With a 10-1 ratio on turns entered into the round, and a 5000 turns to hit operatives rule,it would seem collectors would be chomping at the bit.The only downfall is you can only bank 10% of your cash, so if you cannot be on for the end of the round, you might be shit out of luck. We of course know these rules also favor supporter killers so I am sure we will have an exciting round.

As we slide in the round with about 16 hours till EOR, we see quite a few collectors have already entered some turns into the round trying to separate themselves.We see "Fake" trying to keep it real with just shy of 11.5 million op's, he is currently ruling over global with a networth of 22 trillion. But to answer your question, no he does not stand a chance of getting the best fucking name of the round.

We will have to see if he remains untouched or if someone jumps up to layeth the smacketh down.We see "Ky_In_Pain" not too far behind with just about 9.6 million ops and a networth of 16.3 trillion.Conan finishes off the list of top operative holders with 8.5 million ops; the only problem being he only has 520k in defensive units, a networth of 45 billion and 803 kill points.
I know TMB has changed but not that damn much, someone is going to sign in and see lunch.

As for the supporter killers it seems "TM" and "Real_Quick" are out to a fast start "TM" having just a little over 3.6 million kill points and "Real_Quick" not quite as fast at a 6 pack short of 2.9 mill. Add to that the fact that "TM"has over 3million defensive units while "Real_Quick" has none it would seem to be an uphill battle but anything is possible in the land of 10-1.
Is the race finished? Only time and turns will tell.

The free killers are taking their time. With no ratio for them it is no wonder.
"Razer" stands at 450k in kill points, still holding some du's in the low networth stance. His closest competitor... wicka wicka wicka "Slim_Shady" is going to have to stand up as he sits at an M short 270k in kill points. We will check back in later to see if he forgot about Dre.

Only two families have reached the 10 players needed.We have "Monkey_Business" who has only 2 monkeys and a dog and no damn monkey icon, c'mon.
The other family is "The_Cartel" who judging by their icon should have been THC_Cartel, but perhaps they got too high.But we will see how the low they'll go at the end of the round.Or will they shove a blunt in my mouth and prove me wrong?

We will scan "Global rankings" to see some possible entrants in the best name competition. I see someone was reading my review and came with some John Woo style "Chow_Yun_Fatty.” But they are only getting partial credit as I wrote that shit."SORRY_NOTSORRY" might have gotten in the running if he had a PeeWee Herman picture in his profile, but he doesn't so he is not.We got "FrodoDoucheBaggins" which got a chuckle so he is in the race, now wash your kitty before you get a stinky snatch.
Once again presentation is everything and if you are going to be "Super_ChuckNorris" have a good profile pic."I_Banged_TIKI" while funny also lacks a pic and has not even activated. So we will have to see if any of these names add a picture or just start something and do not finish it.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 4
[]At the 2 minute mark "RoFlMfAo" held the gold spot with a networth of 129 trillion, followed by "Rider" with 72 trillion and "True" with 65 trillion.
As we jump to the 10 second mark everyone has the same spot, except "HT" has taken the last medal spot, and that is just how it ended.Not much action as it seemed one player was on the floor laughing because no one came close to challenging.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. RoFlMfAo $113,438,293,986,628
2. rider $72,982,121,213,834
3. HT $53,838,522,623,085


We took what we wanted in turbo. But the secret in our success is in this very song that we all
gotta listen for the last 3 hrs of the round
You should also try it
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 3

I thought there would be a little more action in the tier ranks with the 10-1 ratio but so far that has not been the case. At the 2 minute mark "JoanRivers" had returned from the dead and seemed to have her eyes set on gold with a networth of a Johny Carson spot short of 59.5 trillion. She was followed by "Paisley" with 30 trill and some change & "Piroform" (TNT) 30 trillion and a little less change.
At the 10 second mark "Piroform" had jumped in the gold lazy boy with a networth just shy of 36 trillion follwed by "JoanRivers" at 34.5 trill and "NZL" with 32 trill.And that folks is exactly how it would end, as the round faded to black.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Piriform $35,964,536,467,189
2. JoanRivers $34,570,659,267,651
3. NZL $32,002,383,327,300

From Hollywood_Hubert:

you are right sir things did go well for us.
10-1 ratio on won turns only one name made sense The_Enterprise because we were going to be as high as fuck.Told the crew lets do this and we blasted off.Action doesn't really happen to the last hour or two in turbo, but when it started the last hour it was hyper speed ahead. Most of my crew were using turns so we had to be fast in collecting.Things went pretty well my goal was to rank in every level and we almost did missed it by the dumb high level 1. oh well.
We finished
family gold- The_Enterprise (UC_Avengers)
level 3 gold- Piriform (tnt)
level 2 silver-Hawkeye (nexus)
level 1 4th- black (AKIRA)
Awesome job for a bunch of underdogs.

