Back in Round 594 the top two unions of recent times, IU and WC, looked as if they finally had a challenger. This challenger was Titans who had slowly been gathering momentum for quite a few rounds now. In Round 594, this growing union finished 2nd taking the silver union medal. Little did many know at the time on the outside of Titans that this high position was a last rally before Titans would split and families go in there own directions.

Understandably there must of been tension and pressure with the new rules meaning that only 30 members could rank from the union which was towards the end 100+ strong. Now we are going to speak to Da_Secrect, Domineco and Sir_White_Dragon to see what actually happened.

Firstly we go to the former don of Titans and the now Boss of the Nameless family Domenico.

for his view on where the Titans went wrong and why it crumbled.

"It was the idea with Titans to unite everyone together to try and take on IU. I went from not playing the game for a few months, to being a brug in Prophecy, to talking to the people running Titans, to taking on end of round responsibilities, to bringing nameless back, to being one of the main bankers, to being union don. all in the span of about three months.

When i joined Titans ICS and Phoenix didnt even exist in the gameanymore, and Killa Thug was still in state sponsored vacation. It just goes to show how quickly things can change in the game.

To this day i think the biggest strength with Titans was also the biggest weakness. We took in so many families, so many players, with the ideal of taking down IU and making a difference in the game. But that ideal wears out over time. ICS was ready to leave Titans a month ago because they didnt like Max as Don, they thought he was weak and wanted the title more than he could actually fill the role out. I had FYUU set up with NameLess, HKU, Coffin, and Phoenix.

We were going to split from Titans and make FYUU a legit union again, and then ICS was going to leave Titans and make their own union.

Then i had an hours long conversation with an old friend. He convinced me that the game needed Titans as a super power to take down IU. In that night, i sent messages to ICS, i sent messages to the people who were lined up to join FYUU, and just merged everything together. I kept ICS from leaving, got instant access to Titans of all the families i had set up for FYUU, and Max handed me Don because he saw what i was trying to do. Gunny had just been named and taken union consig even though he knew he planned on leaving anyways, so that carried over.

So it bought Titans new life, and it created the super union. Almost every family in the game together that wasnt WC or IU. As Don i tried to make it a point to tell people, im not here to boss everyone around, im here to be a facilitator to all the families involved. I also put forth a plan to streamline the council, from just adding people who helped out, to adding just two representatives from each family in the union.

This was to keep the council from getting too big and cumbersome, and keepthe council from being 25 people, which is what it was heading towards.

It worked for two rounds. Then i missed an EOR, Gunny said he would handle it, but he gavecontrol of it to Saint. They ended up not medaling the union, which was supposed to be the main goal, and then they also tiered all ICS people.

I sent Gunny a message, the now infamous message, calling him out on how the EOR went. I said i was dissapointed in how the union didnt finish top three, how ICS people only got tiered, and that Gunny had some of his own ICS people mad at him for how he had been sniping people from
other ICS families to join his family in Firm. I thought if it was just between me and Gunny,we could argue about it and work it out, but he took it as a personal insult, and that was apparently the beginning of the end.

Ive been hearing from other people in the game that they spent all of their last round in Titans planning defection after i sent that message to Gunny.

I got a message from Gunny with two days to go in last round that ICS was leaving. I was pissed about it because of how much ICS had used the union to rank their own guys and not put theunion first. They took it as me being a power hungry asshole and trying to control them. Then a few hours later i got a message from Scrappy saying that Phoenix was leaving the union also, because Phoenix wanted to start their own Detroit union, and he thanked me for their time in Titans to get on their feet.

None of it sat well, but i still figured Titans would be the biggest union in the game, with ICS going one way, Phoenix going another way, and even with everyone being wary of each other they still agreed IU was the biggest enemy in the game.

I sent a message to Gunny and Scrappy at that point. I told them that if i was the main problem here, i would hand being Don of Titans to Gunny, take NameLess and make us an independent family, and Titans could stay together under Gunny, and NameLess would be completely separate
from the union, us doing our own thing going for a family rank.

Scrappy messaged me back and said he was impressed with my humility and honesty, but Phoenix was still going to do their own thing. Then I saw messages from Viking of MBU and uggy of Hitsquad on the union board, that they still wanted to keep Titans going and eff ICS and Phoenix for leaving. So after seeing the message from Scrappy about how they were doing their own thing no matter what, and seeing the union wanting to stick together, i sent a message to Gunny that the deal was off the table, I was still going to lead Titans.

Then I logged into this round, and thats when I realized the lengths of the treachery. ICS and Phoenix formed together to make Legends, which they lied about to me, they each said they were doing their own thing. Pops had brought back Omerta officially, which wasnt a problem but it just gives legends another legit family.

Then Killer-thug, who had trashed ICS and Phoenix especially for leaving, he left Titans for Legends because he saw Pops had made Omerta, and he
said he has always been Omerta and wanted to be with them.

