Welcomed to The Mafia Boss: The brother of a Known TMB Queen, an Innocent Insight into the life of the Party, The Boy from Brazil he jumps from family to family trying to find his place in this untamed land


The 2014 world cup and upcoming 2016 Olympics take place in the known party land of Brazil. So as I sit here facing Wesker many informative past times flash through my mind, for example: Brazil is known worldwide for its lively parties, beautiful people and appreciation for living life passionately. It is not in any way an understatement to say that you have not really partied until you have partied with Brazilians in Brazil, and more specifically, experienced Floripa nightlife for yourself. Weskers golden tan, and muscle ripped body, in just a thong.. makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but his broken English is somewhat cute, if I was single Id find it a challenge to take advantage of this young TMB Stud for the fun of it, and give him some English lessons in my private office!

Chapter 1- RU Warriors Beginning to NYCU and Omerta Collecting- Wesker the social Warrior-

Ravenkc: In the divine TMB Studio today we have a funny guy from Brazil! he is wearing a green and gold thong, thank fuck he has an amazing body, cause DAMN, lol I feel a little odd but in their country waxing is all the go!, please make welcome today the Brazilian Babe of TMB Wesker!!!!!

Soo.. Wesker how long have you been running around killing in the land of gangsters?

Wesker: Haha Well If my memory is correct about round 390 or near that

Ravenkc: year’s darling!!! ?????

Wesker: oh sorry my English, November i complete 3 years

Ravenkc: let me imagine your badge

Wesker: December actually

Ravenkc: ohh a red one huh, your like a little red corvette,
mine is a yukky green in my mind its like an old green dump truck;(

Wesker: it means experience, something is important

Ravenkc: Anyways so 3 yrs has past and who did you begin with?

Wesker: So as a few people know my sister invited me to play with her, she was in WC at that time so I joined her.

Ravenkc: And let the game know who is your very famous TMB Queen sister?

Wesker: It was xTrinity, my freaky sis

I didnt see why she enjoyed the game, i have to say i was really bored that time, rude people and just hire and collect lol

Ravenkc: West Coast!!! Oh LoRd, I just got wet.. your sis was hanging with my guy Blizzard.. hmm she is always hanging around my men!! lucky I love her we have an agreement..

Wesker: lol yeah

Ravenkc: lmfao so what actually inspired you to continue playing?

Wesker: So she told me give it a chance, then that time i met an awesome girl and my oldest friend wisegurl.

Ravenkc: yet another TMB Queen, I see a pattern forming here, raise eyebrow

Wesker: she told me she was leaving that she had a friend called Haggs who had a family, and invited me to go with her, then i went
RU_Warriors was the family

Ravenkc: I have a huge smile across my face as I was also in this family at the time

Wesker: really? i don’t remember u there haha, well that was some time ago

Ravenkc: jesus christ I abused you and got you zeroed a few times, because you are a perverted dude

Wesker: damn blame the weed i cant remember shit, but but im still
Ravenkc: Michael and Gambit bashed you a few times for me
Wesker: lmao, Mike loves me he would never hurt me

Ravenkc: -well you don’t remember ok thats good.. LOL moving on...
well when you first came in you were a bit of a trouble maker at least thats what I thought!
Ok from your perspective tell me about RU_Warriors?

Wesker: They were all funny people lol, I learned a lot there,

Ravenkc: like what, did you collect or kill?

Wesker: I did both and also looting,but my style of gameplay is killing, love it. I realized how people got pissed off after got killed, i think that helped me stay in game LOL

Ravenkc: So tell me what you think of Haggs and Ajax??

Wesker: Ajax I never talked much to him, he was a good leader, thats what i can remember, haggs if i think now its also one of my oldest friends around, he is not polite and always abuse me, actually he is one rude fucker, but after all that he still is that lovely person
love u bud

Ravenkc: yeah I spoke to him the other day, and I must have forgotten what he is like and he shocked me at least 3 times, almost made me cry until suddenly I remembered what a rude asshead he actually use to be and that’s just normal haggs, so I wiped my tears and felt at ease...
ok so how long did you stay there?

Wesker: hmm,not much honestly, 20 rounds maybe less, because SOE left game and i noticed people started to leave, i saw what was going to happen then i left. I was thinking shit, all the cool people are leaving i think i'll quit too

Ravenkc: Yes at that time, because like I said I was there.. much was in unrest I would describe it, there were player arguments, and IU/RU semi arguments among players..

Wesker: yeah so the family disbanded and when i was thinking to leave an invite came from NYC

Ravenkc: oh yeah who by??

Wesker: Actually it was a family who was in NYC union, the family i stayed with 6 months, called Renegades_HQ, Markoez, Schofield, Dub, dopey1, it was a killer family, stayed there for some time

Ravenkc: OH yes!! ding ding ding

Wesker: they were all awesome

Ravenkc: wait a min are you sure you were not following me around TMB??? LOL

Wesker: lmao...maybe

Ravenkc: I am the NYCU original queen.. and I think you met my dad in there lol

Wesker: hmmm maybe and just a note when i was there that time,

Ravenkc: ok yeah Mark and Sho, good guys lots of love**

Wesker: a faggot called Lucky_Chevy started to hit us, because the main family of nyc was hitting IU and chevy got all pissed cuz we were not helping

Ravenkc: yes this was when we were attacking IU... and their Monkey fam??

