A True Australian Paranormal Experience: A Short Story
Written By Ravenkc.
-Ravenkcs TMB Halloween Collection-

My Grandmother grew up in Maryborough, Australia, a small porting town three hours from the Queensland Capitol of Brisbane. Most of the families were pioneers of Australia, including our family who arrived in Australia from Germany in the early 1850s. Grandma Jean pretty much grew up poor as she was the decedent of a female line, and back then all the land and money went of course to the males of the family. It was the early 1940’s Jean had two sisters and two brothers and they used to play out in the backyard mostly, watching their older brother Roy do tricks on their farm horse; Roy was exceptional and could stand on the horse with one leg and do mickey flips and cartwheels. Jean thought him her hero and it was always a big event to go to the small town fair to see Roy do tricks for a ‘shilling’ which was alot of money back then!

I don’t know much about what happened but my mother told me one day while looking at our old family photos, that the blonde boy on the horse and cart was my great uncle Roy, Mum would say “Yeah, apparently Roy use to do all these tricks on their farm horse- he was killed when he was 16”… I looked closer at the photo, it was black and white and a little frail, I looked at the little girl in the picture it was Grandma Jean, standing proudly beside her older brother… I felt sad at that moment and put the photo album back away.

Through my early teens, I was pretty normal I guess, I loved to play softball like most girls growing up in the early 90’s in Australia…. The only thing that pretty much was unusual about me was that I was extremely tall being 6’1 at age 14 wasn’t exactly cool, especially in the boy department, most boys at 14 are small tiny little shits, I pretty much assume they most probably never even had hair on their balls even…

-Hello Raven: When the Dreams Began-

Bad dreams and nightmares had always been apart of who I was, I don’t really know why as nothing unusual or perverted ever happened to me as a child so, why would I always have bad dreams about ‘the bad man’? pfft anyways it was around the age of 14, I started to have really scary dreams… In one I recall running down the street my primary school was located on and running past an old farm; unusually the dream was in black and white, just like the old photographs… As I run down the street my Great Grandmother Anistina is standing in a field, young and fresh holding a baby in her arms, the man beside her was my Great Grandfather William Alexander, he was chopping wood. How I even know its them was only some kinda feeling and recognition thing… my Great Grandmother Anistina looks up and waves and I hear a voice “Hello Raven”… I smile and keep on running down the street…

I woke up to hearing my mother yelling out “Will you fucking kids get up! You are going to school today Raven, and I am sick of your attitude towards me”… jesus wtf… I rolled my eyes and got out of bed, walked past my little brother in the hall and slapped him in the back of the head cause he probably deserved it… All day I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream I had, whist it was kinda weird and yeah dreaming about my dead relatives is kinda weird I guess, but I also felt happy, as If I was being watched over.

A few nights in a row, I woke up suddenly, terrified my head was sweaty and my heart was pounding… As I woke I didn’t even know why I woke as the dream I must have experienced totally disappeared from my memory… I would then just lay back down and fall back asleep…

It was April 22nd I remember the date as my nephew was born that day… but that morning I will never forget it.. in my mind and in my heart I have never forgotten it… As I lay asleep in my bed I must have been dreaming.. or maybe I wasn’t I am still not even sure to this day… But I could hear someone calling my name It was a female voice “Raven, Raven” I open my eyes, but I feel a presence watching me, I tilted my head slightly and looked toward my opened door, a teenage boy was standing in my doorway. My heart almost stopped, I froze, I couldn’t move, My mind was telling me to move, get up, run, call to mum… but I just couldn’t move. My heart began to race, who was this boy standing in the doorway, he was dressed in a striped shirt, jeans and had absolutely no expression on his face, but he just glared at me, in my face, or even through me.

I could almost see through him, I think my mind kicked into some form of reality or survival mode, and I screamed, my heart was galloping, the boy disappeared before my eyes, slowly like a fade in a film almost, I sat their feeling scared and emotional, or even like some sort of dickhead, I mean was this real? Or was it just another dream. I told my mum all about it, I kinda think she believed me, I also told my three brothers, hell I told everyone, most probably just thought I was so full of shit, but I didn’t care I know what happened.

It was years later, I never forgot the first ‘experience’ I had when I was 14, but my nightmares and dreams hadn’t been too bad, well I still had a few, like one I woke up crying because my Dad saved me from a dog chasing me but then he suddenly had his head cut off, yeah I woke up crying with that one, oh and one were my mum died and then turned into a piece of ham, yeah weird but it was still upsetting.

The night my Grandad died I heard his voice say “Raven, can you get me a glass of water” I was so upset and emotional my mum pilled me out, I didn’t dream that night and I was 17 years old. Three nights later I woke up again I don’t know why, but once again I felt someone watching me, a figure was inside my room this time, not in the doorway and he was once again just standing their staring into my face… it was the same boy from when I was 14… the exact same.. wearing the striped shirt, jeans.. and his face just emotionlessly looking at me.. I screamed, again, he disappears… I ran into Mums room this time, and I told her, Mum looked scared but calmed me down. Life went pretty much back to normal, I would always think about the boy in my room, and I hoped to god I would never see him again….

It wasn’t until I was 19, I had my last experience with him, this time I awoke to find him squatting down and in my face, just looking at me, with no expression.. I scream he disappears… I don’t have time to ask him what he wants, but I have always wondered what.. but I mean If you put yourself in my position, hell you don’t have to say “G’day Mate so I guess your dead, why are you appearing to me?”, I mean fuck that! You just freak the fuck out, this isn’t the fucking Ghost Whisperer, this is me Raven a real person!

To end the story, yes years later again, in my later 20’s, yes fuckheads, only a few years ago, I was doing my family tree through the online ancestry site and I found out some pretty cool shit, I went to get our family album out and go through all the old pics, and I found the one I remember looking at when I was 14, with my mum, of My Grandma and Great Uncle Roy, and woah holey shit! The boy that kept appearing to me for years was him!!.. I mean I don’t want to EVER see him again, and please god no.. cause even now at 31; I do not want to see him again!! But wow, what an experience… and true.

So what did Great Uncle Roy want to tell me? I can’t even ask my Grandma Jean as she past away a few years ago now but yeah, I guess I will never know.

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