The rules for this turbo offer no ratio but everyone started with 50k in reserves.
I am sure some free killers will put those to good use.

As we enter the round for a small peak we see that the game clock sits at 15:30.
We see the global ranks and at the top is Jenna_Jameson with an x short of 4 trill.
We see a couple of players like "trick" and "WhatsaTurbo" with quite a few operatives, but judging by the amount of kill points they have, it would be an educated guess that they are a mix of whores and card dealers.

Perhaps it will payoff for them we will be sure to check back in at the end of the round on them and see if the trick worked.

Let us take a look at the killer race.

Currently the free killers are putting the supporter killers to shame. I am sure some one with some 4 stars will remedy that by the end of the round, but still impressive.

"Remy" has 1.2 million kill points while "Wilber" is just behind at a little over 1 million.

The supporter Killer ranks are currently led by "CRaZY_CLoWN".
He is followed by "The_Call" who sits at 635k in kill points.
We will see if a supporter comes to remedy the current misalignment.

The only family currently on the board is Porn_Stars with a networth of 3 trillion. Perhaps they should change the name of their family to People_WHO_watch_Pornstars.
Just a small joke at someone else's expense (those are my favorite jokes).
I am going to spice things up starting next round and since I can do whatever I want within reason, I will add a new part to my review.
Which is going to be called..... wait for it, here it comes, are you ready for this, I know the suspense is killing you.....
Drum roll please: "Best Fucking Name Of The Round'.
So until the end of the round Roving_Reporter is going to catch some shut eye.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Since we started last round with the killers we are going to give the collectors their focus back.
We will jump into the level 4 collecting ranks.
We will take our first look at the 10 minute mark. We saw "Original_OG" (who seems to like to repeat himself) with a networth of 33 trillion.
"Magic' with 17 trillion held the second spot, with the last spot being filled by "AxL" at 16 trillion.

At the 5 minute mark we saw "Original_OG" still holding the gold, and his networth was still the same.
But "Axl" jumped "Magic" and now held 2nd.
As we jump in our time machine we travel to the last seconds of the round.
We find "Kinky_Boots" holding the top spot with 66 trillion. Holding silver was "AxL" at 27 trill and the final position on the podium filled by "WhatsaTurbo" at 20 trillion.
It seems he knew what a turbo was and his strategy paid off, congratulations Chripsy.
That folks is exactly how it would end.
I was saddened to see that "JESUS" was only able to capture 5th place, MrWorker just might shed a tear.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Kinky_Boots $66,118,787,453,768
2. AxL $27,919,369,103,035
3. WhatsaTurbo(Chrispy) $20,308,625,139,443

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Next up... the slightly less expensive level 3 collecting ranks.
We will start at the 2 minute mark.
After all, they have less stars so they get less time.
We see a "Ferrit" face with a gold necklace with a networth a flea peter short of 2.5 trillion, followed by "The_Call" rounding down to 2.4 trillion and "Oops_too_Late' who really was and he stood at 1.1 trillion dollars (think of Dr. Evil saying it, way more entertaining that way).
The final seconds saw everyone pushed down 2 spots as some "Cruel" person had stolen their medals & turns and fucking "Peter_Goesinya" was his accomplice.
And that my friends is a sad ending for a guy too late who did not get the call.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. cruel (Uggy) $5,151,529,911,134
2. Peter_Goesinya $4,501,995,484,000
3. Ferrit $2,476,997,501,740

I decided a different approach with IU and asked Murderer on a personal note what he thought of Eck and here was his response.

From Murderer:

"He's a thoughtful guy
I don't know why people think he is so bad for

Always helping the less fortunate and retards out"

From Spot:

"Was a good round for us. We pooled our resources together and Axl was able to take the silverin Tier 4. Kinky_boots thought we were trying to challenge so he increased his net to 66bn in an attempt to make sure we did not take the win. No worries on our end as we were happy to
see him use the extra turns for nothing."

From Chrispy:

"Turbo was yet another huge success for Hitsquad in round 603. Yet again it was all down to the
last hour and it was time for Constanzia's thinking cap to go on; getting the family sorted,everyone maxed, and the collects pooled to one player by the 30 minute mark.
From here on in it's organising who we are going to push in the tiers; one person in each tier, and what preference order we have.

Come 2 minutes to EOR and Connie goes silent on Skype; it's time. Connie sets the transfers at the 1 minute mark and everyone accepts in good time; Connie done an amazing job in landing us 4 medals across the tiers.

WhatsaTurbo (Chrispy) - Level 4 Bronze
Cruel (Uggy) - Level 3 Gold
Bluebell (Constanzia) - Level 2 Gold
Crackers (DUCKY) - Level 1 Bronze (weeee, completed the level 1 set)

Was a great turn out by HS managing to fill a family in the last hour off the fly, turning out substantial monies great round once again."

