,707,336,703,800

2. Odin $50,378,374,644,171

3. rubber_desk_johnny $20,242,757,609,735

From Constanzia:

this turbo was flooded with money. All these lvl 4 subs and UT being back. We managed to get gold in lvl 3 (best) and this time we went for a family rank. got bronze. so turbo went okay

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Level 2

As we hit 3 minutes remaining in the round let us see what level 2 players are up to.
We have "IHaveACrushOnU" holding the top spot with a networth of 40 trillion, followed by "jovan" with 22 trillion and "Boredom" way back twiddling his thumbs at 1.7 trillion.
As we jump ahead to the minute mark "IHaveACrushOnU" is still in the lead but now he is followed by "RicH" at 4.8 trillion with "Boredom" still holding the last spot.
The 10 second mark sees "IHaveACrushOnU" holding like a stalker outside his ex girlfriends apartment at 35 trillion followed by "dejan" at 5 trillion and "RicH" at 4.8 trillion.
Boredom is finally having fun so say good bye to boredom.
And that my friends is how the round would end.
That is, minus 15 trillion from "IHaveACrushOnU"s networth used either to buy his crushes' affection or for a bail, you figure it out.

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. IHaveACrushOnU $20,287,432,763,079

2. dejan $5,003,279,115,523

3. RicH $4,803,186,383,403

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Level 1

Last but never least, we got either the hardest working players or the biggest kiss-asses, depending on who you talk to or who you are talking about.
Either way it ain't easy being greasy.
At the 1 minute mark we see the return of the old "Ferrit" face sitting with a gold cup at 3.4 trillion, followed by Bon Jovi's hit "Dead_or_Alive" and right behind him was "AfricanGold" with just a bowl over 2 trill.
At the 10 second mark poor "Ferrit" lost his face and his gold, and traded it for bronze with a net worth of 6.2 trillion.
A snitch named "JuiceOrtiz" had finally got back in the club and was rewarded with the gold and a large net of 33 trillion.
Catching the silver was "CarloGambino" sitting with 9 trillion.

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Juice_Ortiz $33,821,735,230,234

2. CarloGambino $9,982,858,890,001

3. Ferrit $6,210,860,234,137

From Domenico:

We were the sons of anarchy family. We got fifth in family and level one gold. We could have done much better but most of us were operating from phones with it being the middle of the week. Just glad we got another gold for one of our non spending members.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Sharp 2,845,906

2. Matty 2,485,686

3. Taking 2,309,837

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

-Best Free Killers-

Indent]rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Izzue 1,229,086

2. H90D 886,101

3. Power-House 850,046[/indent]

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

-Best Fucking Name of the Round-

With no pictures on the profiles we truly must go with just the name.
The winning name gave me a chuckle and those get you a little space underneath a barely shining street light.
Without further delay, the winner is "MaryPillPoppins".
Enjoy your moment under the street light and take a bow.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

As always, thank you to all that contributed. And I hope you had a wonderful turbo.
Up until 611, your inboxes can take a rest till once again it shall be filled by one Roving_Reporter.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger,Storm, or Tiki in game.

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