-From shameless to NamelesS-
An Interview with a one star Vet from a Men in Tights Background

***Chapter 1- Scraping Pandorers Box to trying on new Tights***

Capobianco: I have been Capobianco, or some variation of it, since like. Ever

Capobianco: Except when I exposed rhinos and that they were infact sexual.

Ravenkc: Hush young darling, we are beginning your interview now


Sexual TLC 90s music plays in the background of Ravenkcs TMB Studio

Ravenkc: ok so I have here in the TMB Studio today some mad cunt, he is causing waves in the game with his crazy thread and blog posts and he keeps trying to get up my skirt.. I believe this will be interesting to all readers, Please make welcome Capobianco!!!

Ravenkc: Ok so you have been a member of tmb since 2002

Ravenkc: what fams do u hail from?

Capobianco: I wish it was waves. Fucking internet people, everyone is so mean, especially you.
If I use a leaf-blower, and blow up your skirt, does that mean I see your panties? Oh, I hope you're wearing bloomers, or a diaper. Diapers are hot.

Ravenkc: umm if I had to wear a Diaper it must be pink

Capobianco: And yes. Feb 31st, 2002.
I've been apart of Avalon, for like 10 minutes.
Then I went to some fucking family with compass points, and a yellow icon, for like 20 minutes..
My lineage sucks ass.
But, I was pretty pissed when I got 0d. I really remember grabbing my keyboard and squeezing it. I raged..

Capobianco: You really don't have to post this interview, holy shit I'm fucking boring.. I didnt realize this until now. Maybe this is why I've never been interviewed..

Ravenkc: umm wtf do you mean I am mean.. well you have been around a long time.. you must have stayed somewhere

Ravenkc: come on asshead I went and done a pee.. got a banana drink and you still have not responded .. fucking americans

Capobianco: I bounced a lot, like a fucking ball.
However, I did get invited to ICS_Chordary by Lancelot, and OneChance. Great people!
There I learned to collect, which I absolutely fucking hate.. It's boring.
I don't rememer any "amazing wars" from ICS, we always got hit, but got told to just build Hitmen and hustlers, and collect. Don't hit back.. Pussies..
Anywho, I got tired of that, and then I left, created, or re-created a family called Undead, we were 2 families strong(fuck you, that's a lot.
Then we tried to take Liverpool, I got with ICS, and had them help. Well, by eor, they had flipped and hit both undead, and pandoras_box, around rnd 198-199.
So, undead bein the noobs we were, disbanded.
I went to pandoras, and killed ICS.. That's basically turning a frown upside down, and will you do seductive shit with that banana?
Also.. I'm typing very slow, just to piss you off now.. Is it torturing you yet?
One second, I'll send it. Just one more minute.
I love bananas, especially mine.
I mean bananas figuratively. Can I call my peen a banana if I'm not circumcised? You basically have to treat it like a banana, peel it back, and stuff..

Capobianco: Also, what the fuck is "done a pee"
You Aussies talk funny.. It creeps me out.

Ravenkc: I can tell you are only 19...

Ravenkc: a pee. you know taking a piss.. fucking ladies room

Capobianco: Actually, I'm really high right now.. I'm not taking this seriously, or being my regular self, basically? I've realized I'm fucking boring, and have done absolutely nothing in this game, and don't deserve to be interviewed lmao

***Chapter 2- NamelesS But not Sameness, they have reinvented themselves
And remembering –The Men in Tights- ***

Ravenkc: what is this current family you are in, Nameless??

Capobianco: Oh, nameless.
Yeah, that's a great group of people, lovely bunch. I had to leave the warehouse, it smelt horrible, and fucking bunch refused to wear his maid outfit, so he hasn't swept in forever, so there's condoms, and human ejaculation fluids everywhere

Capobianco: What's this family you're currently in?

Capobianco: Also, since I'm in your family, why do we have a pink icon, AND a unicorn? I feel like all were missing is fucking glitter, and a man-thong..