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Now on to level 2

At the 2 minute mark we saw "Van_Gaal" at 9 trillion followed by "Big_Trips" (our resident cholo) with just over 1 trill and "Bonnie_Rotten" at 484 billion.
At the 10 second mark "bluebell" had taken the gold spot with 6.5 trillion and "Jack_Dangle" had jumped into the 2nd with 4.5 trillion.
Followed lastly by that vato "Big_Trips", someone did a drive-by in his barrio and knocked him down a spot.
You feel froggish leap essay and someone did and that is how it went down in level 2 in the streets of TMBX3.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. bluebell (Constanzia) $6,508,947,899,721
2. Jack_Dangle $4,536,075,006,700
3. Big_Trips $1,026,325,151,725

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Now to the level 1;

with the added reserves for the round let us see who puts them to use.
At the 5 minute mark 'bluebell" held the top spot (but if you have been reading you already know she goes on to level 2), followed by "Whatsup" with 1.8 trill and "Big_Meech" with 1.4 trillion.
I think he might be crime partners with Big_Trips aye.
As we Jump to the 10 second mark we see "LOTRISUBERRETARDED" (and so is your name) holding a networth of 9.6 trillion followed in 2nd by "jelena-jenson" at 4.5 trillion and right behind her in the woodpile was "Crackers" with 4.4 trillion.
And that my friends is just how it would end with only about 20 billion seperating 2nd from 3rd.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. LOTRISUBERRETARDED $9,640,701,554,126
2. jelena-jenson $4,512,791,387,170
3. Crackers $4,491,831,334,700

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Supporter Killers

We already peaked in on the killers and it seems one supporter did step it up so as not to be out shined by the free killers, with an extra 25k to play with.
Congratulations "CRaZY_CLoWN" you put in some work from when we last saw your kill points.
Also to "Remy" who got almost all his or her kills for free and then jumped into the supporter ranks.

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. CRaZY_CLoWN 2,530,858
2. Remy 1,322,574
3. Pikachu 1,228,194

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Free Killers

The free killers seemed to put the added turns to good use this round or perhaps the supporters were lazy with no ratio.
Either way well played to all of you.

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Big_Daddy 1,330,988
2. Money_Thief 1,090,286
3. 1 1,076,915

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Finally we head into the Collecting family ranks

At the 5 minute mark we saw "Porn_Stars" holding the top spot with 11 trillion followed by "Holier_Than_Thou" with a water walk short of 8.9 trill.
The 3rd spot was held by "Bush_Shaver with 6.7 trillion.
As the round ended all of those spots stayed the same with the exception of the 3rd spot where the bush got shaved right out of 3rd and was replaced by "and_now".

From RayRay:


Thanks for getting with me. Turbo round 603 was a extreme round for Phoenix and Detroit

From the very start of turbo, we came in hard, killed the top players on the globals, looted their cash and stayed on top never to come down...
We built over 10mil ops, several mil dus etc for the Porn_Stars family. We was active through the whole turbo, robbing homes and picking pockets.

We came in with a strategy and stuck with it. Some things always change here and there.Phoenix hit the turbo very hard with 30 members coming in and ready to help each other out. The moral for us is through the roof.

I am proud of each and every one of us as we walked in said here we are and we are coming to take what we want!
In the end the fiery Immortal bird grabbed us by our burning hearts full of passion and life. Said it is time, and assisted our souls as we burned through turbo making everyone see us and get to know there was some threat around them.

We surrounded every player causing them to wonder if we was there to destroy them or burn their souls.
We was two families deep and many guarding the street corners of TMB...
Phoenix came in and TOOK exactly what we wanted and set out for! As follows you will see...

Level 3
2. Peter_Goesinya $4,501,995,484,000
Level 2
2. Jack_Dangle $4,536,075,006,700
Level 1
2. jelena-jenson $4,512,791,387,170

Most importantly
Collecting Family
1. Porn_Stars Jenna_Jamenson $11,201,526,042,707

Overall we did very good and rocked a turbo,,,
Congrats to those who ranked tiered and helped take what we came for.
Again we are proving to be here and out to be some great contenders more and more!"


From a masked member of the Warriors:

"We dont like to say too much, we prefer to communicate through actions.
But for the record:

Warriors got Family Silver and a place in level 4.
A tough turbo, but a successful one for Warriors once more."

From Hollywood_Hubert:


wasn't expecting a very good turbo.

some of are bigger players wouldn't be around for it.

so i told people not to add turns and we will see how it all turns out.

eor time comes and i have been looting for a hour and half and doing okay but looking at our family and the turns we were using, it didn't look great.

so i thought maybe we would just try and rank one person but family rank was really low and
plan changed and happy it did.

End up getting 3rd place family which is awesome, we were- and_Now

a family of all 1 star players not too shabby.

west22 got 4th place in level 1 too. Lag was pretty bad he wanted to go up a level for better results but lagged out, i'm sure looking at the numbers a lot of people had the same problem.

but i'm really happy with a 3rd place finish with no turns added.

underdogs win again."

Congrats to the winning families, good team work is always admired by Roving_Reporter.

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