Wesker: yes i dont know what problem Luke had with IU but
hitsquad started to hit us i hated chevy that time, he was the worst lol

Ravenkc: Lmfao Ironcladluke *for the record* does not have a problem with IU- the history with IU and NYCU goes back a long time- however I will save that for when some bastard interviews me..

Wesker: haha alright, anyway 6 months i stayed there then the family disbanded again *im like a curse*

Ravenkc: SO chevy was a pain in the ass!! is it cause his hits are consistent?

Wesker: yeah he and all the hitsquad, cobra, wolf was there too, bunch of assholes LOL (love u guys)

Ravenkc: omg invite Wesker and your fam will disban! LOL ... dont come near mine lol

Wesker: So again i was looking for a home

Ravenkc: and where did you end up?

Wesker: I dont know how but i ended up in Omerta, with sellz, tonydefalco and missmack, not sure if mack was there that time, sorry im not good remember things so i cant tell u what round was that

Ravenkc: Miss_Fortune?

Wesker: yeah mf was there too, it was a union i cant remember there was Capo, omerta and another fam

Ravenkc: aww well thats yet another experienced group to fall into

Wesker: So again, mack joined IU and sellz and tony went together

Ravenkc: can you describe them for me and how that was different to RU/ NYCU?

Wesker: ah well i became a collector then, if im not wrong Pops had returned that time

Ravenkc: yes of course..

Wesker: but he left after some rounds,

Ravenkc: was MissMacks leaving a big controversy?

Wesker: yes, everyone talking behind her back and talking shit, like rankwhore and all that

Wesker: then when sellz and tony left too everyone got pissed off lol. People were thinking i was going to join iu too

Ravenkc: did you make sure ur *curse* disband the fam LOL

Wesker: but instead stinger invited me so i stayed in Capo for some time, met my Brazilian friend DN, roger, snyper, and all the rest

Ravenkc: well- then YOU must have learnt alot from Roger and Stinger??

Wesker: yes, they were good mentors i would say

Ravenkc: seems like you have gone through all the vets across the board to establish the player you are today!! I like your strategy, there is always so much to learn.. so from the Capo fam and collecting??

Wesker: yes, its my fucking curse i would say lol, but that helped me a lot, i learned a lot of strategies and types of gameplay,

Ravenkc: and I would say alot of allies!
Ravenkc: well.. if your were not a prick haha

Wesker: yes thats true, i have huge respect for all of them

Chapter 2- Hooligans, Hitsquad, Weirdo’s and Back to his Roots in IU-Wesker Does a Full Circle But Gains Much Knowledge and Experience Along the Way-

Wesker: anyway, after that i was really busy then I left for 6 months, then last year when i came back, the family had disappeared lmao

Ravenkc: (continue typing I am just gonna make a coffee- tell me your story)

Wesker: so, again, with no home, no renegades, no capo, omerta was gone, shit where do I go then i got invited by Emir and there i stayed some time, emir was hated and i think still is for the whole game lmao, i will never understand why, he was a cool dude, anyway the family was very small, but i loved it there, they are hilarious people to chat, even mr worker was there that time and no matter what they keep hitting people, talking shit, breaking naps and telling everyone to fuck off lol

I almost didnt play that time, i just login to talk shit and piss off people
Anyway i stayed there until Hitsquad joins IU.
I started to talk shit to Chevy and how he was a pussy LOL

Ravenkc: I will tell you why.. EMIR is disrespectful

Wesker: yeah he is, i discovered that later but still i consider he my friend

Ravenkc: His family always gets bashed for this I dont think they have ever won a war

Wesker: I dont know about hooligans story so i cant comment on that, i will let emir defends himself in the comments haha

Ravenkc: yes seems like I need to get him in the studio, however I will have my bodyguards to bind him incase he gets lippy!

Wesker: So anyway, after some talk to Chevy (my worst enemy) I joined Hitsquad LOL. Then i found out something, the sickest people in game, all the assholes and annoying people were all in Hitsquad.
then I thought, shit thats my kind of family something like that LOL,
it was like the kid finds his candy you know, that was me.

Ravenkc: LOL sickest people what do you mean?

Wesker: ah you know, sticky cat for example, he kept saying to me how he likes to touch his dog

Ravenkc: LMFAO

Wesker: and chevy told me once a lovely thing i will never forget, even spade wouldnt tell you something like that
"I'll only get jealous if you put your finger in Lanska butthole, not mine"
like awww right? so cute.

Ravenkc: I think sticky is hmm well he hated me for rounds and yeah was mean and weird now I find him normal and like a mate - I think its possibly his humor haha

Ravenkc: LOL @ spade he dosnt talk to me like that haha we are just bestfriends

Wesker: haha yeah i know..that message you sent to him and cc me, omg wtf was that raven

Ravenkc: oh but you see baby boo hahah its all a joke; xx

Wesker: poor Tears

Ravenkc: Well I am in character now sir, and at the time perhaps I was feeling all sexual (I dont recall the message) LOL and Yes Ravenkc does love Spade cock! hahah but of course this is all game stuff and he is just my very dear friend, I am loyal to him as he has ALWAYS got my back.. always x

Wesker: I see.

