Don of Phoenix

-Book 1-

A mythical bird that never dies, the phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always scanning the landscape and distant space. It represents our capacity for vision; a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. In the world of TMB, The symbol of the Phoenix represents much more, an old legend of warriors built of courage and strength… A legend of a new promise in a dark world, and once again their fire is back… Back for revenge or to just set the record straight and a message; We are not going anywhere..

Ravenkc: Ok TODAY in the TMB Studio is an old vet rising from the flames of an ancient and noble family he even smells like ashes, I have sitting beside me RayRay Boss of Phoenix_HQ family and Don...
Ravenkc: RayRay tell me how you even landed in the world of TMB all those years ago??
RayRay: Well I was looking for something from gangsters to play. I am from a city where many greats ran the streets and always loved the stories of such.Searching online, half drunk, I stumbled across The Mafia Boss and decided to see what it was about.
Jumped in and got beat down instantly. That’s an epic time I’ll never forget, getting so mad I could have shot the computer!
RayRay: I went through many families, trainers, etc.
Ravenkc: oh you’re from a city of greats like what Chicago??
Ravenkc: I just finished BoardWalk Empires season 3 its great haha
RayRay: I have been there yes, but mostly raised in St Louis Missouri.
RayRay: Chicago has a known Gangster related to my family I won’t mention ever!
Ravenkc: ok haha I can’t say I know much about that place except Brad Pitt was from Missouri I think hahahah
RayRay: Thats news to me he probably would have been bullied
Ravenkc: OK so when did you end up in Phoenix?
RayRay: about 6 yrs ago I Quit to have a family, then i was with Pissheads, but i returned about 4 yrs ago. Met a guy running Renegades in the great Phoenix bunch.
RayRay: He immediately grabbed me. Swearing to give me a place to love!
Ravenkc: lol yeah I thought I had known you longer in game I have almost played 8 yrs... Now I just looked at your badge it’s only a 3 yr one.. wtf hahaha
Ravenkc: *something has gone wrong* hahah
RayRay: Yeah I forgot everything of my old stuff and can’t get it back grrr. But yes many years invested
Ravenkc: Well we all know Phoenix has been around for a long time, I have fought many wars against them, and so can you give us a bit of the Phoenix history for the new players
RayRay: Should as well have my 4 year badge next few days not sure as I don’t care
RayRay: Yes, Phoenix is a very old group! They were in NYC at one point warred NY when they split and went to Detroit. I believe even Hitsquad the Blood also warred with them against NYC. Phoenix was always killers and still are if they need to be. We fear nothing at all and love to have fun!
RayRay: I think you’ve even enjoyed some of the parties we throw in secret :P
Ravenkc: yes I agree they are old killers and work hard at maintaining that reputation

]Ravenkc: I do remember a war many years ago I think it had Phoenix, Rebels and Devils Gate Verse NYCU
Ravenkc: ??
RayRay: Yes, to be accurate. That is about right.
RayRay: It was a historical war Im sure many vets remember!Lasted a very long time, When wars were more real!
Ravenkc: yeah I can’t remember any details- Luke would know haha I was a noob then everything seemed crazy arrgghh hahah but it was a great war
RayRay: Agreed!

-Book 2-

In Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix (Greek: φοῖνιξ phoinix) is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Phoenix- reborn and ready to take part in TMB ranks once again and they aren’t going down without a fight!

