Round Review 606 Fake Families

Fake Families.This round had some treachery, deceit, lies, false pretenses and a bunch of enjoyment for all parties involved.We found this on Weskers profile shortly after the first day of the round; Its a fake davidd. Do not join this family if you got invited if not you will be abused for the next 300 rounds like us idiots.

Lets start this review off with some comments from Legends and IU about the Fake Family Mix Up. I spent some time talking with several of the players and decided to meet several face to face. I even got a few conversations with IU players! First up: Viking_Slap!

Yes, this round has been a very interesting one in that we have invited a fake family of IU members to join LEGENDS! Initially, there was quite a bit of reservation in that IU would be able to read our union boards and be able to ”spy”… However, I was one siding with a few other members in LEGENDS and agreed that having IS-BS join LEGENDS would be HILARIOUS !!

Indeed it is! We have over 393 pages of messages and it is not stop pandemonium with trash talking taken to a new level. We are very happy to have Fighting_Irish consistently posting bizarre messages in his attempts to gain attention. Cultivator and Wesker have been duped… they know that and have tried to save face by first acknowledging and then trying to give LEGENDS member advise.

Honestly, having the several members of IU in our union has been at first crazy… even down right stupid at times. But, then we started to message each other (since we are stuck for 10 days in the same union). Some of the messages and behaviour has become more benevolent and respectful. This is more observant on the IU players that have been playing longer. Soooo.. if you are bored and want to really have some fun testing your tongue lashing techniques…. Then, invite members of IU to your union and GRILL them hard!! It makes for some crazy fun and you won’t believe the shenanigans that they try to pull…… hee hee hee
- Don of MBU
- Dr. Lars (spanking kids one at a time since 1998)

Quite the statement! Love their ingenuity! Here are some comments from Cultivator and Kaytez in IU – listen up!

Here is my comment on the fake family situation.

We made a mistake early on by joining fake family, but it became a pleasant surprise when the family joined Legends union. We took their mistake as an opportunity to take their tier slots away from them. We have made Legends life hell, I've let them know that I am in charge and all their ranks will be controlled by myself and Iu. And while some "Legends" may act like RANKS DON'T MATTER the cries in my inbox from many claim different – Cultivator

It was a good round for us considering, we had Davidd send invites out as per normal with the normal family icon! But once inside the mood wasn't the same! A family with all the normal faces but one... Davidd! Whoever it was who pulled this stunt I commend there effort as it
worked and they got a few of us even with the warnings up on cults and weskers profiles. The choice to take us out of our union tho was the first mistake as it opened us up to more ranks that without this stunt we couldn't of gotten! But to the add us to the union opened up even more ranks. We have taken out both of the legends supporter killer ranks and the two players in those ranks are only in lvl 2 which says alot about the supporters over in legends atm, we have also taken a few tier ranks so thanks to legends for opening up there ranks to the bad guys The union board the would have to be the best part about the round, over 400 pages of smack talk made for a good read! Congrats to all IU who took ranks both in the union and in legends! And shout out to cultivator for running the family and legends bank! Cheers Kaytez aka Mr_Chow

Kind words from a stumped IU member – and quite crafty of IU to take the ranks from Legends – more on that later!

As I looked through the streets of TMB, I was able to speak with several mafioso’s throughout my travels and here were some comments from several of our beloved, active and even popular players.

Blogger: I see NameLess is in third for family right now! How are things? Good round so far? Looking forward to see how EOR goes!
cracker: Going strong as always.
Domenico: Its been a low key round for us, just been working on building and banking for now. Everyone is enjoying football on the family board right now haha.
Blogger: Sounds like an awesome round! Enjoy the American football!

There was a very angry tornado in the Los Angeles area when I ventured toward West_Coast Territory and I had an interesting discussion with Cyclone. Here’s how that went.

Blogger: Hey there, Cyclone! Friendly Blogger here! How is your round going? Enjoying it?
Blogger: Whoa. No need to be rude, bro. Just the blogger – writing things for the round review. No need to be disrespectful.
Cyclone: no one gives a shit about what type of player I am and how real I can keep it , snakes still lurk the TMB and haterz still run around talking shit about me here and there and I am expected to give a bunch of words no sir sorry for being rude but what I have to say for many rounds has never been even cared for no need to ask me anymore sorry.
Blogger: Who doesn’t care about you? That’s not nice. I’m here to find out what’s going on – Im taking an interest!
Cyclone: No story , No Story line , Not even a Punchline = Nothing to say. Thats what I got you want to bother me with Press questions and theres my answer every time you ask my answer will never change since I am a rude player have a good day.
I stumbled into Detroit during part of the round and found Mr. Big_Bad_Wolf and had quite a conversation with him. Here’s how it went.