Ravenkc: Well Im a girl..

Ravenkc: well now ur in WC...

Ravenkc: with meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Capobianco: Actually, speaking if man-thongs. I might have one, from my MiT days

Capobianco: Oh please let me try it on for you.
I can make my penis do some crazy stuff, when that beat drops.
Ravenkc: Oh yeah can you tell me about Men In Tights Days PLZ!

Capobianco: Oh yay!
Well, basically. Wait for it, go get you a pee, and go for a banana drink again.

Capobianco: Basically, I asked for an invite to the Tent, and I got sent the questionnaire.
Being the noob I am, I filled it out, ALL of IT! I even researched funny phobias!
I got an invite, and within a day, I was kicked out..

Ravenkc: LOL

Capobianco: So, I somehow met MerryGentry (Ana) I don't even fucking remember how.
But, she invited me to MiT, cus she was usually boss, or consig at the time.
Well, there I was abused, and had a serious argument with SexualChocolate about how he was stupid for correcting me "I believe I told him he doesn't make since" and he said "sense"
So, which I replied "ha! You spelt it wrong, dumb ass"
He assaulted me, something about drinking draino, I called his mother a whore(oops) and then, everyone fucking got in on it, even my now really amazing friend, big brother figure, and King of Speedos, BenDover"

Capobianco: I spent like 15 rounds there, until my retirement.
I learned to be an asshole, annoy people, got to war with them, though most the time, we didn't activate..
I miss MiT days. I was Ana's noob, and even though everyone hated me, because I was illiterate.. I think they secretly liked me.

Ravenkc: OMG I love Sex choc

Ravenkc: Id always tease him and trevor

Capobianco: HES A DICK

Ravenkc: well maybe thats why I teased him

Capobianco: Remind me who Trevor was, again?

Capobianco: Everyone was so familiar with names, I'm horrible with them.
Like, I think you told me your name? And I fucking forgot it already. I also forgot crackers name, and he's on my kik..

Ravenkc: wow, my name is Ravenkc

Ravenkc: LMFAO

Ravenkc: wtf dude, ur really weird

Capobianco: I meant your actual name, never fucking mind..

Ravenkc: lol its Ky

Ravenkc: thats not hard to work out

Ravenkc: hahah

Capobianco: I'm seriously bored with this interview, and my high is wearing off, i have a boring TMB history

Ravenkc: oh yeah so you are from MiT, can you just stfu!

Ravenkc: I want to know about your thread name???

Capobianco: My story shouldn't be told, I lied.

Ravenkc: look man you hassled me for rounds and abused me I only interview IU

Capobianco: That again? Is boring.
I didn't know it was fucking permanent.. So, I made this random ass name.

Capobianco: No! I said you only interviewed 4 stars? And I see why now, we free players are boring as shit.

Ravenkc: oh ok, I get alot of hatemail, I get confused..

Capobianco: Seriously, If you post this. I'm going to be making fun of myself, because this interview thus far, is absolutely boring as fuck, and I have gotten no where

***Chapter 3- A NamelesS War, Warriors Came out to ‘Play Yeyyyyyy’***

Ravenkc: tell me about the war between Nameless and Warriors...
Ravenkc: the inside story none of the blog shit

Capobianco: Omg, you're so.. I say I'm bored? And you keep on. God damn it.

Ravenkc: I dont give up easy.
Ravenkc: its a gift of mine, or a curse..

Capobianco: Well, basically. We were looking for targets, and we had competed with warriors a lot in family ranks, not obvious of course, but they had got family gold, like a lot. Totes.
So, we were deciding on targets still, I had built, and I 0d a good amount.
Then, everyone else started hitting them.
It was fun, we were sending hate mail back and fourth, build offs, calling out targets.
Then.. Day 2, Murderer decides to tell us that if we don't stop hitting Warriors, then we die.
Capobianco: I'm sayin it's a curse.

