Bella aint no fella-she is a TMB Queen and is the passion of every mans TMB Dream-This Lady Runs the London Union and like the Queen of England is loved by all.You wont find Bella laying in a field alongside Edward Cullen-This isnt Twilight!This woman is truly a woman of grace and style,but fierce and noble as a Queen rules her lords she will be swift with her killing and leave you with no trial.

Ravenkc: She walks into the TMB Studio, hair and makeup professionally done,smelling wonderful and looking fabulous,Like breath of fresh ass just walked in, I smile and I am feeling very comfortable, as its my friend Bella a fellow TMB Queen...until I spot her Chanel handbag...I feel the anger inside me..its this aqua colour I have been dying to get grrrrrrrrr!!! TMB GIVE IT UP FOR QUEEN BELLA!!!!
Bella™: haha

The Story of Bella

Ravenkc: Bella you are the topic of every male conversation these days..every time I bring you up its "oh I know Bella she is so nice" so tell us all how did you become so popular!??
Bella™: I really dont know as of latetly I dont feel too popular, but I always have treated each and every one I know and have met here in my 8 ys journey through TMB with respect and with the same as given I suppose.

Ravenkc: 8 years God Damn!! thats a long time!!! That was before we could log onto TMB from our phones haha I am sure of it!!-Have you always been in the London Union?
Bella™: LOL.Yes it's way before the phone logins, No I havent , but my first experience was with Gallio , He took me into my first family here in TMB, SCN in NY.

Ravenkc: SCN..NY??
Bella™: Then we moved to London
Bella™: We were based in NY
Ravenkc: I have been here almost 8 years too… and I do know Gallio, please forgive me though as my memory fails me-was Gallio a part of the mighty Ronin/London killing fam? And is this a part of who you are??
Bella™: I was part of SCN and then we went to London yes, SCN went to join in with UMC , And Ronin was born out of that marriage, yes.
Ravenkc: UMC.. hmm I think we warred with them..
Bella™: I am sure you did , as they warred with many
Bella™: lol
Ravenkc: haha NYCU Cosa Nostra.. And Ironcladluke always told us to prepare if we were to take on Ronin.. it had a mighty reputation
Bella™: They always did, they were a fighting family to be reckoned with
Bella™: I became a boss of a SCN family, when I moved on I went to la-familia as I met the-kidd, and shot-caller and we went to Tokyo. I opened my second family there and stayed there for quite some time with them. It was a good family, I learned a lot. And there were many wars and many laughs
Ravenkc: what kind of fams were they, collect or killer fams and did they do well with the ranks?
Bella™: They were collecting and killing families. They did both, But it was all about killing really, the money was coming after that. We all learned how to make money, then the ranks came. We did ok with ranks, I got my first medals with la-familia
Ravenkc: OK so la-familia and your first medals this must have been some time ago? how did you feel getting your first medals?
Bella™: I was as I am now, not sure.It felt odd to me, I never took for myself, I always sent up my guys first.
Bella™: But I worked hard for it and it felt good. I didnt want it they sent to me.
Ravenkc: I love your kinda game play personality… nothing worse than new pushy cunts for ranks with no example of loyalty just expecting shit
Bella™: thanks, I still hardly take a rank, and I couldn't agree more

Ravenkc: and you think to yourself.. um.. I have waited years for this particular rank or role...
Ravenkc: Ok so what happened after that tell me the 'Bella story’

Bella™: I was always a boss, a war general. After a few years with la-familia, they broke away. It was timing is all. I went to UML

