The Split

This round was full of different faces, families, unions and fun. It is my attempt in this blog to figure out what happened with Legends, different aspects of the game and how the round eventually turned out for everyone involved. I spent an entire 12 days speaking to families, their leadership and observers of the whole situation. Due to the complexity of the entire Union issue with Legends, West_Coast, Titan’s and Detroit all shifting in the last few rounds, there will be several blogs in the future about the different unions and their rise and fall over the last several months.

As I continued to spend time in the trenches this round, I noticed more and more that people were less and less willing to talk. I noticed that there was division and strife abundant in the ranks of the mafioso’s present during the round. Legends went from the largest union to being nearly 75% diminished from its round 598 glory! Yet, no one wanted to spill the beans! I went to RayRay, who was one of the bosses behind the split, and even tried talking to his family members and this is all I got.

”We got our press but not being suckered for info! Don’t worry about how we are known, we’ve been known well before you!”
A short time later, he said this to me:

”You think Eck is bad, don’t try me!”

Testy, testy!

Okay then! I went from city to city looking for different opinions about how the round was going and what people thought about the Legends split all around the TMB world and was met with answers like this!

”Sorry I don't pay attention to anyone but our fam. Good luck.” Bomp – UC_Avengers
From joe_cotronie of ICS, “Who are you?? Talk to our don.”

I I continued to ask around for people’s opinions and was met with slammed doors! So, I went to the one person I knew I would get an opinion out of. VforVendetta. The infamous forum and blog commenter! He is currently running Legends after RayRay & Phoenix split, Gunny went on vacation, Scrappy & Da_Secret resigned and Saint-Bread went to the Supporter Kingdom of Istanbul Union. Let’s see what he has to say about the whole situation. I asked him these two questions.
Blogger: V, what’s going on with Legends? What your opinion on how everything is going in the game? I know you have an opinion, here’s your chance to tell the world what it is!
V: yea I have an opinion, hell you could fill a blog with them :P IU...enough said already.

The families involved or within Legends still carry on what we were doing but large operations take a while and take effort to finally run as smooth as a small family would.

West_Coast (and some others) lack the spine to take a stand and basically forgot what families they used to be... and well it's time someone banged some heads together and get some noses pointing the same way yet there is little friction going on around legends just a bit unclear at times for everyone what's going on etc. it's a work in progress and as often during holidays from leading figures a bit of chaos occasionally occurs

As for IU...well they just hate this game and its players and enjoy keeping everyone dead and annoyed...not sure what pathetic souls are in there to keep this up but it is what it is. As for west coast and others collaborating with them: screw them... they are perhaps even worse.

A lot could have been changed for the better already if some people quit keeping a blind eye to shitty things going on and take a stand for a change; at least try...but somehow they don't.
There are so many opinions on how things need to be done here in our TMB world. Just look at IU! They have several different leaders within their ranks and everyone has their own opinion. Warriors, London Elite, HKU & Hooligans, they all have different ideas on what needs to happen to be successful. I went to one source in the new Detroit Union that seemed disenchanted with the whole situation and asked his opinion on how things were going in Detroit and why things might have fallen apart in Legends.

Blogger: Why do you think families fail? What happened with Legends, do you think?
ChicanoWolf: I think people want to do their own things and so everyone seemingly has their own agenda.

Later in the round, I went to RayRay again to attempt to figure out what happened and he seemed like he was in a better mood. This is what he said about his decision to pull Phoenix from Legends and a few other questions I asked him while I had the chance.

RayRay: Legends is still our friends Gunny is a great Don. We only left to shoot for our dreams to reach stars!
Blogger: You have a Detroit Union now, why hasn’t HitSquad joined you yet?
RayRay: Hitsquad is and always will be Blood. They are always welcome. Lucky_Chevy and Connie are great. I believe they too like doing things to enjoy the game more I can’t say they will or won’t be in Detroit union, but they are always Detroit and if they need us at all they have us, 100%.
On to the review of the round! Here’s what happened in Level 4 in Round 602!

With one day left, Level Four had some heavy hitters in the top five and the jackpot was still small. It looked like this with just 24 hours to go in the round.

1 Jackpot $739 I_Love_Tequila $857,534,654,872

2 125,000 turns BONO $490,560,724,172

3 75,000 turns ME $371,393,150,180

4 50,000 turns Ravenkc $363,524,828,089

5 40,000 turns RayRay $17,434,818,653

When the dust settled, here’s what happened at EOR with Level Four!

