After the interview was done in Cleveland I was looking forward to where I would have to go this time. It has been a hard time to me. A life of a interviewer is not easy at all. Why dont I have bodyguards and a limo like Ravenky? Of course Im just beginning my life as a interviewer but still, Storm my boss, I feel he likes to see me in pain sometimes. I was sitting in a coffe shop near the airport when my phone rang.

Wesker: Yeah?

Storm: You did a good job in Cleveland, Im sending you to Liverpool.

Wesker: Liverpool? Why would you send me to Liver-

Then I realized, the famous hot fans of Liverpool FC... Thats it! Im finally getting rewarded for what I have done until now. Storm finally recognized me as part of the team.

Wesker: Thank you sir, thank you very much.

Storm: Good luck!
After that I was sure he laughed in a evil way but probably it was my imagination.
I was expecting hot girls wearing bikinis when I arrived at the adress Storm sent me but instead there was a guy, sitting in a chair and there was a Croatia flag behind him, cameras everywhere and it was dark, couldnt see his face. I thought "Shit, wrong adress" and started to walk away but before I could move a red crosshair was pointed at my penis.
The man said something in a different language and told me: "You are in the right place, sit and lets do this, I dont have time to waste. Or maybe you prefer my guys blow up your joystick?"
I had no choice but to start the interview, maybe later if I get out of here alive I could watch some soccer and talk with some cheerleaders...

Wesker: So how did you find about tmb?
Josipinho: Through a friend in rl, we were kids 8 years ago, and everything about mafia was cool, so he randomly searched on google everything that was mafia related and acidentally stumbled on tmb.So we just started playing and we had fun with it.
Wesker: Cool, what round was that? Can you remember?
Josipinho: Something around 11 or 12, i had another account that got frozen then.

Wesker: lol

Josipinho: I got really adidcted to the game, so i actually asked the admins, on the admin board to freeze my account lol

Wesker: LOL.You asked admin to freeze your account?
Josipinho: And 5 days later I created a new one
I asked them and they refused, so I fucked everyone and everything and then they froze it.

Wesker: thats the first time i heard something like that
Josipinho: yeah, i was a dumb kid

Wesker: Haha alright... And what city did you start?
Josipinho: i honestly cant remember sorry.

Wesker: Its okay, i cant blame you that was a long time ago.
Josipinho: mostly it was liverpool though.

Wesker: Do you remember what family did you start in? Or maybe what families were around that time?
Josipinho: well, at that time I really wanted to join Iluminati syndicate, since they were always top 3. But of course it was impossible to join them. I think it was inner circle at that time as well and i was pretty new to it all and at the start of it just changed fams each round.

Wesker: Alright. And did you have a mentor? or anyone to teach you about the game?
Josipinho: nah. I pretty much had no idea what was happening at that time, the politics of it and all... and keep in mind, I was what, 13 at that time, people are pretty stupid when they’re 13.

Wesker: lol true, you were a kid.

Josipinho: so i just loged in killed a litle and had fun with a couple of friends in real life, we had a fam and we had fun.

Wesker: ah thats nice man.
Josipinho: at that time you started out with 1 million I think
Josipinho: and you got only 10 turns and the numbers were much tamer and all

Wesker: wow
Josipinho: it was a big thing to earn any cash at all

Wesker: 1 million? 1 million du's?
Josipinho: if you managed to get to 100k DUs in a round you were fuckin’ boss
Josipinho: nah 1milion cash

Wesker: oh lmao. Of course.
Josipinho: if my memory serves me right it was all so far back so i hope im not remembering it wrong but our favourite thing to do was threaten people, so they had to send us cash or else we would hit em. You know like the real mafia.

Wesker: hahaha. And that worked? Well the game had a lot more people then i guess?
Josipinho: yeah. it didnt always work but there were a shit ton of other kids the same like us and compared to nowdays i think there were posibly even 10 times more people playing.
Josipinho: and no subs

Wesker: damn

Josipinho: so the playing field was leveled

Wesker: wait, there were no subs that time?
Josipinho: nah the subs came a later
Josipinho: when was it, around 70-80 something like that?

Wesker: Oh ok, so you told me that you jumped fam to fam...
Josipinho: yeah, mostly

Wesker: any family you stayed in for some time?
Josipinho: oh sure. There are some i can remember
Josipinho: the jokers, wolfpack, bulldog and then I was with yakuza in tokyo
Josipinho: there was an awesome guy named Thug something, we ranked him, and he split his creds with the rest of us, that was the coolest thing ever.

Wesker: Cool!
Josipinho: Cause you could send your creds to other people and when that Yakuza thing went to shit I somehow ended in the brotherhood and that was the first fam i stayed in for a while longer, Cain was boss and Saibad was a big ass suporter, idk if you remember him...