Ravenkc: So you prefer to kill, have you ever been a collector?
RayRay: Yes, I do it from time to time. Even though i hate it, but for our great members I will. Two turbos ago I had the pleasure of doing this for Phoenix members. I was the named Shrek, and enjoyed every bit what we achieved! We work great together.
RayRay: But in reality I hate collecting !
RayRay: That turbo boosted moral for all Phoenix as we got a second family collecting and some tiers as Spankers
Ravenkc: Phoenix_Assassins, Phoenix_HQ, Phoenix_Madness, Rebels you guys are looking pretty strong these days - Oh wow so Turbo its the way to go dont give away too many secrets sweety
RayRay: That’s fine it’s been out but no one will ever know what we are doing
RayRay: It’s important to me that the guys and ladies in Phoenix are known! We are not scared.
Ravenkc: So tell me of some of the names of the best killers in Phoenix atm??
RayRay: Ok yes, we are doing awesome. I returned about 3 months ago seeing Alex in the only Phoenix family all alone. The pile of ashes was sad. Going through getting a group together we all came back and lit the ashes on fire, thus rising the immortal bird once again! Big_Bad_Wolf alone and not interested, he too kind of lost hope. Three years ago he gave me the Donship of Phoenix. So I knew what we had to do
Ravenkc: Yes Mr Big_Bad_Wolf
RayRay: Im not drunk enough to let the main killers be known as of yet, but rest assured we have some very good ones. I will throw out a nice few names, Lost_Assassin, Scaletta, Alphonso. They can and will hold their own
Ravenkc: Oh yes I do know of Alphonso and Scaletta... have you guys been in any recent wars?
RayRay: We warred with Nameless for a couple rounds, but wars aren’t the same today. they suck when you can’t 00 anyone and only can drive by kill on revenges.
RayRay: the small war with nameless was very fun gave people some fun back though.
Ravenkc: And what’s the low down on that- how did it all come about, I thought you all were in the same union?
RayRay: We were at some point. We were in Titans. It came after we left. Not for anything really just some differences. Everyone thinking that Phoenix couldn’t hold their own or be strong, has now been proven. I Have nothing bad to say about Dom, Cracker, or nameless. They in the end showed everyone we are not afraid and that we would fight back against anyone. We even had a bit of fun against UC at the same time.
RayRay: In reality Titans were going through a change and for Phoenix just coming back I think a second round we were not ready for that.
Ravenkc: Well then Phoenix have taken on Nameless and UC!! That’s surely something to be proud of
Ravenkc: There are no more Titans now??
RayRay: Meh we are not going to boast
Ravenkc: lmfao I am boasting for you- I always get the shit jobs!! don’t worry I will get all the hate mail for it haha
RayRay: Titans are done.What was left of a falling hero merged to legends.
RayRay: Oh im sure ill get it too.
Ravenkc: And what do you think of Legends are they a union to watch out for?
RayRay: What kicked off the war in reality, was I got sick of politics one night and walked through Titans all on my own, I knew it would get some eyes to open at that point and that’s what we needed.
RayRay: Legends are a great bunch, no doubt. When we left Titans we were going to start Detroit Union then but some ideas came to play and we choose that route. Again depriving ourselves what we needed. Gunny is a great Don and I have much respect for him. If they need our help we will be there for sure
Ravenkc: shit so I should arm up then.. hahahah
RayRay: Whether in reality they can take over the game in reality Im going to keep it real! Eck and all of IU have my respect they have held tough many years and it will take a lot more than the whole game to turn on them to destroy them
Ravenkc: Its weird talking to my enemies, I have a Taser with me Ray hahaha
RayRay: No, You don’t need to fear Legends they all get lap dances smoke up and enjoy life... If they touch you then they will have many after them as Woowzaa learned
RayRay: Me an enemy? I have never been lol.But you can taze me i like kinky
RayRay: wouldn’t be my first!
Ravenkc: lmfao well you are on the other side I mean... Detroit hehe I have never been!! no no I am kidding you are not my enemy dear
RayRay: I know lol. We are on the other side but we’ve always liked the challenge as well. Why be on top when you can fight your way there? As well we have always been cool with West Coast. They do provide us the best Pot around
RayRay: (chuckle)
Ravenkc: haha yeah I kinda am a bit funny about that leaf- i like to think of it as a tomato tree hahah
Ravenkc: I try to make it the pink icon but Blizz changes it on me;(
RayRay: a wonderful weed lol
Ravenkc: So many TMB players seem to smoke pot, I personally hate the shit, I think it makes people unmotivated and stagnant in life
RayRay: a pink strain would be awesome and make a fortune
RayRay: well for some that may be so
RayRay: Its been years since I’ve smoked but if the world did we would achieve world peace
Ravenkc: Ok so get off the pot Ray!! Back to the Game so Phoenix are making a wise move on turbos! That’s great and are their own union
Ravenkc: Is there anything else we can all look out for on the topic of the Rise of the Phoenix??
RayRay: we are making moves in minis and as well Mains!
RayRay: You can rest assured Phoenix won’t die again, we are a thorn in TMB and all who don’t like it can suck it. We’ve had many successes and many more coming.
RayRay: We have chosen to stand tall, have our guns up loaded and ready to fight and take on anyone. Not afraid to do anything. We are gaining every new player we can training them personally.
RayRay: We will bring back the love and pleasure to even new players. Teach them as well as vets forgotten how to become great at their gaming!
Ravenkc: Well, that sounds awesome, I wish you and all your players all the best in your future domination of the TMB underworld, already making a mark and are notorious Phoenix are surely an example of a strong, long standing union in TMB.
Ravenkc: That’s a wrap RayRay and I am going to give you the stage now to make some shout outs because you are so awesome...
RayRay: Thank you dear, we won’t let our Phoenix fans down again I don’t plan to leave ever until I die for real! Or the internet goes extinct!
Ravenkc: hahha oh no dont die;(


RayRay: I would like to say we too have an awesome Queen great leaders thanks to Tophat, Lost_Assassin, Alphonso, Scaletta, Terron, Joker, and hell with it they know I (heart) them all! SHOUTS TO ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE ROCK TMB AND THEY ALL KNOW IT. KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK LETS CONTINUE TO SHOW THEM WHAT HAPY PLAYERS DO!
RayRay: *** and im not dying any time soon but I do have a will on the site for those to carry on in case Eck puts a hit out on me :P
Ravenkc: hahahahaha
RayRay: i miss u making them for me
RayRay: (inlove)
Ravenkc: lmfao oh yeah I use to make them but I didn’t think anyone liked them ;( but it may have been that crazy voice in my head it tells me bad things alot of times
RayRay: I always loved them but I was away a long time (hug) you made my favorites always
RayRay: people are jerks and btw in rl I want to say I’m proud of you, every hurdle you crossed you cleared it and the mountains you climbed you climbed to sled down the other side you’re an amazing lady!
RayRay: Lost_Assassin sent you hugs too
Ravenkc: thanks Ray ILU 2- much love and Respect xxxxx

RayRay brushed off his mighty wings and left a pile of ashes on the TMB Studio floor, His flames set fire to my pink lounge and I got kinda angry about that, but I had to remember he was half human, half Phoenix and he can’t help being re-born again; I wished him well and quickly got the dust pan and brush out to clean the Ashes up before Storm walked in and abused me for the mess, in amongst the Ashes I found a gold ring with a purple stone, It had an engraving on the inside “Raven, One Ring to Rule Them All” it was in Elvish, I started laughing and fluttered my eye lashes, “Oh Ray” …

That’s The Latest Interview from the Amazing TMB Studios
TMB Queen xXx

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