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This unusual for TMB story follows the life of good hearted and kind young man named James and how his life changed dramatically. This story takes place in the year 3014 in a modern day New York, still a City of hope and dreams that can be fulfilled...

James: New York City! Ah this is great right mom? This is truly a place of opportunity.

Especially when my father moved on and joined a new family, known as The Zannidello Family.

Markz: Load of what…Lackey?

Markz: You ain’t killing today; you stealing today.

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I decided since this was going to be a looting job, I’m gonna need a few guys to help me out. So I headed down to “The Gym”

James: Damn is musty as hell in here, but that ain’t important. I need to find some people to help me out on this job.

This isn’t an ordinary Gym…

Some of the most violent thugs come here. More often than not, we have high class people working out and their bodyguards around protecting them. It doesn’t take much to convince them work for you. Most Bodyguards are alcoholics and thugs will do anything weed, which Zannidello has plenty of narcotics.

James: Looks like I found some willing to do the job.

Bruce is a bodyguard for a male actress. It’s a pretty easy job in my opinion because people aren’t interested in the guy. Sometimes even women feel the same since he’s a bit of a

“fruitcake,” but really it’s because he’s not that famous. Bruce literally does nothing and tells him what to do. So much for a boss…

Manny on the other hand, has history in Los Angeles of being part of the Surenos. They have spread to the cities of New York and do a hefty amount of street crime. I’ve arrested some of them during my day job as a police officer, but since they have connections to other mafias and some of the Zannidello family, they get off without a charge.

James: Alright fellas. This job is simple. We go in. Get the loot. Go out. If people resist, we use our fist. I got some guns here, but only use it when you have too.

Manny: How we know when we have to?

James: You will know when you have to…

Bruce: No problem

Manny: Aight. I got a homie who down to, but it’s gonna cost you some more ounces.

James: That’s not a big deal. Bring them.

We headed for the joint apartments on 34th street for the raid. The report Markz gave me mentioned that the loot would there, because the apartments are owned by a rival mafia who do business there from time to time. I just got to figure exactly where.
With me, 1 bodyguard, and 2 thugs, we are 4 men deep, so I split us up in 2 groups. I have Bruce following me to search low, and Manny with his friend searching high.

James: Covers window glass with duct tape and breaks window. I think some unwanted company is in there. Let go in quite first. Don’t go loud unless they get load. Bruce you get the car started and follow me to the basement. Manny you take top floor.

Manny: Let’s go.

Bruce: Car’s started.
We go through the window and take our separate paths.

“Baby Doll”- Mommy would you feed me, I’m…
Bruce picked the doll up and through it out of the window as fast as he could

James: In a quiet voice. FUCK MAN! FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! This kid is slee---

Kid: Momma…
As I quickly covered the kid’s eyes and mouth, I whispered

James: I’m your momma’s best friend. Everything is alright just go back to sleep. I’m gonna go talk to her.
The kid quickly goes back to sleep. I make my way out the front door in the hallway. The basement is the last door around the corner.

James: It’s a good thing they are gullible when they are young. They believe anything and everything

Bruce: You’re fucking crazy man. Doing that to a kid!

James: And whose fucking fault is it for stepping on a damn toy. Watching your step and your mouth! At least I didn’t snap that little fucker’s neck. Let’s get this shit over with.

James: Makes way down basement. Jackpot! The money ain’t down here but they got the booze and drugs. Manny probably gonna run into some trouble, so let’s hurry and get this shit to get back to him upstairs.

Bruce: Gunshot!


I turn around to realize Bruce saved my life from one of the hired thugs of the
“Cororoni Family”
We suddenly start to hear more gunshots coming from upstairs. Manny is in some trouble.


Chapter 3- Going LOUD (Coming Later)

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