Bella™: I met Protege and Jonzo in Tokyo
Bella™: they were building UML. I opened a UML family, and that's where the shift came into collecting, yet I still held War General Title.
Bella™: We were killing, but it was more about the money. Protege was a great money maker
Bella™: We started banking with omerta and Ics
Ravenkc: Its all ringing bells bella, keep going this is great!
Bella™: My banking career at first didnt go so well LOL. But I learned, the hard way, Pops wouldn’t accept anything less. So it was his way or OUT.
Bella™: Well Bella was out after a while but not before I learned, I had the best maxer in game , and I love him till this day
Ravenkc: Yes you had to work your arse out for a medal back then…or even a title in a Union- shit didn’t come fucking easy!
Bella™: Gunchester aka GUNNY , fastest maxer I ever had ..
Bella™: Oh NO!!
Ravenkc: what was his seconds!!
Bella™: It was lightning.He would max me in 6 secs flat
Ravenkc: haahaah I rememeber chopperjo braging about some second count for maxing then we all got into it!! 6 seconds that’s impressive
Ravenkc: Who was the ultimate leading player in TMB at this point?

Bella™: funny thing is, I saw him in game and I said “Hey you still the fastest maxer a girl could ask for ?" I hadnt seen him in years
Ravenkc: hahhahah!! I bet that made him smile
Bella™: He did at that, he always had a kind word , a true gentleman
Bella™: Ultimate player now?

Ravenkc: no...When all this 6 second maxing was going?
Bella™: Well there were many, it was a different game. Not that there aren’t many great players now, But it was a different time hmmm
Bella™: Collector = Pops. Cyp, Mafeeeso
Killers = damn so many good one
Jumbo, comes to my mind
Ravenkc: hmmmmmm
Ravenkc: I just let out a little giggle

Bella™: I know him for years, he is mellowed lOL
Bella™: a little
Ravenkc: he is basically a fucking mute now.Hulk doesn’t speak but just smash?Gets on my fuckin nerves yet he talks to my Dad.. pfft.
Bella™: Yea he is quiet. NYC had great killers
Ravenkc: he won’t reply to me ever since some real life girlfriend went off about the women in tmb.. and ffs I wasn’t even one of the ones who fucking spoke to him often he was in NYCU
Bella™: Ronin were the better killers
Ravenkc:Ok let’s get back to Bella!! Have you had any special TMB romances?
Bella™: Oh geez
Bella™: not really. I had 2 I actually met
Bella™: lol
Ravenkc: yeah and were they who you expected!!?? And you are American Lucky YOU! HAHAHAH.I want an American Guy lol
Bella™: They were exactly what I expected yes, it wasn’t a love affair thing but I had a great time, I went to Vegas to gamble met up there with a guy I played here in game for years
Bella™: And I flew to the UK to meet a friend of mine whose brother played TMB and I had a blast
Ravenkc: In my mind im thinking oh god I hope its someone I know haah
Bella™: No, you don’t, they are long gone
Ravenkc: Hope its not one of my TMB Husbands Bella. So Unfair I am at a disadvantage being in Australia! LMFAO
Bella™: LOL. No

Ravenkc: I have a list
Ravenkc: hahahahaah

Bella™: hahahahhahah
Bella™: Then I don’t know , I don’t talk to many here, I found that most are great guys, I am a good friend , and I have a respect that I like to keep, and a privacy that I enjoy also .
Ravenkc: ok… just stay away from Spade and I am all good- and if that dirty cunt even tries that shit on you cause he is a 22 yr old pretty boy with a big cock.. Then you just let me know. LMFAO.....Ok so we have covered old killing and collecting, Director of War..TmB Romances..Ronin.. UML.. I wanna know about the new London Union!
Bella™: LMFAO ....I will definitely let you know

Rise of the New London Revolution
Bella™: Well it was Ronin and Loco. So I saw an opportunity that would allow us to possibly grow, Gallio and I have been together and friends for over 8 yrs now. I figured that we could push out of the comfort zone a little
Bella™: Killing is great and all. But you need to compete and to be relevant in some capacity, I talked to him and he said OK .....I asked close people to us at first to join us, try it out . We did ok. We will strive to be better, I have had supporters with us, I have subbed up. But the bare bones of ronin /loco are free players
Ravenkc: yeah the ones who are loyal and always return
Bella™: We have with us MoneymakingThugs (MMG) Mitch and joedog, and SBU joined in ,etc . But it is a loyal union where they do return, its more friends and members now are coming in, but it is a competitive world TMB
Bella™: It's not the same as it was. It will never be the same game
Ravenkc: I like the old times but tbh.. I love it more now...
Bella™: I also do. I think it gives everyone an even playing field if you can hustle, keep loyal members, and do your thing.
Bella™: Simple
Bella™: We aren’t going to be able to pull 130 members. but we still get a shot at a union rank .
Bella™: The old saying this still stands, "you get out what you put in"

Ravenkc: Exactly!! so watch out for London Union Folks!! the upcoming collecting union thirsty for the collect ranks, lead by this most experienced TMB Queen.

