Round 616: The MotherLoad

I thought about going to the admins for a comment this round, but that did not seem to go too well for us last time. I was given quite a comment from our favorite admin last time. This time, I decided to go with a moderator, Righteous! For future reference, Righteous is not the only moderator or even helper we have – does anyone want to hear from a specific staff member? Here is what Righteous had to say about the game right now!

Thanks for thinking of a comment from us, Blogger. It’s important for us to be in contact with people in the game and for people to be willing to come to us with their issues and even just talk to us to get to know us. I’ve had quite a wonderful past few days here in The Mafia Boss. People are returning to the game and we have nearly 30 new people signing up every day! In fact, I was just told the other day by a returning veteran that the game seems more playable these days and that’s why they returned.

We have been discussing in our staff discussions that we think it would be advantageous for families to start a training family in their union and invite these new members that sign in every day. For those of you in unions, it raised your notoriety and increases the amount of money in your bank at EOR just simply from your size increase! Feel free to search out the newbies and get them to join you with your union and trade off who gets to be boss of the “recruiting family.” It’s as simple as that! The goal would be to let these people see what’s going on with The Mafia Boss and be interactive with players – YOU ALL – in the game. Just an idea!

Thanks for the support given throughout the rounds – remember – if anyone ever has any questions, comments, queries – please do not hesitate to message us in the game.

Thanks for your comments, Righteous. That’s such a good idea! Adding more people in a separate family in the union – quite an inside scoop for the game! Onto what’s been happening over the past several days! I have decided, I’m going to start a new favorite thing in my main review blogs. You know how Roving_Reporter has “The Golden Moment” for his favorite name of the round? I’m going to start… “The Brazen Moment,” my favorite forum post given in the round. So this round – here is “The Brazen Moment.” There was discussion amongst some players that some families didn’t get enough attention in these blogs and that some people were being left out.

Scrappy posted something in the forums (“Collecting Family Wins – Main Round 393-614) to counteract that and it seems to have started a firestorm of comments – over 70 comments in three days! People were – and still are – at each other’s throats! Can you believe it?! Well, I can. People are fiercely loyal to their families and that right there is one of the many things I do like about this game. Scrappy says says he posted this just to get the facts out there in the 66th comment of the forum… what do YOU think? Was he just trying to stir something, or did he only mean to set the record straight?

I also made it a priority to make sure I spoke to a varying amount of people and families before and after EOR. Here are some comments from people that I spoke with BEFORE 616’s EOR. Thanks for your participation, everyone! I’d love to have responses from more people! It’s only good press for your family!

Blogger: Any comments on how Loco is doing this round? And EOR predictions at all?
Bella: Loco is doing good. EOR predictions? No, as that is never a definite here lol.
Blogger: That’s the truth! You never know! Thanks for your comments, Bella!
It’s always a joy to talk to Bella! She’s always honest with her comments and will always respond whether she wants to comment or not; even to just tell me she doesn’t want to comment this round. I appreciate that when I’m working hard enough as it is to figure out how things are going. I don’t have the inside scoop everywhere unless people talk to me! Speaking of inside scoop, let’s see what Warriors members said to me when I spoke to them.

Blogger: Any comments on how things are going in Warriors, Tony?
TonyHazziano: Sticky Cat said if iu didn't let us win we wouldn't talk shit which is dumb, being we always talk shit. As far as Nameless goes, I have nothing personally against Dom and crew. Good luck to them and Dynasty as well.
Blogger: Thanks for your comments, Tony!
Blogger: Any comments or predictions on how you're doing this round? How is Warriors going to sort this one out at EOR - any predictions?
BadAjax: It will be like taking a shit and realizing you ran out of toilet paper.
Blogger: Haha – that’s hilarious. I’ve never heard it put that way! Good luck with EOR!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Hooligans, so I figured I’d fly on over to Las Vegas to see how things were going for them this round. EMIR always has something to say to me. Here’s how this conversation went for me.

Blogger: Any comment on how things are going in Hooligans? Any EOR predictions?
EMIR: Everything is ok in Hooligans,we are trying to get more active members into the family and that is our long term goal in the future no predictions for EOR .. same bullshit every round! Lol
Blogger: Glad things are going well and you’re seeing growth! Keep up the good work! Enjoy EOR!
You might think, you haven’t mentioned anything about the title yet… why on earth did you call this “The MotherLoad?” Here’s why. This round, between all the tiers, over $30 trillion was passed around in just the top three of each level – along with $35 trillion in the top three of collecting family and collecting union! Such a large amount of money for a main round! $65 trillion! Any bets on how big this next main round will be? How much do you think Level Four or the Unions will win by this round? Any predictions or guesses for THIS UPCOMING EOR? Any claims that it’s your round? Sound off in the comments!

Moving on! I wasn’t able to be here for EOR due to an outing with my wife, but I heard plenty of things about how the actual EOR went. Let’s see how things went for EOR in Main Round 616!

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Murderer $10,103,334,932,264
2. Spade $3,001,962,902,216
3. Ravenkc $2,960,314,953,096

Ravenkc, congratulations on your bronze Level Four; behind second place by just 40 billion! I’m not surprised, but IU spent 10 trillion on the jackpot… why not spread that around when you know there’s quite a gap! I’ve never taken a jackpot myself – in fact, I don’t spent too often – so, I will never understand why they leave such a gap way up there – out of reach of anyone when plenty of people can be thrust into a position for a ranking for them. Nothing against the people that do, I just don’t have that understanding! Oh well. If anyone has insight into this, feel free to comment below!

