Turbo Round 619: Rey Mysterio Round

As we take our sneak peak at the round it reads 15 hours. I am running a little late, I was doing some gardening while having a blue dream. My hog was critical if you know, you know and if you do not, your loss. We see the long awaited return of a ratio round. It is 5-1 and not 10-1, but hey I am not complaining and you better not either or Storm will slap the shit out of you. Operative hits cost 5k and there are no killer turns just killer medals.

Slayers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7cY5hwmvX0 will be awarded with tins not turns. It would almost guarantee collecting fireworks at the end of the round but we shall see.

As we see scan globally we see the usual log jam of subs building operatives to their hearts content. No one has separated themselves in networth or ops. Currently there are 41 level 4 players. Probably a few left overs that scooped a sub sale at the end of the last main, mixed with the usual suspects. Who is Keyser Söze? Good movie if you have never seen it check it out.

In supporter killers "Zoosh" and "Toly" are flexing their muscles on kids that ride the short bus. To their defense it is not their fault that the short bus is full. In the free killer we have a very tight race as usual. I do hope the Jewish guy gets a medal so he can stop being bitter in the forum. We have plenty of bitter people in the forum already; try and remember medals do not make you a killer. A true killer kills for the enjoyment of it and that is his reward. But in reality it does not matter what I think about it as long as you enjoy whatever you are doing within the confines of TMB. That is all that matters. Do try and keep in mind the journey is usually far greater than the destination. "Porn_Ultimatum" sat at 197,900 followed right behind by one "PabloEscobar" at 197,044 and just a bit back was a "Killer_Clown" at 183,157. The race has quite a few just out of the top 3 that are within striking distance. So I promise I will not be lazy this review and I will give some coverage to them at the end of the round.

Collecting family once again sees an increase in the family prize with the top spot getting 50k per family member I am sure we will see some action. We currently have 2 families that have reached the 10 member quota: "Candy_Shoppe" and "Operation". Operation has quite a few stars in the family. So we will see if they can break the streak and actually be in contention at the end of the round. It has not happened since I started writing the review so it would be a surprise that I would like to see. So I will have to take a look and keep my fingers crossed.

Let us scan global and just hope one of you fucks has a chuckle waiting for me, but I will not hold my breath. I am “Cornholio"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqaKi9NTzS4 did make me chuckle only because of the skit but we will take anything at this point. "KiD_FrOsT" is doing it for his raza but that's not funny. "KrispyKreme" I do like them but that is still not funny, tasty but not funny, fattening but not funny. Well that seems about all but at least I got one chuckle and at this point I will be happy and content with that. So until the end of the round, Roving Reporter signing off.

Before we start, let me just say this round saw some technical difficulties. I knew about the time change and that the end of the round was now an hour earlier. And in my mind I told my “helper" about the said time change, but my helper says I didn't. Now I am pretty sure I did, but real life happiness is more important than TMB happiness. Anyway I have been feeling positive for some damn reason so I will just try and pass your time as quickly and as pleasantly as I can.


Collecting Family: Increased Prizes

We will start with the fact that the 3 ranking families in the turbo were Legends, UC_Avengers and Nameless. I have noticed that Hitsquad have been missing from my reviews as of late. Perhaps they are busy or perhaps they have solved the great mystery of my identity, or maybe they just do not like the Roving Reporter. I hope they return to the next turbo and make me put my foot in my mouth.... that they win gold and answer my message and give me a most awesome quote. Since I have some space to fill this will partially be a blog review. If you do not like it let me apologize in advance. Let us look at these families that ranked.

Legends is a rather large union that pools the union into families in the turbo and seems to be quite good at it. They have always been polite to me, gave me quotes and info. They seem like nice guys and gals. They do however have a large talent pool to work with, but that is not there fault just pointing it out. Avengers and Nameless seem slightly similar in the fact that they are just 1 family in the main but mostly active players and they work with the talent they have to make their turbo families. They also seem to do quite well. And they too are polite & helpful to this reporter. So the three top families of this round and what do they have in common? They are all nice to me. So that goes to show that if you’re nice to me you will rank and if you are not your round goes down the shitter. Keep up the good work and be nice to me and you just might get a medal.

-Collecting Family-

rank family boss net worth
1. BANDITOS_MC (Legends) Alexander $75,574,703,419,498
2. Iron_Legion (UC_Avengers) Ultron $71,174,973,763,499
3. NewWorldOrder (Nameless) Roger_Smith $60,539,465,879,338

From Viking_Slap:

"In Scandinavia there is a strong following for Motor Cycle clubs as they are seen as a progression from the Viking Tribes of not so long ago. In Turbo ... it was no difference - The Banditos MC was established with a focus on FAMILY FIRST !! The Banditos were joined by many with some members forming another family leaving the main family to focus on GOLD.

Due to good planning and team play - the Banditos achieved silver at level 4, 4th place at level 4, 1st place at level 2. True to form -- The Banditos stuck it out to give IU competition and instead focused on giving back to its core of followers. That is called Brotherhood - "ride to live - live to ride.” :-)"


Level 4: Home of the !&[email protected]#!#%&!

