Turbo Round 625: This Sushi Gave Me The Craps

As we get our feet wet, the clock stands at 14 hours and some change.Every sucker starts with 50k in reserves.Only two cities: Tokyo and Las Vegas.No range.Which means as I am writing this most of you are already dead.Operative hits only cost 2k this round so perhaps some of those will die as well.Blood will be spilled, but who will rise out of that puddle of red to claim the tin?

Nobody has separated themselves from others in networth or operatives built to any large degree.You see the usual sub builds perhaps a couple more with some still cashing in from the end of last round and the subscription sale.We seem to have a trend of two families that is consistent as of late.
"CLMFS" which with so many letters, I am sure they think I cannot come up with what it stands for.Hmm let me think... I will go with " Can Lick Mens Fine Scrotums."They are followed by the return of the mighty "BMF" which last round I said stood for "blow men freely" but they sent me a message and told me what it stood for, so I stand corrected.I am working on memory so forgive me if I get it wrong again: Butch Macho Females.Sorry again for getting it wrong last round.Regardless of what the names are or what they stand for, not one that has been formed when I did this was in the medals at the end of the round.

As we look at the supporter killers we have "VB" at the top with a little over 3 mill in kill points, followed by "Splooge_bath" at 2.5 mill in kills and "ProFleet" at 2.1 mill.Imagine the number of poor little innocent free players it took to get that, you big bad bullies."Aloysius" has doubled down and is the most violent mafioso and the most raped.I picture John Gotti taking it in the rectum screaming: Don down, Don down.

Let us see what you fuckwits came up with for names.All I wanted was a chuckle just one chuckle and you wouldn't give it to me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoF_a0-7xVQ).
"Fk_I4Got" almost got a smirk. "RedRocket" only because I have a dog got a smirk.
"HI_uwanna_TXT" has a small sense of wit, but then again he might be serious.
"BuddytheElf" got a small chuckle as I do like that movie and he has a profile, that helps, so that one has potential.
Nothing else jumps out at me, so we will have to see if anyone else shows up or will we work with what we got.As always it has been fun but it is time to roll out.So until the end of the round Roving Reporter is signing off.

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Before we get going this round...I was bored and I took a look in the forum. One of the posts asked about the tv shows the players like.I will say this I see a lot of people love SOA.I watch the show but to call it great, well that is just silly.As soon as they took the baby from the dock, I said to myself this is shit writing.
The premise is great, acting is pretty good, writing complete shit.
Anyway I figured that would get all you fuckers wheels spinning.Have a different opinion you be sure and find somebody who cares.

On that note we will start in reverse this round.

Level 1
At 5 minutes there was a "Meth_head" trying to get a teener for "Zero" dollars from "Big_Meech".Here is the "Kickers" he was willing to throw in some "StawberryKisses".We all know "Big_Meech loves him some "StawberryKisses", so the exchange was made and all were happy. At 2 minutes "Lei" jumped to the top spot with a networth of 9.6 trillion. "Meth_head" was smoking off some foil but he thought it was silver with 1.5 trill."Zero" knew what his chances were he would get a medal with a networth of 565 billion, but at least he honest.

At 10 seconds (but then again it could have been 33 seconds or 2 seconds depending on how the game-clock felt), "Kickers" jumped to the front with 11.4 trill, he was chased by "Throbsandveiny" at 6.6 trillion and "tuku" at just a smudge over 3 trill.
But somewhere between 2 and 33 seconds later, poor "tuku" found himself all alone with no medal.

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Kickers $11,514,135,773,506
2. Throbsandveiny $6,612,252,181,519
3. CrazyChuck $6,027,703,125,002

With team work and dedication we ended up with a level 4 bronze also level 2 gold... Also, we didn't have a full fam so had to go with tiering rather then family prize..