Bella Pops My PoP TmB Quiz

Ravenkc: Ok Bella I am going to give you my famous PoP Quiz!!
Bella™: OK I'm ready
Ravenkc: you have 2 seconds to answer any question that comes off the top of my head!!
Bella™: Hit me
Ravenkc: Ok Who is you Most Favourite TMB King?
Bella™: Oh come on
Bella™: lol
Ravenkc: haha
Ravenkc: OK.. Fav staff Member??

Bella™: OMG thats really hard sis
Ravenkc: fuck.. (straight face) ... who would you like to TMB Date..Hollywood Hubert or Lucky Chevy?
Bella™: hahahahahaahaahahaha

Ravenkc: (looks around)
Bella™: HH for his humor, and LC for his cocky attitude, I need a combo guy
Ravenkc: So you would do them both hahahahaha (quickly types this in without giving bella a chance to say anything!!)
Bella™: I didn’t say that
Bella™: you said date lol
Ravenkc: Fav TMB Queen?
Bella™: You
Ravenkc: awww ( I think they all just like to see me waving my pink feathers) hahaha
Bella™: hahaha wave away girl

Ravenkc: Ok sweety I have grilled you enough you have an outstanding TMB History and a very Bright future, I think you have bought much to The Mafia Boss and its simply because of who you are a strong and most powerful being I will leave you now to give you your 8 years of shout outs!! we all Love and Respect you Bella!! and May the lord have mercy upon Your TMB Victims if they do not pay homage to the mighty Crown!!!

A QUEENS Shout outs!! QUEEN Bella Don’t need no Fella But she certainly respects a few

Bella™: have to start at the beginning Gallio , Vinnybagofdonuts, gunny, pops( for kicking my ass straight) lol,jonzo, nex, Deathseeker, Bobby, wesker,
Bella™: this is really hard
Bella™: there are so many
Ravenkc: just take ur time lol
Bella™: Vinny , Skeemin, the list goes on and on I don’t want leave anyone out but this has been nearly 9 years of play. Some have come and stayed and some gone away. But for everyone that has touched my life they know who they are, and I do also / I thank you all. It’s been a great ride
Bella™: DG , GEN , I bossed every family I ever played for
Bella™: I also ran my own families
Bella™: that was my last stop...
Best killers from back in the days was I _killed _unUnunUn,killjoy that I remember anyway off the top of my head . And I have to not forget TUZO that is who in SCN was my friend and how we started making $$ when we moved to London.He has to be in my shout outs as well, also Woodsman, Bigg_Rigg,CYCLONE,Lefty,taco, kk, also I was a boss in Moctezuma,jeez 8 yrs of this game is a long time . If you can edit that in I would appreciate that . Best killers I remember back then = I_Killed_UnUnUnUn, killjoy,and you asked Fav staff = Storm, and Tiki
Bella™: so Coral, and Ja are in there too lol
Bella™: Then back to where I started LONDON
Bella™: Thanks Raven, I think it was great, Only for you and btw , "you get the Aqua Chanel Bag”

With that Bella flicked her beautiful hair, and stood up, put on her Gucci Black sunglasses and started toward the door, her limo was already parked outside the studio.. I didn’t even see her text anyone…
I looked down and seen the bag, Oh yey LOL I opened it up it had a note inside:

“Raven I have noticed you eyeing this off around when you were last in London- here its yours… Love you Sis Xxx- Bella”

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger,Storm, or Tiki in game.

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