Turbo round 611 offers everyone's favorite 10-1 ratio. If you got turns use them.Also a there's a bonus increase for the family prize, a nice incentive for those that like to work together.So let us begin our peak shall we.The Roving_Reporter is running a bit late today or tonight I should say, so the game-clock reads 14 hours and 23 minutes.

I need more power; more power. Follow the following link to get proper insight.

As we scan global, currently only 1 player has found the power."6S" is the only player with over 10 million ops already amassing almost 24 trillion in networth.Will it last or will someone else find the power?"FeFiFoFum" has a little over 9 million op's and he's also got some kill points...I think this guy is trying to double dip, I wish you well you giant greedy fuck."Rubber_Duck",the last early builder has about 7.7 mill in ops, but it is still early so don't drown in the bathtub little buddy.

Let us see what the supporter killers are up to.
"Youre_so_ugly" (I know you are but what am I) has been out there mad at ugly people I guess as he has over 5 million kill points. He is followed by "ObamaRidesALlama" at 3.3 mill in kp's and "Spliff_Tannen" with a bud short of 3.1 million.Are these numbers good enough to claim a medal? We will have to wait and see my little chickadees.

Let us see what our free killer friends are up to.
With no turns added, that is...unless they are wise and add 999 credits, giving them almost an extra 10k in turns to blow through. But what am I saying I am sure they do not need them.Would almost be like a poor man’s sub.Anyway back to the race, it looks a little tight (wishing you had added those 999 turns now).You need more power.
"Sunset" hopes the round sets just like it is now with 311k in kill points and a gold medal but we shall see."Sope" who is either named after a Mexican dish or needs to learn how to spell and get in the bath with rubber duck has a bean short of 270k in kp's.And last but not least currently holding the bronze spot is "Daniel" with almost 210k. Will someone separate or will a new player come along to snatch a medal?That and many more questions will be answered or not, if you keep reading.

Only one family currently exists: "Rays-Crew", flashing a Phoenix icon.Well, here is wishing the old bird good luck, see how it goes when we return at the end of the round.
Now let us take a look at these names, see if any wit still exists here in the world of freaks and geeks we call TMB. "BolllyWood_Qubert" seems to be either paying homage or poking fun at the second most popular guy on TMB."London_shit_elite" this guy to me is saying that London is like the elite or the shit, he just could not fit all that with the letters allowed to make a name. So I will pass it along for him.Shercock_Bones is standing strong and even has a picture.Well folks we will have to check in at the end to see if any others will throw their name in the hat if you will. Until the end of the round Roving_Reporter is out this bitch like a mother fucking G.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

End of the round

We will start this review once again with the family rankings, as it was another round with bonus turns for the prize. The race for the Gold was never a race (or at least so it seemed).At 15 minutes out, "Bring_booty_back" had 24.5 trillion banked and they never let go of the golden throne. So the race was in fact for silver and bronze."Rays-Crew" held 2nd with a networth of 5.7 trillion followed by "The_Baseball_Furies", who were right behind with 5.5 trillion.Can you dig it, Can you Dig it, CAN YOU DIG IT?

As we jump to the 2 minute mark, "Bring_booty_back" has banked 49.7 trill, followed by the "SPARTANS" with 16 trill and "The_Baseball_Furies" holding onto 3rd with 7.7 trill. With 10 seconds left, the places held but as the game-clock struck zero there had been a change for once:

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. bring_booty_back(UC_Avengers) Cotten_Weary $49,767,981,127,796
2. IU_looking_for_UT jimmydidntfixit $22,000,000,000,000
3. SPARTANS Vahle $14,242,040,211,285

From Hollywood_Hubert:
Avengers- 10 underdogs working together to take on the tmb world.10-1 ratio fuck yeah lets do this.our goal was to bring booty back or maybe that was just me but i think we did, go ahead and tell all the tmb bitches that booty= looted 30 trillion off the global leader
level 3 gold- Shadow(blind)
level 2 gold- Cable_Guy(Magnum_44)
family gold- bring_booty_back(UC_Avengers)
1st medals in their levels for both players.

Good day for the underdogs and proud to call myself a UC_Avenger, it was total team effort from looting, collecting, organizing. 10 fam golds and two gold tiers yeah we got all the right junk in all the right places.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 4, Romper Room

Here we go with everyone's favorite... the level 4 supporter.Seems there are still a few left over sub sale participants. At the 2 minute mark we saw "Jimmydidntfixit" with a large lead at 189 trillion.

And that was after he had been zeroed and looted for a pretty significant amount, but he seemed to take it in stride and just kept on truckin. "6S" (a left over from our peak at the 14 hour mark), lost a few op's, but he didn't let that damper his day and stood at 91 trillion.You will never guess who held bronze: "Batman" bitches.Now I do not know if it was Ben Affleck, or perhaps the fat out of shape Val Kilmer's Batman, or even the bipolar Christian Bale. but I do know it was bat fucking man.At the 10 second mark old Jimmy still held the crown fallowed by the "One" who was at two and "6s" at 3.And it seems it must have been the 86 year old Adam West's Batman or maybe the "George Clooney with no Robin" Batman, as the "Batman" was out of the running at 4.When the round ended there was no bat signal.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. jimmydidntfixit $207,128,625,287,892
2. OnE $104,190,716,730,218
3. 6S $91,545,886,393,311

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 3

Now usually the level 3 player are a little more grounded and just a touch friendlier.I like to think of them as TMB's upper middle class.At the 2 minute mark "Kelme" stood at 115 trillion, followed by his "Shadow" at 46 trillion and "Not_Ray" at 13 trillion.

