The Importance of Community

Humans. We are relational beings. From the dawn of time, we have always needed some sort of companionship. Every tradition, tribe or religion has some sort of creation story that includes a man and a woman. Even in scientific communities, with evolution and beyond, they agree that there have been primal instincts from the creation of our species, to stick together – find companionship and engage in community. From all walks of life, there are stories about how we came to be. Whether you believe in Intelligent Design or you fall in the camp that Charles Darwin discovered, you cannot deny the fact that community and relationships are vital to our survival as human beings.

The Mafia Boss was created in May of 2005. Since its inception, it has attracted all types of people – seeking out some sort of community. The Mafia Boss has always been a haven for some who were looking to meet new people, experience new culture and enjoy some good ‘ole MMORPG interaction with like-minded people. This is why blogs were created and have remained a staple in TMB’s Main Menu Interaction. Let’s take a moment to talk to a few old timers and long-time players that are still roaming the streets of TMB.

Blogger: How has The Mafia Boss brought friendships into your life?
Ravenkc: I have created many friendships over the years during my time playing TMB, 7 years is a long time and some I have spoken to for that long!! I have actually met 2 people from the game, one an Aussie lady from Melbourne and a friend from America, came over and stayed with me for a week I have had a few that supported me during times when I was in hospital and have been there for me on many occasions.
Blogger: How much have you enjoyed your time here on TMB?
Ravenkc: I have had many laughs and a few tears but I can say I don’t regret any of it and have found some life-long mates through TMB.
Blogger: Thanks so much for your help!
Let’s hear from another player who has been here since before round 25!

Blogger: Good Evening, Cracker! Here’s a question for you – how long have you been playing?
cracker: I’ve been playing TMB for about 8 years.
Blogger: Who was your first friend and do you keep in contact with them?
cracker: First friend I really made in TMB was mud. I haven’t talked to him in forever. He doesn’t really play no more. I have made quite a few friends on here I keep in contact with even if one of us isn’t playing at the time.
Blogger: What kind of community has been created in your time here on TMB?
cracker: Keeps me plugged into the game and pulls me in when I take a break.
Blogger: What would happen if all the community aspects of the game were taken away?
cracker: I think it would be detrimental to the site as you would have no info going to the outside players that maybe took a break or stopped playing.
Blogger: Thank you so much for your time! Enjoy the rest of Round 602!
While I was traveling through the streets of Detroit a few days ago, I was able to connect with Constanzia. She and Lucky_Chevy have been running HitSquad basically Susie_Q left several hundred rounds ago. It’s always wonderful to sit and talk with her, let’s see what she had to say to my questions!

Blogger: Good morning, Constanzia! How long have you been playing TMB?
Constanzia: I’ve been playing TMB for close to 5 years, with few breaks in between.
Blogger: 5 years is quite a bit of time! Is there someone that was first to become your friend?
Constanzia: My first TMB friend was blueniNJa and yes we're still friends.
Blogger: What kind of community do you think has been created in your five years here on TMB?
Constanzia: I’ve got no idea what kind of community has been created since I started playing. I don’t put much thought into community forums and such.
Blogger: Do you think that the community aspects of the game are important?
Constanzia: At times I post something in forums or blogs but that's about it. Haven’t even properly read a blog in a long time. It wouldn’t affect me at all if all community aspects of the game were taken away. As long as i can send messages and talk with my family in family boards I’m fine

Friendships and community make up who we are. Whether you like the family boards or you get your kicks and giggles from the public forums, having some form of community in our time here on TMB is vital to how we grow! Our experiences with people shape how we view things, how we react to situations and how we grow as people. So comment when the reporters say something to you! It’s an important part of our community! It’s comments like these that build community. Thank you, Ravenkc, cracker, and Constanzia, for being an interactive and vital part of our TMB community!

Beyond what some of the old timers are saying, I decided to take a trip throughout our TMB World myself and get some answers! I posted questions to our boards before I left and found out that people can take the questions and go in a dramatically different direction than requested. People will only say what they want to say, I guess! I asked this one question everywhere I went: When you think of community, what comes to mind? Here’s an account of my journey through our cities.