Ravenkc: awww.. he is my TMB son..
Ravenkc: too bad he had to put a stop to that

Capobianco: So, it was discussed, thoroughly through the boards, and we decided to not hit warriors, because it's cliche to hit IU, when everyone and their mother(ha) is hitting them, so.. The next round, we hit London, I stopped hiring, and signing in, thus lead to my thread post, and now I'm here?

Ravenkc: I think he has 3 gfs in that family

Capobianco: 3 gfs?
Haggs, Soe, and Basciano?

Ravenkc: so you have mental issues?
Ravenkc: I cant give up his gfs names

Capobianco: Soe would make a great girlfriend.
I mean honestly, like he told me... Well, I can't share our secrets but, ya know.

Ravenkc: SOE is pretty cool

Capobianco: Actually? I don't have mental issues. But, I do have horrible ADHD, and STDs.
Capobianco: I tried to join them before you sent me an invite.
Stupid fuckers wanted me to make a sing a long for them.. That was to much work.

Ravenkc: I knew u had mental issues, or a disorder.. you post with both creativity and energy
Ravenkc: I have bipolar, so playing tmb can be a challenge for me I cant stay good.. or I am overly good.. or ... actually Im just.. you cant figure me out

****Chapter 4- From Bipolar, to V and Drudge, a NamelesS Discussion****

Ravenkc: Im always in trouble..

Capobianco: Yea, it's a curse because my mind can't stay focused on one thing, unless I'm insanely high, that's when I send hate-mail, and I'm cold, and calculating.
You really are BiPolar. Remember how we first met? I asked you for sexual favors, and you replied "fuck off, cunt. I'm sick, and don't feel good. Who the fuck are you anyway"

Ravenkc: LMFAO
Ravenkc: yes I do, plus now I have a bad memory.. I sent that lol
Ravenkc: you were hating on me wth bunch over my blogs

Capobianco: You blocked me after that. ): I always messaged you, and you always blocked me

Ravenkc: because you are in this gang with Drudge and V.. you all hate me

Capobianco: I hate drudge, and I sincerely hate V.
Capobianco: If I could stab anybody with a bottle, it would be him. He's so fucking annoying, and really gets on my vagina.
I mean, I can be annoying, but V just goes bonkers

Ravenkc: I love V at times.. but he hates me so much..;( I am so sad about that
Ravenkc: my fav drink is a V drink too

Capobianco: Also, I don't hate you, perse.
In actually very nice, and have cool conversations with people. I'm just insanely sarcastic, like all the time. It's horrible.
Edit that out. I don't want people to know my secret

Ravenkc: I dont think I will

Capobianco: What the fuck is in a v drink?

Ravenkc: Taurine, vitamins, you know an energy drink and all the good shit

Capobianco: Virgins? Vicodins?
Capobianco: Omg. Both

Ravenkc: OK so your a nameless JerK!! And you are a pest on the threads..
Ravenkc: what is your TMB future>????

Capobianco: Get frozen

Ravenkc: Do you hope to write me blogs!! Oh Frozen that’s a good movie I like the blonde girl

Ravenkc: why do you want to get frozen? is the addiction so bad?

Capobianco: Without making a multi, but solely by annoying our admin, and he just freeze me, cause he can, Capobianco: I think my blog days are over. I don't see how you do it..
I just wanna get frozen, and have people look and be like "ha! Dumbass, he's so stupid, probably made a multi, oh look, another IU multi"

Ravenkc: I think you need a real life project
Ravenkc: cause you just sound bored out of ur brains

Capobianco: I really am.. I work 60 hours a week, and I have no other hobby..

Ravenkc: fuck so u need to buy a sub to be in my fam bub

Capobianco: Well, you can't kick me out, so fuck you.
Capobianco: I've spent only 5 dollars on this game, and that was like round 200's.
Capobianco: You ever itched your eye so hard, you enter another realm of colors, and shapes?

Ravenkc: you mean, your not even going to try and impress me

Ravenkc: I think I will have to block you again

Capobianco: Impress you? By buying a sub?
I can show you a picture of my nipples though?

