Turbo Round 623: Take This Turkey And Stuff It

Hello Mafiosos! Yet another walk down the aisle of doom, what will we find this time? Let us all see this together.

It is a little late on the game-clock as it stands at 13 hours and 30 minutes or so.No range and the only city is, hold your breath, big surprise, NYC.What once was a great city in the world of TMB, but it seems it has been shut down.Anyway, no more talks of what used to be. Lets forget the past and move forward, and we will be moving fast.

We are back to the normal 10 member families; business hits will cost you a hefty 5k and a lot of drugs. We still have the sub sale so more level 4s have set sail on this ship, get my drift.If you don't, do not fret just do not forget we can all die tonight.

Sorry I am channeling my inner belief that I am a word-smith, sometimes when I am typing it just flows like that and who am I to deny it.

A quick look at the Global ranks to see who has killed and who has banked.

We see "F1NO" sitting at the top, but will it matter or will he flop?With a networth of 763 bill and 253k points of kill, "TeMpTaTiOn" is a little further back but still ahead of most of the pack.But do not tempt fate that could be a mistake, 271 bill might be too much on your plate.It could end up on his it could end up on hers, but who really cares if it ain't yours.Enough of this rhyming and rambling or I will be here all night.
Nobody has really done anything special in the way of building, it is the usual, if you did not know your ass better call somebody (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvL41u01rBU).

I have come to the conclusion that people on TMB really like medals, and that brings us to the killers.In free killers the "broncos" cannot win a super bowl without John Elway but they can rule here on TMB, if only for a moment.As they sit with 542k in kill points. "F" and "smoker" have some work ahead of them if they want to catch them.In supporters it looks like some are putting those to use, trying to get themselves a shiny medal for their profile.

"100kmh" sits with 1,708,001 kill points followed closely by "Bic" with 1,614,613 kills and "Protect" with 1,560,855.4th is not so far off so they can get an honorable mention, he sits with 1,469,468 kills and it seems currently it is anybody's race.

Imagine all those poor free players smacked upside the head while minding their own.Poor little free birds they just want to fly free. Tough shit.

We once again have 2 families that have hit the magic number 10. "BMF" which I have heard stands for blow men freely, but it is just gossip, rumors if you will."Spiked_Cider"....I have heard BMF put roofies in their cider and just blew away, but I cannot confirm it at this time.Also I have heard that roofies (in a slick new grab for attention) have changed the name from roofies to cosbys (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpaOy8b8X6A).

Ok I was given some wit last round so I will not be greedy I do not expect much, but let us look and see."TaylorSwiftsThong" I am sure they thought that was witty. "My_Red_Cock_Is_Big" has a picture, gets some points for effort but no chuckle fucker."buttpirate" has no picture that could have done it, oh well.

I see a lot of wrestlers, I believe that theme was already done a few rounds back, but good luck to you."THREAD_CLOSED" seems to me that players have been picking up this staff line and are making it their own, still no chuckle."godzookie" no picture either but got a smirk, it is godzooky though but still http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTItRfN-LO8 got a smirk. "Rambos_Mullet" does have some wit but no chuckle yet, but at least we have lots of contenders.We will see if anyone else shows up or I will work with what I got.Anyway folks the glimpse is over, as I hear my pillow calling.So until the EOR, Roving Reporter signing off.

__________________________________________________ _

Well dudes and dudettes it is that time again.Before we get going I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day.I know not everyone celebrates it and I know by the time this comes out it will be a footnote, but currently it is still turkey day.My belly is still feeling the effects so please take that into consideration. Anything I say you can blame it on the tryptophan.Might be a little short today as I have to tend to my garden and my deadline is tomorrow.

I would also like to say one more thing... everyone is well aware of the lag that occured. It was in every response. I had to take them out and will reference it this one time. We all played with it, yes we wish it was gone, but I think the game and the admin do a pretty good job dealing with all of us grumpy fuckers.I did ask Storm about it and I will post his response and after that it will be as if it never happened.

From Storm:
Admin is aware of the lag that players experience, at round ends...Once again, we apologize for this, we found out it is related to the game code needing some cleaning and optimizing and is quite a big ongoing job. There is no quick fix, unfortunately. We are working on trying to find exactly where the problems are in the code, and the game will be much faster and smoother when we establish that and clean it up
__________________________________________________ _

Level 4: Ballers & Shot-callers (your theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InGtiEXQyF0 )

At 5 minutes, "100kmh" who in our glimpse was leading the supporter killers, decided to switch lanes I guess and jump into something that actually paid turns.His networth was a little over 90 trillion and he was going fast it seems and would never look back."Energy" at just over 74 trillion was in the silver spot."Samar held bronze with 43 trill. As we jump to 35 seconds, energy became "Energiz" but still could not catch that sucker moving "100kmh" and some "Slag" crashed the party to grab that last spot.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. 100kmh $74,669,336,693,064
2. Energiz $55,661,578,142,629
3. Slag $43,066,973,992,000

From Ravenkc:
we managed Level 4- 2nd and 5th fam
Pumpkin wrote:
Overall it was a successful Turbo. We were going for a rank in tier 4 and everything was working according to plan. Then in the closing moments of the round, an opportunity arose. Fast thinking by our money holder allowed us to also nab the gold in tier 2 for an added bonus. Great teamwork mates!