Ravenkc: ok so after hitsquad and the so called weirdos hahahaha

Wesker: I joined them November of last year i guessand then i stayed until last month. I wont give you a specific reason why i left HS
but I can say you this and i want everyone read this. Like I said to some fuckers last round who was judging me, If I want medals I would stay in HS, I joined IU just because friendship thats all, I never played for medals (and im not saying HS does), i just wanted to met new people.
So when I talked to Eck and Mike i decided to join thats all, im still the same old wesker

Ravenkc: Well you started out with RU/IU you have gone back to your roots is all,

Wesker: I know right

Ravenkc: I understand and to be honest thats all I thought
Wesker: and of course i had the pleasure to meet the Queen’s missmack and shell,

Wesker: its worth, oh and the queen eck too
joooooke man

Ravenkc: Yes MissMack attack I call her and my shellbell - oh god dont tease Eck360- he cant read this as he is baned from blogs so your lucky hahaha ...so can you describe your current family/ union and gameplay??

Wesker: i'll tell him what i said to him at skype lol
well i still the same like i said before, killing of course but you know, its hard to hit sometimes, because i made a lot of friends, and i dont wanna hit them but its like orders you know, i have to kill them and get all like ,what u prefer, your friends or iu? hate that shit, pussies, lbut of course, people like chevy, rocknrolla,sticky, connie, Dn, i will never hit them too much respect for those guys

Ravenkc: I am sure everyone understands sweety its the name of the game, except me I never understand hahah
BUt you said they are weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haaaahah, weirdos you love

Wesker: yeah they are, but i love weird people

Ravenkc: haha ok
So you are in IU_RedRoom right now

Wesker: yes

Ravenkc: I see you are actually in 4th position free killers atm

Wesker: yeah i let that fat bastard hit me, he had 60k kills
now he is in second damn it

Ravenkc: aww no! Smash him hhaha

Wesker: i rarely go for free killers, i just like to add credits and kill my enemies, fuck this system
you rarely will see me 1 star

Ravenkc: ok WEskEr! ya crazy Brazilian muffle head I am going to give you the famous tmb PopQuiz.. You must answer in 2 seconds!!! Are you ready?

Wesker: yeah

Ravenkc: Favorite TMB Queen?

Wesker: Wisegirl

Ravenkc: Favorite Enemy Killer?

Wesker: I would say LuckyChevy

Ravenkc: Who would you inspire to be in TMB?

Wesker: sorry my English what do u mean lol, i fucked up the quizz

Ravenkc: If you could be like someone in the Game aha not ur sister who would you like to be for a day?

Wesker: probably eck, lol, i would just cause chaos and kill everyone and yell at my family and shit lol

Ravenkc: hmm good choice he is outstanding

Ok Wesker my darling Brazilly in a green and Gold thong- your TMB History is very much filled with knowledge, Vets, Queens and much to live up to- I am going to give you the time now to have your shoutOuts to both loved and hated friends allies and enemies of tmb!!

Wesker: alright, you can drink a coffee because this will take some time

Ravenkc: great i will go for a smoke lol take ur time lol love ya!

Wesker: Let’s see, first my best friends, DN, Sarge(love u sexy lol), Chevy, Sticky, Rocknrolla, Mike aka murderer, Bella, Connie, of course xTrin my sis, Chrispy, and all the hitsquad family, love u fuckers, My old friends from Warriors, wisegurl where are u girl we miss you, Haggs u rude fck, RuM, Soe, ajax, basciano, my idol Mr Worker of course, my friend HB, Relentless you sexy bastard, Emir, Koyoter and all the hooligans family, Stinger, Roger, Eck, Lopov, Shell, Merci u sexy bitch, Tophat, Rayray, Lost_Assassin, Swiper, Death_Seeker, Harlytiger, Cultivator, holy shit and also Fighting Irish, also for the best player around Tears for Fears a great friend, KidVengeance, Irish, and also all the IU players, Chimpy from MBU, Renegades Fam

Wesker: I think thats it,sorry if i forgot someone, probably you are not important, oh and Ravenkc of course lol oh and to Giles too that idiot haha


So Wesker stands up, some pink fluff from my fluffy pink pillows fall from his Brazilian Ball bag area, my eyes are looking right at his crutch as I wonder why would he turn up in just a thong? I quickly stand facing him with my laptop in hand and I realized he caught me looking at his,,, you know ‘area’.. wtf..
Say Hi to your sister for me I yell out as he exits the studio; I grabbed a wet wipe and sponged my face I was totally blushing …

This is Ravenkc TMB Queen reporting to you live on the The Mafia Boss Channel; we have no advertisements just Subscriptions, don’t forget to shave a big ‘S’ into your forks for Storm!!!!! Have a lovely Day!

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