When I got in my plane, the first place I decided to go was Detroit. As soon as I was above the city, I saw the total carnage. As I walked through the streets of Detroit, I was met with several signs posted, saying,


I didn’t like this very much, because they had some gruesome images on the pages… and I saw plenty of dead bodies all over the streets. Scaletta was there at the curb to greet me once I entered Detroit city limits. They take this lockdown seriously! While he was walking me through to an interview with ChicanoWolf, I was able to ask him this:

Blogger: Scaletta, what do you think about the community here in TMB right now?
Scaletta: I'd say the community when I first joined was hell of a lot better than it is now. No one is as friendly as they use to be. It seems people have forgotten we play a game.
Blogger: What would happen if you couldn’t get in contact with anyone else on the game except through messages and what would happen if TMB just took away the forums?
Scaletta: If the community forums got taken away, I think I’d stop playing.
After talking with Scaletta, I met with ChicanoWolf leader of the Rebels nearby in a local bar I myself love to frequent and I was able to get this from him.

“I think of a group of people that are involved in together in a certain aspect of life...whether a city, town, TMB (online interactive games), or group of people that stand together for certain causes or whatever reasons. Whether if it's online, in person, in letters, etc.”

I attempted to enter the NameLess domain, but it smelled weird so I steered clear. I’ve heard too much about some inappropriate behavior happening on their premises. However, I was able to catch JohnnyTrueLove on his way in and he described community like this,

“The people around you that you associate or disassociate yourself with.”

Just after that, a large limousine pulled up and out popped Domenico, who has been playing off and on for nearly 8 years. I wanted his opinion about community and decided to ask him the same questions I asked Ravenkc, cracker & Scaletta. Here’s how that interview went.

Blogger: Hey Domenico! How long have you been playing our lovely game, TMB?
Domenico: I’ve been playing since round 23.
Blogger: Who was your first friend in the game?
Domenico: My real life buddy Andy got me into the game to help fill his family out. The first friend I made actually in the game was Squishywork, the Punishers consign.
Blogger: Are you still friends with them?
Domenico: With Andy, yes. Squishyworm hasn’t played the game in years, no idea what he is up to.
Blogger: What kind of community has been created in your time playing TMB?
Domenico: A close knit one. The game used to be massive, but these days most people know most people.
Blogger: How has this close knit community feel affected you?
Ive met up in person with around six people in person in the game. Also have some lifelong friends, people I still talk to even when I’m not active in the game.
Blogger: What do you think would happen if all aspects of community were removed from TMB – or any website for that matter?
Domenico: The game would die, simply put. Crunching the numbers and the hits aren’t the fun, it’s the family you do it with and the families you do it to.
Blogger: Thanks for your time, Domenico! Enjoy the NameLess Hideout!
Let’s see what else there is in store for the rest of my trip – off to Istanbul! What a beautiful city!

I entered Istanbul and was met with some very happy looking people. However, they didn’t want to say a thing to me, except I got one comment out of Roughy, “Cupcakes.” But that didn’t help me, (SOMEONE SEND HIM A BAKER!), so I traveled on. I flew to Los Angeles and noticed the high class these ladies and their men lived in. Everyone seemed like they were sitting pretty with a few random potshots from families around the world coming in every now and then. I walked up and down the streets of this massive city, but was given a cold shoulder practically every time. I noticed that IU and WC were closer than I had ever seen them before. I tried getting in to see Blizzard_420, but he was well protected. I spoke with dieslow, which is a new name to me, but I have always loved getting the opinion of the lower ranking mafioso’s in the game. All he said to me was this, “I don’t know s**t.”

From here, I flew to Las Vegas and didn’t hear or see anything, except for the occasional racist slur or shriek from Mr_Worker. It seemed like a ghost town! Where is everyone?! I ran into a member of Hooligans and asked him what’s going on here in Las Vegas!

His response,

“Gambling, Prostitution... and bit of war here and there.”

Community is important, friends. I hope you see how important it is to be active, to share what you’re feeling; to talk about what’s going on in your lives. Roving Reporter and myself, Blogger, are here to help grow the community, not pit you against one another. We will do our very best to report the truth. 100% honest truth for what people are saying and what we are observing. Some blogs may be very controversial; but what member of the mafia DOESN’T like controversy?!

There were plenty of cities in my travels, but the streets seem to be empty. How do we bring more people into our families? Share your best recruiting techniques! What makes YOUR city hop? Is there something about your city that brings it to life? Is it your family? The greatest part about our wonderful Mafia Boss game is the community that surrounds our cities located on the main menu page. It’s vital to stay connected to our communities. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Google+ all have TMB profiles – let’s connect! Don’t miss the opportunity to connect here in the blogs and on the forums! Give us some feedback! What makes the community your family has created special?

Signing off,
Friendly Blogger

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