Level 3: Friends (your theme song:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxni-FM-UVA )

At the 5 minute mark "D" had the top spot with just about 16.5 trillion."Enter" was looking to exit with a silver and had an exit short of 9.3 trillion."UltimateWarrior" is back from the dead (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkEl_R0dTfY ) and held the the bronze with him, and all his warriors with a networth 7.7 trill.In the end everything had changed and what once was, was no longer. All those warriors could not save him. As I looked in the sky I heard the Warrior say: this world is not big enough for me I must find a new world to conquer.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. D $16,886,477,879,398
2. lerrch $10,818,366,970,582
3. Gman $6,136,407,215,228

From JTR:
It was a great team effort from Warriors once again. We didn't manage a family rank this round but came away with: 5th place Level 3, 3rd Place Level 2 and 4th place Level 1 so good effort from everyone!!
__________________________________________________ __

Level 2: Lodi Dodi (your theme song:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVbTEYcMjx0 )

Lodi Dodi at 2 minutes "Rambos_Mullet" came to party."Wacko" came to cause trouble and "Antrax" came to bother everybody.I think someone left out a letter and in the last review that showed wit, but in this round it shows a small amount of possible retardation.At 35 seconds some anime lover wanted to snatch the gold and held a networth of 5.6 trill. "

"YPG" held a nw of just over 3 trill, "Rambos_Mullet"'s party was almost over and he was clinging to the bronze with 744 bill.But as the final tick hit on the clock and the party was over, in first was the hobbit nerd followed closely by the anime nerd and last but not least was the wrestling nerd.I myself was rooting for the wrestling nerd but I have no fucking power.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Frodo $10,007,745,962,256
2. Uchiha $5,615,964,015,209
3. Batista $4,001,993,428,600

From Viking_Slap:
With 40 seconds left in the game... I thought we had the FREEDOM family come 5th and that YPG would have ranked 2nd at level 2.

Anyways .... "BROTHERHOOD” is where everyone is equal and everyone pulls for the team. We were fortunate to have so many players with level 4 subs that we could fill two full teams and have some spare for a third team.

The main family was THE_COMMISSION and holding the values of BROTHERHOOD to the core, we came as a team to finish GOLD. Good efforts by all and much respect to those that came at EOR to help out.

We also tiered a player at bronze - congratulations to him for his hard efforts. In addition, YPG came 4th at level 2.

Finally we had a team called FREEDOM and up until the last 30 odd seconds we were sure that they would finish at 5th place as a family...

However, it didn’t go as we hoped. Turbos are a brutal contest to compete in ..not for the fair hearted even those from IU lol


-Don of MBU
__________________________________________________ _________

Level 1: Don't fight the feeling (your theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuMIl86kj4E )

[COLOR=IVORY]At 2 minutes "cibalia" was in the gold spot with a little over 6 trillion, followed by some "RandomChump" with almost 5.3 trill.Sitting in the last medal spot was "icup" a bit back at a look short of 2.2 trill.At 35 seconds "oto" had jumped to the top with 9.3 trillion, "cibalia" had dropped to silver with a little over 6.1 trillion and also dropping was "RandomChump" at still a little short of 5.3 trill.
That folks is just how it ended.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. oto $9,301,386,353,121
2. cibalia $6,149,802,944,464
3. RandomChump $5,278,849,507,901

From BliZzArD_420:
We went for level 1 tier and won Gold , family ranks were impossible for us. But we are still happy with the tier.
__________________________________________________ _______

Collecting Family: Let's Work Together (theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGGW4IezbC4 )

At 5 minutes "The_Commission" held gold with just shy of 43 trillion, they were followed by "Ask_Your_Doctor" with 32 trill and "Three_Kingdoms" with a king shy of 22 trillion. While the final numbers changed a little bit, the spots never did.

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. The_Commission(Brotherhood) Samar $39,683,052,646,387
2. Ask_Your_Doctor(Star_hooligans_war) Acne $32,284,307,535,909
3. Three_kingdoms(UC_Avengers) custom_made $24,996,493,667,144

From Wicket:
Yea just a big well done to all the guys in star_hooligan_wars, took second place in families. Shout out to all the little guys keep working hard the end is near.
__________________________________________________ __________

Best Supporter Killers: Nemesis (theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQPzgE5Mtv4 )

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Clowns_Pocket (Blind) 2,189,767
2. Protect 2,067,953
3. Canadian_Bacon 2,036,932

From bLiNd:
First ever attempt at going for killer ranks and I get me the gold! Nice bit o' bling on my profile hahaha. Thanks go to Hollywood, Jumbo and Lu_Bu.
__________________________________________________ __________

Best Free Killers: A Trigger Full Of Promises (theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFvoS9V-7ys )

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. lame 639,645
2. broncos 612,795
3. F 554,198

that's not really you in that picture lol

The Golden Effin’ Chuckle

Since nobody got a true chuckle I will call this one a tie. Both got a smirk and that counts for something.

I was surprised to see very little turkey names, maybe we will do better in the upcoming holiday season.Keep the wit alive my TMB comrades.The winners are "godzookie" and "Rambos_Mullet", not too shabby.It has been my pleasure as always, to those that celebrated Thanksgiving I do hope it was a good one. Thanks for all the contributions. Until the next turbo, Roving Reporter signing off.

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