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. infinite-1 $2,301,803,226,081
2. Death_Reaper776 $1,832,787,191,070
3. IroncladLuke $1,502,542,078,337

I was able to catch up with IroncladLuke and ask him about his bronze medal here in level three and I was able to have a bit of a conversation with him. It seems that he’s been going from family to family recently. But first, let me share a conversation we had a few weeks ago.

Blogger: Luke, it seems like you’re bouncing from family to family. You were in NYU, then you jumped to NaMeLeSs more recently, and most recently, you’ve skipped over to West_Coast. Is there a reason for all the shifting?
IroncladLuke: I have friends all over the game with my long tenure here. Ravenkc and I are good friends, I’m here to help her out. Nothing against Domenico and his family, and they know that. We left on good terms, no bad blood between anyone. Like I said, I’m simply here to help Raven out.
Blogger: Helpful and loyal friend. I’m sure she’s very grateful for your assistance!

Blogger: Congratulations on the level three bronze, Luke! Any comment on your round/EOR or how your time is going in WC??
IroncladLuke: What a great atmosphere over here, great ppl, they have made me feel at home and welcome. I have always respected Blizz, And his maintenance of such a good union is testament why. Wait, I am remiss, the boy's here would kick my arse if I didn't say WC is a family not a union.
Blogger: Thanks for your comments, Luke! They’re truly appreciated!

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. KiStY $1,300,185,741,000
2. Phil38 $1,200,570,926,884
3. Bella $970,231,663,065

I spoke to UC and asked them how they did this past round and here’s a comment from Jumbo about how their EOR went. Congrats to our top three in level 2!

Blogger: Hey Jumbo! Any comment on how your family is doing?
Jumbo: Kisty got gold in level 2 and Zeppo got gold in level 1. Zeppo also ranked in free killer taking silver. We got 5th in family. But was an alright round overall.
Blogger: Thanks for your comments, Jumbo!
-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. zeppo $1,300,245,881,507
2. The_Finger_Chopper $1,251,793,730,352
3. Alphonso $1,000,633,799,649

Only $3.5 trillion was spent on level one! Congratulations to zeppo, FingerChopper & Phoenix’s Alphonso. Like I said, only $3.5 trillion was spent?! Why wasn’t more poured into this level? It seems there was plenty to spread around!

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. BONO 4,466,675
2. HalfPint 1,648,014
3. Ravenkc 1,546,725

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Turk 900,449
2. zeppo 453,017
3. RoKSOLOsA 441,592

The game started out with quite a battle for killer rankings – but none of the first few people who were in the rankings at the start stayed there. After 4-5 days, BONO started pushing past everyone. Congratulations to BONO & Turk on your gold medals in the Supporter and Free Killer rankings! Way to push through and scream past the competition! Here’s a comment from zeppo!

to be honest it was a relief to finally get there after finishing 4th so many times.

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. NaMeLeSs Domenico $9,159,129,542,630
2. Dynasty scaronface $7,078,749,404,080
3. Ajaxs_Warriors Hazziano $5,230,821,435,450

I messaged Domenico & JohnnyTrueLove and asked them about how their round went and about their family gold and this is what I was told.

Blogger: Hey guys! Congratulations on your gold family! How'd you guys get it done? Any comment on how your round was?
JohnnyTrueLove: Dom has super sexy legs.
Blogger: Okay… Good to know?
Domenico: Howdy Blogger. NameLess has really been working their tails off, and we have an excellent team that works extremely well together. We got the family gold in both the turbo and the main round last two rounds without a big spender, just solid teamwork. Also seems like a certain family is more worried about trying to talk about themselves than actually finishing in the game...haha. I dont see us slowing down in the future.
Congratulations to Dynasty & Warriors on their second and third place finishes! Here’s a comment from SOE on their round.

Warriors was oozing money
Faster than Forest Gump running
Took 3 tiers ranks
But most money stayed in the fam bank
Family race went harder than car chase
Union race went softer than a cupcake

Why I say that ^
Well the results have stayed the same since round 608
2nd and 3rd is just trading places
I aint hatin
I give congrats to all the winners
Nameless, Dynasty, even the Hitquad Bromancers
Yeah we got bronze this time, but at least got a new medal to shine

-Union Family-

rank family boss networth
1. IU_RU_HQ Murderer $5,472,500,802,700
2. WesT_CoasT_4L BliZzArD_420 $5,011,116,476,629
3. Legends Roger $4,277,744,318,672

Even though they don’t give comments, congratulations to IU & RU on their Union Gold. Further congratulations go to West_Coast & Legends for their second and third place finishes!

Thank you all for your comments, questions, discussions and forum posts throughout the round! I’ll be looking over the next several days to see how things are shaping up for the forum posts. Don’t be surprised if I ask you questions about forum posts or how things are going in EOR. I don’t know everyone’s forum names, so I might not know who is who and who to talk to. So again, don’t be surprised if I come around asking questions about your forum involvement along with how your round has gone or how EOR went.

I have enjoyed several of the other blogs that have been posted recently. Does any family have a response to Warriors? I’m expecting HitSquad to have some sort of response to them… I’ll give 2,500 turns to each member of a family that participates in any family blog you send in about your family, how things are going, how things work, the participation you have and the comradery you have with each other! One other requirement: You must have 10 members of your family participate for it to qualify for the 2,500 turn prize. You have until November 17th to complete this!

Congratulations to all of our players – especially our active members who continue to return to play round after round! One of my favorite things about this game is the interactions we have with one another and the amount of family connection there is from one family to the next! I love this game! Sound off in the comments below if you know others that should return!

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Mohican, Righteous, or Tiki in game.

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