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Level 2
At 2 minutes "Kenichi" was ichi with 6.5 trillion, following far back was "jonny_vertoni" with 343 bill and"Train" at 263 billion. At 1 minute "Kenichi" was still in the gold spot with 6.6 trill, "Dreadlock" had jumped into silver with just nappy short of 1.6 trill and "artemis" at 350 bill.
At 10 seconds some "Wacko" had moved in to snatch the gold with $7,012,240,019,020, followed right behind by "Qwerty" at $7,004,831,080,352 and "00" at $6,852,126,422,738.I really like "Qwerty" as a name, I wish everyone would use this method to pick names. I type with about 4-6 fingers so it would make my job much easier.The "00" guy as well, even though one of you is about to get kicked off the medal stand, and the other knocked down a spot on the podium does not change a thing.As the mystery of the round comes to an end this is how it looked for level 2.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. primo $10,100,261,269,625
2. Wacko $7,012,240,019,020
3. Qwerty $7,004,831,080,352
4. 00 $6,852,126,422,738

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Level 3
Here is where the prize starts to cost you or somebody to catch.At 1 minute "Magic" was doing some tricks and while he might not be the best magician, he excels at making liquids disappear from his mouth.He sat far ahead of the pack and would never look back, $43 trill for him ."G" on the other hand.... well "G" even though I too like your name selection you might be 2nd currently but you end in 3rd, sorry.Maybe next round you can be "G3", you got sucked up by the "tunnel" my friend, do not worry it happens to the best of us.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Magic $33,593,950,051,878
2. TUNNEL $18,663,507,867,042
3. G $7,665,017,460,185

turbo wasn't great. I swear we just had these turbo rules oh wait this time there was two cities. oh well, it was difficult on many levels, we'll do better in the future. I did place 5th in level 4 Hordak.
- Hollywood_Hubert

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Level 4
At 5 minutes "Splooge_bath" was wet with gold at 75 trill, "Cya" was sitting sitting somewhere between 64 and 63 trillion, followed by "fish_oil" with somewhere between 61 and 62 trill.
At 2 minutes someone had a birthday (or so they say), and decided that what they wanted in all the world for a gift was a shiny TMB gold medal in level 4.And I guess he is the guy that always gets what he wants, because he did in fact get it.The other 2 we mentioned, well we will just say: cya fish oil.

At 1 minute the birthday guy was still in first as you should know."Cya" was still there but you should be able to figure he will be gone with a name like that.And "Twisted", you will have to wait for about 2-10 seconds depending on your reading level.If we go by what TV shows you like I would guess about 8 seconds.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Happy_Birthday_Me $83,905,961,060,627
2. Calypso $79,576,472,658,405
3. Twisted $52,034,818,234,184

Yea on our 3rd main turbo round together we managed to take the JP.So i am very happy. Well done to all the guys!
It was very tight at the end so didn't manage to get a family rank.I am unable to comment on the IU blackout (they are not my concern anymore) I am onto better things, but look at the shit they get from people in game do you blame them not for talking?
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Collecting Family
Since the family prizes were wrapped up early and were also the most talkative, we will let them have the floor.

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. Spurned(Nameless) SpurnedSoHard $34,717,662,892,016
2. Ministy_of_Mayhem Lucy $17,219,838,886,900
3. Mt_Olympus(Detroit) Loki $14,513,478,724,309

Howdy sir

We ran away with the family gold. We had almost our entire family on for the last hour,everyone collected as soon as they got a max, and then we spent the last half hour banking everyone up. Was extremely pleased with the great teamwork.

We also got fourth in level two, which looked like third initially.All around great effort. And thanks LG for the turbo name inspiration.
Turbo was awesome.After a lot of coordination and team effort we managed to take bronze collecting family.Our theme this round was greek mythology. We also managed to get uchiha 4th place in lvl 4.Everything went according to plan.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________
-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. VB 5,726,975
2. Splooge_bath 2,547,188
3. polish 1,673,970

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. C 441,552
2. butters 250,519
3. MARKOV 206,639

Now onto "The Golden Chuckle"

Now even though I liked the simplicity of "Qwerty", really I would have never seen the wit in it had I not been typing it.Perhaps he or she is in fact wittier than me. Guess what you still do not win.But you are appreciated.

Some might call me a Scrooge, but that is alright, I am in the Holiday spirit and I hope all of you malcontent folks are as well.
Before you know it it will be 2015.Who the fuck would have thought we would make it this far.Anyway without any further ramblings the winner is "BuddytheElf". I know I am easily led to a chuckle on some rounds and others I cannot find it no matter how hard I try.

Sometime it is the content or the memory, if the name did not make you chuckle watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tIcnydrwFY
And if that does not make you chuckle, then listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsZu3A7hlm0
And if neither does the job.... well I tried.

Well folks, as always our journey must at some time come to an end, but do not despair very soon I will return to wreak havoc on the English language. To all those that helped me out with a quote now or ever I thank you. I will be seeing you next review, until that day I know some of you will be sad or happy.Roving_Reporter signing out.

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