Then as just the additional kick in the nuts, Hitsquad informed me that they were going to stay as an independent family to go for family rank. I told them that it was the worst possible timing for this, as Titans needed them to still show strength, but they decided to do it anyways. Hitsquad still considered themselves Titans for another round or two, but they havent
joined a union again.

So thats where it stood after the initial break up. Titans was NameLess, Southside, Enforcers, and MBU with some random straggler families mixed in as well.

Legends is ICS, Omerta, and Phoenix. And although werent enemies, there was no love lost between the unions. Apparently it was my fault that i was pissed about how it all went down, because i had them tell me im acting
like the two year old who is being left out of the cool kid party. But at this point i could give a fuck less, it is what it is.

They are united as seeing me as the bad guy. Which good for them, but im making it a point not to feed into that now. I give them doing really well this round as their honeymoon round, but give it a month and they will all be pissed with each other. ICS has always wanted total control, its why I was made Don of Titans in the first place, and its why they ended up leaving Titans.

Phoenix cant swallow an ego for the life of them, so i can totally see them becoming resentful that they are clearly second fiddle there. Its the main reason Scrappy was made union consig there, to pacify that, but the real problems with that will come out in time.

During the first round of Legends, things just escalated and it became more and more of a bad split. Cracker and I talked a ton about it, and eventually we just decided fuck it. We were going full indie at the end of the round. I handed union don back to max around day five, made Viking union consig, and told them we were officially out of it. We couldnt leave the union
physically, but we were done dealing with any of the BS that went along with it.

Max told me mutiple times that they were going to keep Titans going, but that turned out to be a bold face lie, as all of Titans merged into Legends at the start of the new round. After Scrappy lying about Phoenix two rounds before, and then Max lying about it that round, thats when i knew
cracker and I had made the right choice. We were going to stay indie and have fun.

RayRay of Phoenix, and Saint of ICS loved talking shit to us, Saint devoted his profile to taunting us all round, so it was just natural to hit Legends as our first real target back on the indie scene.

I dont know the exact details of what went on with Legends, but ive heard pieces from a bunch of people. Omerta isnt there anymore, and pops refuses to join any family because he doesnt want to deal with the politics anymore. One round in legends is all it took.

Phoenix left or got booted, i heard the latter but will give it the benefit of the doubt. Its very hard for anyone to get along with RayRay long term. Scrappy, who was the consig of legends, and the co-don of Phoenix at one point, isnt even with Phoenix anymore. Turns out it wasnt just me that was the problem, because Legends just keeps shrinking.

I dont miss the union life at all, i dont miss banking for five hours after work every night and NameLess is having a lot of fun, we have a seriously jnawesome crew assembled"
So Domenico has had some strong words to say about it, and although it seems a bit of a call out to a few people in his comments, I think with the grief he has taken that it is good that he has shared his side of the story and maybe open a few peoples eyes up. Either way nameless seem to be going well and they seem to be having a good time which is the main thing. We now move onto one of the co-founders of titans in Sir_White_Dragon.

"Titans fell through disorder. As co founder of titans the other guy who founded with me had ti leave game for personal reasons leaving me in charge with max as me second. Carried on building and all and through personal reasons I had to leave the game fkr a few rounds leaving max in charge . I come bak anf its collapsed into Legends but Legends is the future as it is stronger then obviously the Titan's structure as doesnt rely on couple of people"
So with two different views on how Legends are getting on with Domenico thinking they are becoming weaker Sir_White_Dragon is looking forward to good time and believe they are stronger, we will now look at comments of a game veteran Da_secret

who also made the change from Titans to Legends:

"Titans were a bunch of families banding together with the common goal being to challenge IU. There were moments of success and failure in that short period of time. We successfully started running a 24 hour bank, we took several ranks each round and even won a turbo round. With success though comes the of the issue of people's ego's needing to be fed (that is on both sides) and that ultimately being the thing that ripped it all apart.

The boiling point came when Saint-Bread was spreading cash at EOR and the original plan of who was ranking didn't happen which rightfully so pissed Domenico off.

Domenico and Gunchester's working relationship at that point became strained and ICS began making plans for an exit. Domenico and Phoenix were having issues of their own and Phoenix and ICS came together to form a new union.

Phoenix, ICS and Omerta went on to form Legends.

Namesless, SouthSide, Enforcers, MBU Stayed on as Titans.

The breakup after that was a bit messy with a lot of things going back and forth from both sides and led to a brief Legends/Titans war. Truthfully most of the active bankers/supporters ended up in Legends from the split so baring something major happening, Titans was dead the moment they left. I think 1 or 2 rounds later MBU, Enforcers, Southside all joined up with
Legends and Titans were no more."
So there we have it. Domenico was telling the truth about the eor distribution of cash, but he had strained relationships with Phoenix and ICS so is he difficult to work with?

Are Legends getting stronger or weaker?

And the main question is can anyone bring down IU?

Any extra information or comments regarding "The Fall of Titan's" please do comment below as many would like to see the full picture of what happened.

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