Its official Untouchables are back, and just a day and a few hours into the round a couple of iu guys have jumped ship and abandoned their mates. Or maybe they havent jumped ship there is more to the story? Maybe something has happened that lead them to leave IU? Maybe these players have been UnTouchables all along masquerading as IU? But even so, what if UT never came back would they still be IU? But none of the above questions matter, what matters is that this round is promising some brilliant fireworks! Its been a while since we saw some real action and JP competition in here and our prayers have been answered at last.

At the time of this report, UT's one and only GeekIcon had 7,866,079 operatives, 6,205,624 defensives and a whooping $31,039,025,802,400. Yes you saw right, thats 31 trillion and its only 2 days into the round.

There were some whispers doing rounds around within TMB in the past main that the long standing reign of IU will be soon coming to an end. RealT returned in round 606 and was immediately frozen in the frosty Storm, but soon he thawed out and some other long standing UT members came back as well.

Our reporters from the blogsite went around for views from across the game about the return of these TMB legends. Loved or hated, their return is sure to make a difference. So first we travelled over to the city of London where Gallio seems to think that London_Elite will be safe.

Untouchables coming back will not effect LE at all as we are old friends of thiers, be good to see them
Viking_Slap of MBU believes that it is good for the game that there will be another challenging family for the JP and wishes them good luck with this statement.

I believe that anyone wanting to challenge the monopoly is more than welcome to enter TMB. For myself, I see no issues - they are another group trying to play and have fun while trying to win JP. Good luck to them.
It's good to see families in tmb but i would rather see a new family than just another old rehash family that thinks it deserve something. It means nothing to UC_Avengers they have to put in work to earn our respect they get nothing for name recognition from us.
Harsher words from Hollywood_Hubert.

Blackswan makes a dig at IU saying that won turns won't be enough to win JPs anymore.

It's great to see them back in the game. We've never had any issues with UT so them being here will not affect our game. We will continue to do what we do best... take ranks and medals. If IU wants to keep winning, then they will need to step up their game now that the BIG BOYS have come to play. It won't be so easy to slide along using won credits anymore.
Blizzard_420 is not worried with the return of UT
We never cared about returning families or people , no matter what we are doing our own thing. But it is always good to see new/old people coming back.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get comments from UnTouchables. Hopefully they are not on a media blackout like IU has been. However, we did get comments from IU recently, it will be awesome if we continue to get their comments. It would also be awesome to get some from UT in the future.

Talking about IU, they too have beefed up their squad with the return of Coca and Sheikh. Can it be EOR already? Cant wait! This surely will be an interesting one. But that will only be if IU make a challenge.

By the way whats up with Ding_Dong being alone and all, tick tock, 48 hours about to expire if it haven’t already…

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