Wesker: probably not, you see i only have a 2 years badge.
Josipinho: oh k, my bad hehehe

Wesker: Its fine haha... anyway Brotherhood, it was one of the powerful families in that time?
Josipinho: yeah it was. It was the time of big ass unions and I think at one point we were the strongest
Josipinho: but back then having 5-6 families with 20 members was normal. I dont remember many other families from that time though and things get mixed up.

Wesker: I see

Josipinho: but I think it was west coast and devils gate.

Wesker: and you remember who was getting jps that time?
Josipinho: jps... When I was Brotherhood, I think it was already Cypriot or at the end of bhood, either way

Wesker: Alright
Josipinho: it was the same crew, Genovese, pissheads or enforcers.

Wesker: Okay
Josipinho: or whatever the f*ck they called. I think its basically UT. Again, I had no idea about the backround policy of his game. I was ignorant of all that

Wesker: haha.. so before we talk about the other families you joined, have to ask you, whats your style of gameplay? killing, collector,looting or maybe all of them?
Josipinho: right now, its just "collectarding". But i tried everything, except the killing with BTs, I never liked it. I looted for a while when there were no transfers and i killed a shitton when i was with IU. Since i basically had 90k cap each round it was too easy. Nowdays though I just use TMB as some kind of social network where I fuck around with people, and just spend turns on collecting.

Wesker: I see.
Josipinho: spending my days convicing bad intentions that bro jobs are gay as fuck.

Wesker: lmao. Bad is a cool guy.
Josipinho: he’s awesome

Wesker: so after brotherhood, did you join any other family?
Josipinho: yeah, after it was back to liverpool, where i joined foundhell. Bishop recruited me and he was the first kind of mentor guy.

Wesker: Yes I know that name.
Josipinho: We had a great consigliere, Jack_bauer aswell an a lot of cool people

Wesker: nice
Josipinho: realt was the big supporter of the fam and it was fucking epic. One of my favourite fams. And it was awesome. It was wars, collecting and I got my first medal there, collecting
silver familly.

Wesker: Good memories then.
Josipinho: yeah

Wesker: any wars you can remember?
Josipinho: using chats to call out targets: and 100 of us online at the same time hitting everywhere. Yeah we fought DG all the effing time and west coast aswell I think. It was hitting constantly. Sometimes even at the start of round. When everyone was online and it was just a matter of question who would draw first blood We had these big-ass chat websites.You would get a color depending on your rank and then one guy would call out names and you just went trough a whole city killing, it was really fun to play that way

Wesker: That sounds nice man.
Josipinho: ok I went on a rant here lol

Wesker: haha its fine you can talk how much you want. I wish i could have started playing that time. Always heard about the big chats
Josipinho: yeah, anyone who likes the game in its current state, would definitely have loved it back then

Wesker: yeah probably. So you stayed in Foundhell for how long?
Josipinho: it was for quite some time, 20 something rounds I think.

Josipinho: until it went to shit
Wesker: lmao, what happened?
Josipinho: round after round Cypriot. I cant even describe how much I disliked him then. That dude must have spent 3 million on this game.

Wesker: lol

Josipinho: It was unbelievable.

Wesker: did he start to kill u guys?
Josipinho: I think he had 40 million ops one round and he killed everyone

Wesker: damn
Josipinho: and everything, he and the pissheads or the genovese, or whatever, the game stagnated. People became less interested or maybe it was just me. It lost the fun once foundhell was gone.

Wesker: I see
Josipinho: for me at least, So i made a very very big pause. I came back and i was once again a total newbie

Wesker: haha
Josipinho: i think my pause was 4-5 years long.

Wesker: damn
Josipinho: yeah
Josipinho: i stopped playing and forgot all about the game.

Wesker: Did you get sad? I mean, all the people gone, you said it was more people playing that time..
Josipinho: yeah
Josipinho: its a shadow of what it was.

Wesker: lol
Josipinho: but there's still fun to be had

Wesker: Sure man. So you came back and where did you go?
Josipinho: yeah I came back, and joined Liverpool of course. There was a small familly there. The LostBoys, ran by a gay guy JB, by gay i mean happy lol
You know, the polite meaning for word gay. They invited me when they saw my 6 year badge and I stayed with them for a while.

Wesker: haha, I remember LB. It was a nice family.
Josipinho: they were really a cool crew and they had a couple of croatians, so it made comunication easier for me. And till_toby was there. Probably the hottest girl in tmb:P
Josipinho: and they were a very fun group of people. Had some fun there and started talking to people a bit. Then I met another gay guy, namely EMIR and he asked me to help him build up Hooligans again.