Blogger: Hello there, Big_Bad_Wolf! Good to see you back! How are you? What’s going on these days? How is Phoenix?
Big_Bad_Wolf: Hey blogger. i am doing horrible man, there is this goat whose in love with me and i want to eat her but not that way, not to mention my gf owns her. Its all a very complicated love triangle. Other than that lifes little problems are barely my concern. I had a sore on my thumb and it was horrible and disgusting and oozing out pus like it was workers mom haggs but i digress.

phoenix is well and roaring again. It can hardly ever die u know which is perhaps its curse. The union boards are buzzing and thats about the only indicator of a healthy union. Ranking well in main and turbos despite being a bunch of slackers again obviously due to the active boards.
Blogger: Well, I can’t help you with that goat issue. Maybe you should check this out with a member of the cloth. I hear there might be one lurking about in the TMB world. Glad to see you back and to hear that Phoenix is “well and roaring again.”
I took a trip to Detroit and was able to hang out in the Hitsquad meeting place. Here are some comments from the members of Hitsquad that I was able to talk to.

Blogger: What’s going on this round, guys? Enjoying your round? Anything new to report?
StickyCat: Our round has consist of rayray spamming our mailbox.. Other than that it's going as plan. Family prize and a few teirs. Nothing new.
RocknRolla: Our family doing all standard, and everything is going according to plan. We all work hard to make our new bitch (fat_hoe) was a ranked After a long time I came back as a free killer. No tension as before, the only competition here is hollywood_hubert. Nothing to say for Willi_Wonka (weirdo who doesnt have balls to fight). I am satisfied and happy with my freak family
Blogger: You guys always have a fun time! Glad to see things are going well in Hitsquad!

Let’s see how things sorted out at EOR!

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Taco_Slinger $5,504,642,198,377

2. Sjaak $1,602,581,437,233

3. ME $1,510,036,027,150

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Slixed $1,301,574,899,000

2. Spade $1,200,389,045,675

3. BliZzArD_420 $577,709,739,45

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth
1. irish $777,953,601,633

2. samball $777,436,683,470

3. FreakoSuave $705,827,371,744

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Best $499,090,841,308

2. Vito_Vitale $408,432,277,814

3. LOPOV $322,569,822,058

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Taco_Truck 2,630,762

2. Prodigy 1,700,242

3. Angry_Queen 885,702

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Lilla_wolken 537,156

2. RocknRolla 387,607

3. Scaletta 346,610

-collecting family-
rank family boss net worth
1. Warriors Haggs $3,390,212,633,187

2. NaMeLeSs Domenico $1,888,361,321,939

3. HITSQUAD_SEXYBEASTS Constanzia $969,512,243,222

It was an oddly quiet round. Very few hits, no ops taken, I guess the new rules are kicking in. From a family point of view, it was successful once more. We took the collectors top spot again, but also managed silver in level 4 and a tier in level 1. Could have been even better to be honest. I’m not sure next round will be quite so quiet though! – Ajax
-Union Family-
rank family boss networth
1. IU_RU_FROZEN_THRONE LOPOV $4,309,111,640,306

2. WEST_COAST BliZzArD_420 $2,920,740,552,159

3. Legends V $2,905,885,376,718

Here is what the wonderful Bella said about her round with London_Elite.

Good Evening to you. We did very well last round, I was very happy and proud of my members. We accomplished a lot. It was a great round. We did take 5th place in union and that's ok, because we as a group we did what we aimed for. And the bank reflected that for a few collectors. We maybe a smaller union, but that never counts us out.
This round was a phenomenal round with ups and downs all along the way. It seems that everyone agrees that Legends did well in their ability to snow the whole crew of the IU_BS family that came from true IU families. What are the implications of this? Will IU do the same to get back at Legends? Will arrival of UT members on the scene become a bigger issue for them, rather than getting back at Legends? With round 608 nearing its end… what has come of UT and their attempts to remove IU from the “King of the Hill” position that IU has had for several hundred rounds now?

Comments – Questions – Statements, you know where to put them.

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