The crew of the Enterprise:
Familymatters, jumbozo, tnt, nexus, bomp, blind, AKIRA, jamrock, Dr_horrible.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 2

At the 2 minute mark we saw "Hawkeye" (nexus) with a networth of 20 trill in the top spot, he was followed by "Reaper228" with a little over 19 trillion and "Coordinator" with a little off 16 trillion.
At the 1 minute mark "pOpCoRn" had knocked everyone down a spot, and staying true to the theme that folks is just how it would end.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. pOpCoRn $25,012,831,240,225
2. Hawkeye $20,010,984,133,840
3. Reaper228 $19,212,193,725,318

From 16:

Legends turbo family's goal was to take medals and that we did. 8 members made up primarily
of free players, with only a couple supporters were able to snatch medals in levels 1 and 3 and
an additional tier rank in level 2. Our 'money man' ROCKS at cash distribution and knows just how to
work things to get the most for our money.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 1

At the 1 minute mark we saw "Miles" who was that far ahead with a networth of 56 trillion.He was followed by "BLACK" with 5 trillion and "Archive" with 4 trillion.
As we jump to 10 seconds "Cocamafiosa" had taken the gold spot with 20 trillion followed by "DOA" with 11 trillion, and the only leftover (FYI a very good show regardless of what people say) from our previous glimpse holding the bronze spot was "Archive".
And yes folks, you guessed it, that is just how it would end.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Cocamafiosa $20,011,548,635,474
2. DOA $11,001,793,528,402
3. Archive $9,001,540,492,013

From RayRay:
We had a lot of fun and basically a practice turbo. We used this one to get a couple of tiers and training killers.
Ratio turbos are funnier to use for this purpose, people enjoy training and having fun but we did very very well!
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Supporter killer

It would seem from my earlier check in that "Real_Quick" not only made that uphill climb, but also left the competition getting hit in the head by the boulders rolling down that hill.
He added over 3 million kill points to his profile and ended the round with 6.3 million kill points to grab the gold. Taking silver was "TM" who added another 400k to reach a respectable 4 mill. The bronze went to "Esdeath” with 2 mill.

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Real_Quick 6,363,781
2. TM 4,033,235
3. Esdeath 2,036,745

From The Warriors:

4th in fam, 5th in lvl 3 indy, 5th lvl 4 indy, 5th supporter killers, case you need anything else feel free to ask anytime
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Agent_47 1,189,080
2. Slash 1,038,959
3. ANTICHRIST 811,371

From Abraham:
It was okay. Though very small margin from silver. Besides 3 people calling me "pops multi
it was pretty good round for me.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Collecting family

You ever notice that every rank title on the past prize screen starts with a capital letter except collecting family and collecting union? Hmmm sounds like a story.
Not to worry, I am on the case and I will get to the bottom of this. I have messaged Storm and I will post his reply next turbo.

Now on to the finish.
At the 5 minute mark we saw "The_Enterprise" trekking along with a networth of 39 trillion.Holding second was "Turnbull_ACs" at 10 trill and "IU" with a COOL 9.6 trill.As we jump to the 1 minute mark, "The_Enterprise” still held the gold at 37 trill.Followed by a new entrant to the medal "StartANewFamily" with 26 trill and "IU" at 20 trill. And that by golly is just how it ended, imagine fucking that.

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. The_Enterprise Augustus $37,146,865,938,995
2. StartANewFamily RoFlMfAo $26,113,255,716,987
3. IU peanut $20,634,589,633,402

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

-Best Name Of The Round-

This folks was a close one but I had to take into account, that while I like the fact that someone actually reads what I say and uses the name, I already used it in my previous review.
That would almost be like rewarding myself. And while my ego is big, that just did not seem right. So without further delay the best fucking name of the round goes to, "FrodoDoucheBaggins".
Maybe if you guys start using pictures I will talk to staff and see if I can get a small turn reward. I make no promises but it is worth a shot.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

In closing I would like to say one thing.
I could not write this review without the input from others. In reality you guys make this review. I just make a few crappy jokes and spend a couple of hours putting it all together. I know some of you might get a message from me and go not this fucker again,but try and keep in mind that we all like this game or we would not be here.
I am just trying to do my part. If I do not message you and you have something you would like to share, always feel free to send me a message. If I send you a message and you have the time please do reply. Thank you all for your help now and in the future.

Until our next turbo, Roving_Reporter signing off.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger,Storm, or Tiki in game.

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