Wesker: haha
Josipinho: and he’s Bosnian so we had a shitload of fun talking smack in our language and i had a lot of fun there. We had a couple of fams, nice litle union n shit

Wesker: So you stayed in hooligans like me too, nice
Josipinho: yeah I think we were there together at that point. Niaz was there aswell. Thats where i met him. We were actually pretty strong at that time. And i think we had the support of IU, not direct, but they didnt hit us.

Wesker: Cool
Josipinho: well anyways, one round emir got too greedy or too cocky or something, we had a falling out aswell but more importantly IU ripped us apart.

Wesker: lol
Josipinho: and as it often is with those unions that grow too fast, they were crawling with rankwhores. So when IU started penetrating us, well IU_RU, it took 1 round for it all to go to shit. And i had some kind of fight with EMIR I cant really remember why but Niaz said he wanted to try and make his own fam and asked me to help him out there and I was thrilled

Wesker: I see.

Josipinho: and during the turbo rounds I met hazylife. Another guerrila member. And he is my favourite TMB player since then he’s the best

Josipinho: well we created a fam and it was an instant hit cause we had a lot of cool people who had the same look on the game and it was just fun and none took it too seriously. There was grudger aswell who was the consig.

Wesker: did you guys expect the family would grow so big?
Josipinho: nah, i mean niaz was always the optimist, but I never thought it would become so good but it was the people. Silverback was awesome as well and a lot of other people. And it was the first time that i was involved in creating a fam from scratch, something new and it was an awesome feeling. The guys were all active just like me. Always online, banking n shit, we had some wars aswell. Good turbos. It was awesome. Until Niaz suddenly disapeared lol.

Wesker: lol
Josipinho: And dont quote me on this, but i think he stole the jackpoot in turbo. Im 99% sure. And he just disapeared hahaha

Wesker: hmmm
Josipinho: he was preparing it for a while tho. We were all buying subs like crazy at that time. And always had to send our cash to IU in turbos.

Wesker: He didnt say goodbye to you guys? Thats rude lol
Josipinho: no he didnt
Yeah i was a bit sad to be honest lol but its fine, only thing, after he went away things kind of started falling apart again and we got absorbed by IU. I mean there’s a lot of people in IU that I really like. Lopov is my favourite there. But i talked in that big IU chat on skype with a lot of people, even talked to eck once and they are all awesome guys, contrary to popular belief

Wesker: Thats true.
Josipinho: but in my opinion, IU is too much power concetrated in one place, it sucks for the game and everyone in guerilla squad shared that opinion so when we couldnt survive on our own anymore and joined IU union, almost all of our players stopped playing and with time the fam just disapeared and a couple of us remained in IU cause we got just hooked on the creds.

Wesker: I see.
Josipinho: and on the killing, Lopov was giving me the union prize each round and when the fam ranked in gold in collecting and in killer prizes that was basically 70k creds each round.

Wesker: its a lot haha, damn.
Josipinho: yeah and it was fun at first. Just non stop killing, acting like an asshole cause I could but it became boring very fast

Wesker: haha
Josipinho: everyone was dead CONSTANTLY so i eventually grew tired of it and made a litle pause again for a couple of months and when I came back, i was back to where i began: Liverpool.

Wesker: I see.
Josipinho: and instead of lostboys, it was warriors, with a lot of familiar faces and a very fun crew, more or less, thats my tmb life story. only thing id like to mention is the time me and Hazy went as spies in rawdeal union, that was the most fun i ever had in my life lol. They raped us while we were guerrilla squad from all sides. So one round we changed our names and got recruited by raw deal, acting like newbies and we hit every single one of their allies and NAPs. We managed to start shit among themselves and in the process we had the most fun ever! I think my name was roy_demeo that round, cant remember his name though. Interestingly enough, after that round I really started to like Daveyboy

Wesker: That's good. Well before we end the interview, I have a few questions: Best player of all time?
Josipinho: Lopov

Wesker: Favorite singer/group music?
Josipinho: At this time my favorite music thing is Armin Van Buuren.

Wesker: Best family ever?
Josipinho: Guerrilla Squad. With Warriors in a very close 2nd lol

Wesker: Last one, favorite movie?
Josipinho: Can't decide between Lord of the Rings or the new Batman.

Wesker: Definitely good movies. So SHOUT OUT TIME GO
Josipinho: Shout out to all my warriors, ex guerrillas, Hazylife aka Pressy the best beard of TMB, Suzie, KarloVG and everyone else who still plays the game and keeps it going
Wesker: Cool man, thanks a lot for your time.

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