Ravenkc: psst.

Capobianco: I show most of nameless my nipples. Like a Initiation process of sorts.

Ravenkc: there all old pervs
Ravenkc: ok few quick questions...

Capobianco: Probably why they like to see my nipples..


Ravenkc: First thing that comes to mind when you see Storms name in game?

Capobianco: Tax collectors
Capobianco: Scary man boobs
Capobianco: Being frozen.

Ravenkc: Who in Game if you had a choice would you like to aspire to be?

Capobianco: RavenKC
Capobianco: I heard she has "a great set of TITS"
Capobianco: Or ravenKy
Capobianco: Whichever is fucking accurate

Ravenkc: awwwwwww ur my fav player now!!!!
Ravenkc: ok fav fam?

Capobianco: Pandora's box, MIT, whichever family you, and I are in, together.
Capobianco: Can you tell I'm sucking up?
Capobianco: I'm hoping you don't post this horrendous fucking interfiew

Ravenkc: its so cute I dont ever get anyone sucking up to me)

Capobianco: What the shit is a interview?

Ravenkc: I am so going to!
Ravenkc: cause you guys say to me "You only interview 4 stars" or "you only interview IU"

Capobianco: Say interfiew really fast, sounds like some gun from Star Wars.. Ha!

Ravenkc: well here you are not a 4 star and not IU!!!

Capobianco: Yea, but - I'm your average free indy player.. Were boring af. I haven't made any successful families, as soon as this game becomes like work, I stop playing it. Lol
Ravenkc: ok young nutcase you come from MEN IN TIGHTS... and then you ripped them off and joined NAMELESS I hope you have much more fun to come in tmb!!! You can make shout outs to your loved ones and TMB enemies now, thanks cutie pie X

Capobianco: I'm serious about not posting this fucking shit

Ravenkc: I am dear

Ravenkc: I told you not to argue with me

Ravenkc: If you are gonna be my new tmb son

Capobianco: But, just in case you do, and I look like a fucking retard..
Were both going to get picked on for this shit.

Ravenkc: I get picked on regardless sweety pee

Capobianco: I'm going to be called worthless, and boring.
You're going to be called a washed up reporter.
Capobianco: I have a reputation!
I'm a fucking bad ass, people are going to see my insane ADHD side, and think they can talk shit to me. Then, I'm going to have to bite someone's fucking ear off, because of you

Ravenkc: you need to stfu and make your damn shout outs

Capobianco: I love when you're bossy, I hope this is where you stick a candle in my anus, that's always fun.

Ravenkc: I dont want to fuck my nails up..

Capobianco: Are they French tips?
Capobianco: I love French tips in my anus, I feel so fancyZ

Ravenkc: lol mine are so long you will regret this

Capobianco: Like, hey guys? I just got fingered by a girl with French tip nails.

Ravenkc: make ur shout outs now cunty

***Some NamelesS Shout OUTS!!! CapoBianco Style***

Capobianco: Ugh
Shoutout to my TMB baby mamas. I don't know who the fuck in referring to, but oh well.
Pandoras members
Rommydon, emceez'(you have to type his name like that..) Nick_diavolo, GHOST. Uh. Who ever the fuck else, oh - WL.. LEWJEPLAYER

Men in tights, mainly my lover Ben, and Ana. The rest of them are mean.

Fuck the tent,

Skidmark never let me in, so fuck them too.

Domenico, or domenique, as I call him.
Cracker, or.. I don't have a nickname for him.
Roro, the annoying Canadian.
Bunch, the faggot rankwhore who I hate, horribly,
Roger smith, wherever that bitch went,
Johnnytruelove, I love you. No homo. Def homo.
Killerbeaver, your vagina is still huge.
Jess, I hope we can go frolick in heroin fields, in the mist of a gangwar.
Cookie/princess/toxic, she has to many names, so shout out to hur.

And, the Aussie with great tits.

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