Hi Im Tony
Welcome to The Mafia Boss.
You might remember me from your introduction video, but what you didnt know is that I used to be a scrawny necked geek.In this blog; Im going to lead you through how to turn from a needle Nelson to Sammy the bull on da job

Having a big chest is an important part of making it in this mafia world, there is only one Mafioso who is famous for his MAN_TITS but remember he is famous for tits for all the wrong reasons - you want to be famous for a chest you can be proud of.

In the Gym The Bench press is king of the chest, lay down and start cranking them out, and for you Mafiosos doing time or just can’t make it to the gym, push up’s are a great substitute, use good form and soon you will be fighting the girls off you, and for the guys doing time you might be able to fight them off a bit longer.

The flat bench fly is my favourite here, just grab a couple dumbbells lay down on a bench and start making out like you’s hugging a tree but you busy Mafioso’s don’t have time to get to the gym, A good replacement here is the bitch slap, whether it’s slappin the shit of a rival or keepin dem bitches in line, put some force into it and soon you’ll be looking like Arnie.

The closest I could think of on the job is surrendering to the cops with a few money bags in your hand, and since no one wants to be the guy doing push up’s in his cell and fighting off the sistas, this one should be kept in the gym with a barbell, great for your shoulders and upper chest and for the poor Mafioso in the can, chin up’s are great here too.

A basic gym chest/push day workout would look like this
Barbell flat bench press, 4 sets X 10 reps
Flat Bench flys 4 stes X 10 or 10 bitch slaps each arm
Barbell Overhead Press 3 sets X 12 reps
Tricep dips 3x 10

Remember when you start a new workout you will be sore, drink plenty of water, protein shakes they can help in recovery and taste delicious.Thanks for reading guys, if you enjoyed this leave a comment.

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