- Level 4-

1. Davidd $3,419,666,136,729

2. ME $1,120,628,091,441

3. BONO $518,424,695,481

Congratulations, IU on your medal sweep of Level Four! We did try and contact all three for comments about their round, but as always with IU, nothing was given. Not even a cupcake!

With 24 hours left in the round, Level Three was looking pretty cheap. As we know though, everything changes at EOR! How did it look with 24 hours left? Here are the 1 day to go standings!

1 50,000 turns cokelat $34,956,674,922

2 40,000 turns darfel $18,033,291,149

3 30,000 turns Leah $5,868,034,526

Strong showing, WC! Way to make a mark on the round! Did this level really go that cheap this round? What happened when the scramble for gold was over at the end of the round?

- Level 3 -

1. Fighting_IRISH $1,000,541,143,936

2. Vito_Vitale $647,123,204,000

3. edo_maajka $500,527,761,152

IU takes the gold for Level Three as well! Congraulations to IU & Legends on your level medals!

Level Two was exciting all the way through the round! It was so good to see some new faces in Level Two throughout the round. With one day left, WC had a strong hold on Level Two ranks, as they did Level Three! Here’s what Level Two looked like with one day left!

1 25,000 turns Max_Meridius $28,130,865,654

2 20,000 turns Rockem $20,950,917,485

3 15,000 turns ayjy $17,284,692,656

Level Two had some strong showings at EOR, but here’s how it ended up being sifted through at the end.

- Level 2 -
1. Rockem $710,215,633,728

2. Lucky_Chevy $700,134,209,001

3. SweetnSassy $450,905,773,876

Here’s what Rockem had to say about his Level Two Gold!

Just want to say hard work and loyalty gets rewarded.

Level One was an interesting fight all round. Throughout the round, there were some families that made a showing in Level One. However, many of the people that were in Level One throughout the round were only not in families! Unique round for Level One! With one day left, here’s what Level One was looking like!

1 20,000 turns Hollywood_Hubert $326,849,180,612

2 15,000 turns cibalia $12,252,233,477

3 10,000 turns MastaKilla $5,380,733,140

In the end, Level One sorted with people passing cash in their families and unions back and forth and around to make it look like they were going to rank some. Then they would pass it back to rank others, or players leveled up to try and get better ranks in other levels. Here’s what happened in Level One at EOR!

- Level 1-
1. BaDa_BiNg $700,253,441,201

2. joe_cotronie $168,589,418,704

3. DUCKY $110,405,071,802

Congraulations to West_Coast and IU on their medal placings! Here’s a comment from BaDa_BiNg!

I'd just like to say thanks to Blizz and Ravenkc along with all of West Coast. My medal comes from all their hard work! Thanks guys and gals
The Killer Medals were really no contest all round. I’d like to see some more action in these rankings, wouldn’t you? Congratulations to MissMack and Pops on their Gold Killer Medals in the Supporter and Free categories, respectively.

Onto the Family and Union rankings – this was a battle all round!

Here they are with one day to go!

- Family Rankings -
1 20,000 turns HITSQUAD_CONNIESBOYZ $1,705,973,471,278

2 18,000 turns Warriors $1,417,821,587,225

3 15,000 turns Phoenix_Uprising $410,178,172,155

- Union Rankings –
1 30,000 turns IU_RU $4,605,801,393,648

2 25,000 turns WEST_COAST $3,708,601,881,286

3 20,000 turns Legends $1,520,595,225,714
This was a tough EOR for some families, what actually happened at EOR in the Family & Union Rankings?

- Family Rankings -
1. Warriors ME-SOE-HORNY $1,400,206,666,308
2. HITSQUAD_CONNIESBOYZ Constanzia $983,712,887,347
3. NaMeLeSs Domenico $776,014,418,177

- Union Rankings -

1. WEST_COAST BliZzArD_420 $2,880,884,058,869
2. IU_RU Davidd $2,434,082,587,081
3. IU_RU_HQ edo_maajka $2,407,247,427,957

When asked about their round, Constanzia told me this on behalf of HitSquad.

Hitsquad had a pretty good round even tho IU were constantly hitting our ops. we managed to collect over 2.5 tril and this time Chrispy and I decided to go for a higher family rank. I'm normally against high family ranks as i think tiers are better. But as last round many of my guys used won creds, it was better to pay them back with at least some creds that they would get with family ranking. so in the end Linahal got 4th in lvl 4, Kankakee 4th in lvl 3, Lucky silver in lvl 2, Ducky another bronze in lvl 1 and family silver. so again pretty good round for us
Congratulations to all winners, first time, second time and more! Here’s to another wonderful round here at The Mafia Boss!

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