You can imagine that word to be whatever you like, could be the nicest people in the world for all I care. Anyway in my experience that is not the case. Back in the days of Cypriot I have never really liked any of them. They seem to all have a certain quality to them, now I assume they enjoy acting this way so I cannot really hold it against them. This is a game and people play it for enjoyment and every one of us is free to play it however he or she sees fit. I am just pointing that most are replicas of each other.

There are of course exceptions and also perspective is something to take into consideration. I am sure if you are in there family they seem different to you. So when people say IU are assholes or whatever name they come up with in reality I have never seen the people at the top be any different. They might go about it in different ways but usually they're all the same. They pay to be rude and more power to them, but I do get sick of people complaining about IU. When I know for a fact that the people they put on a pedestal and claim to have been nice were in fact the same as what they hate today. My suggestion: get over it, there is still plenty of fun to be had and perhaps you should concentrate on the fun you can still have as opposed to the fun that is gone.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Lover $219,510,293,792,932
2. Copy $70,167,046,159,195
3. Smashing_Pumpkins $35,013,988,040,001

__________________________________________________ __

Level 3: the nice supporters

In my experience the nicest supporters are the level 3 ones. They are kind of like Democrats. They still understand the free player to some degree but run in the circles of rich people. So their decisions will usually still help the rich but they do not forget the poor. I vote for level 3. If you are a level 3 player, do not go level 4 or you will turn into an asshole. Now you could go level 4, just do not stay there as it will poison you.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Tramp $23,110,753,166,618
2. Jailbait (1) $19,166,489,446,200
3. Tuareg $12,651,737,703,911

From Hollywood_Hubert:

"hello reporter.

i always start with the good. The good, we finished in 2nd place which is great and we rankedin level 3 silver.

iron_legion (UC_Avengers)
level3 silver- Jailbait(1)

Great team effort by the avengers the underdogs of the tmb world. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and we play like that. The bad, rules are bad and whoever is coming up with them should let someone else take over. No range and then have 75% bank what is that all about? Turbos should be about teamwork working together, not, let’s see who can collect the most in the last hour. i know that is the case for most turbos but with these rules set up it was even worse. Just my opinion, they may not necessary reflect the opinions of my family or the rest of tmb."
__________________________________________________ __

Level 2: Lower Middle Class

Your typical level 2 player has either entered some little amount of won turns into the round or has a low level subscription. So this level is tricky; you get either the super nice guy or the extreme angry asshole and everything in between. There are just as many assholes in level 2 as in 3 and 4 put together. Level 2 is like the real world, you can get anything. You could get robbed, or someone might buy you a piece of cake. I myself have spent some time in all levels but I do feel that level 2 is really the same as a free player level, regardless of how they might see themselves. I always root for the free player but just like in the real world, the one-percenters have widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Maybe we should call MrWorker, he always talks about wide gaps. He might be able to fix it.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth[INDENT]1. DelBoy $48,000,664,582,354
2. redrum $9,801,452,572,453
3. GrowlingStomach $7,119,793,553,604[INDENT]

From KillerBeaver:

"Kiss my ass."
__________________________________________________ __

Level 1

Now here we are at the true free player level. Just like in any ghetto in the world, you never know what you gonna get. Some of the craziest people in TMB can be found here. Some play level 1 and say "I have other things to do with my money", some have no credit cards, some live at home with their Mother. Some enjoy being an asshole for free. Whatever the case may be, it goes to show that entertainment can be enjoyed from the top to the bottom of TMB. It truly is a great game.

We might bitch and complain (and some might complain a lot more than others). But for whatever the reason we all are all here together. I talk a lot of shit in my reviews but I just do that for the entertainment of myself and hopefully some of you. I would not waste my time to write these reviews for the credits. I do it as my way to make this place a little better. Now some would say I don't do that, that but luckily for me I do not really care. I know my intentions are honest. I have spent the most amount of my time on TMB here at level 1. Regardless of how many stars I ever have, I have always considered myself a free player as silly as that might sound. Let the fun times continue and stop your complaining or one day you might get bitch slapped.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Michaelmyers $8,553,828,821,148
2. Leatherface $4,100,393,633,836
3. mouse $4,001,664,152,008

From JohnnyTruelove:

"Nameless came in third family and third lvl 1"
__________________________________________________ __

The Killers

One of my favorite movies and the reason I got into Asian movies. If you have never seen it check it out. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097202/ Anyway where do I stand on killing today. I think it is a forgotten art to some degree and I will leave it at that. As to dive into this topic would surely offend many and since I am in a good mood (and I just got done talking about complainers) I will just say that if you are killing there's hope. You are having fun. I did see a player that signed into the main, I had not seen the name for awhile. So I sent him a message. I will not name his name but he is a good killer (not as good as me, but still very good). Here is hoping you stick around.

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Toly 10,219,374
2. Zoosh 4,997,557
3. Tick 4,965,280

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Killer_Clown 510,970
2. Melayu 320,408
3. KENSHIN(Kenshit) 319,721

From kenshit:

"my favorite to kill is the operation family which i think is the home of warriors. lol ooo0 i dont really play turbo. i was just bored and got me almost a silver. i dont know who are the fucking avengers in turbo so i decided to kill randomly just to let them know im there."
__________________________________________________ __

Roving Reporter is signing off, until next time, so long