At 10 seconds the "Shadow" had somehow eclipsed everyone and they were lost in the black."Panther" sat in the abyss at 20 trillion and "Not_Ray" could not see his hand in front of his face but still managed to bank 13 trill. Imagine if he was Ray, what could have happened..... It depends on your perspective but enough with the hypotheticals and gloom.That folks, is how the round ended.

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Shadow (Blind) $96,211,689,331,472
2. Panther (RioAzul) $20,109,079,144,221
3. Not_Ray $13,655,206,060,234

From Constanzia:

turbo eor was on friday which meant not many of my guys were around.we still did pretty good. RioAzul got silver in lvl 3 and i got 4th place in lvl 4.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 2

At the 2 minute mark we had "Bronxies" at 6 trill followed by the "REV" (all caps, think of this as the guy with the big raised truck) at a Ford short of 3.5 trill and in the bronze spot we had "B6-13" (obviously a fan of bad tv) sitting with 2.1 trillion. As we jump to 10 seconds before EOR, some have come and some have gone.

"Cable_Guy" stood at the front with 21 trillion and in his rear view mirror he could see "Pinballx" and "Knyaz" back in the distance. Oh, the scandal of it all... and that is how it ended.

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Cable_Guy (Magnum_44) $21,301,173,018,331
2. pinballx (shanesimpson) $10,797,003,298,890
3. Knyaz $10,014,845,229,301

From DomeniCracker:
These ten to one ratio rounds aren’t really our thing, as we dont add in many turns to the turbos, so we get way behind the people that do. We were able to get silver in level two though, just through getting a family together and working as a team. Congrats shanesimpson!
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Level 1, sexy time

That leaves us to the 1 star players. They may only have one but that does not mean it doesn't shine bright.I mean let us be honest, sometimes it does but not always. At the 2 minute mark "Saint_Nick" (old Santa himself) was flying on his golden sleigh at 14 trill. "Ok" was just over 12.2 trill and "Aslexsalmond" sat at 7.2 trill. Just before the curtain closed we saw that "Wax" (who obviously wants nothing for Christmas) had snatched the gold and was quoted as saying: "Bah Humbug".Well actually he did not say anything but that sounded better. He came in at 33 trill and "Saint_Nick" had to settle for a silver at 14.3 trill.And as for the "Ok" guy, he did just ok at 3rd with 12.2. No matter what you hear, this folks is how it ended.
-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Wax $33,001,674,154,015
2. Saint_Nick $14,336,970,291,713
3. ok $12,229,035,756,249

From Viking_Slap:
We are still trying to calculate for all of LEGENDS union as there were several players playing in different fams and the coordination was limited for various reasons (I myself was in Dusseldorf, Germay for an International Sales Meeting and was a bit embarrassing to be using my
iPhone to hire DUs while the COO was next to me...)

Anyways... with regards to the game;We had at least one family formed BEFORE the Turbo Round started called SPARTANS. A few level4 players were building OPS and we were still looking to fill the family. About 24 hours into the game - a lot of DUs were killed by Tie and then followed by Youre_so_ugly.

Obviously, as we are collecting...the loss of DUs was at first not important. Towards 2-3 hours till EOR. Our family of SPARTANS was quickly filled up. We were missing one player that could have collected 20 trillion but showed up at 1 hour before EOR. Also, we had SPEEDFIGHT not able to collect and that was another loss of about 40 trillion.

However, we were able to adapt and collect. The biggest problem was trying to bank the family bank as the TMB was "buggy" so, players had to type in the amount and click .Unfortunately, we had 2 players bank up themselves and not family...this was funny but it did cost us time.

Finally, we had achieved in banking up the family -- which was the priority given that going for the win was out of reach. We were sure of 2nd or 3rd place in Fam ranking.

Ideally, we wanted to get a tier medal to:
level 4
level 3
level 2
level 1

We were able to rank
Level 4: 9th place

Level 3: 8th place (he could not pull the cash.... 20 trillion was sent and he would have had
2nd place!!)

Level 2: 3rd place

Level 1: 1st place
Overall.. the need for good communication is paramount in order to do good in Turbo...especially when it comes to EOR since "strange things" can happen. We will improve our game for next round(s).

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Best Supporter Killers
When we checked in at the 14 hour mark "Youre_so_ugly" was number 1. Well, I guess he ran out of ugly people, or turns, or time and dropped into 3rd."ObamaRidesALlama" who was in 2nd, rode his Lama into the Golden Village."Hayden" got to the the party late.But it is not about when you start, but how you finish. Just ask the Hebrew_Hammer.

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. ObamaRidesALlama 8,012,469
2. Hayden 7,060,813
3. Youre_so_ugly 5,236,168

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. fang 1,046,564
2. The_Smoking_Man 1,001,151
3. Daniel 590,190

From RayRay:
Unfortunately our great Tophat had some things in real life to sort, as did our great Lost_Assassin. This was a great turbo as Detroit Union was able to take in stride the absence of our great leaders and still come out in the top 5 families. We received Level 3 bronze silver free killer, silver supporter killer and much of an epic turbo without adding turns to fulfil most of our achievements! Last hours we could have got better but with the exception of real life events we was down on our luck, but pulled into the race to fight and came out with yet another victory! Goes to show if the heart is there and with great people in it together we are an unstoppable force to reckon with!

Congrats to all the Detroit Union members for an outstanding presence and sharing a great turbo for my birthday to fly our Flags high and not hide for a very epic present to me! I am blessed every day to have along side me "The Best"!
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Best Name Of The Round

Well, there was only one guy that had a picture and a funny name.So the winner this round folks is: (drumroll please) Shercock_Bones.When asked for a quote his only reply was: "I am a dick and I love kuntz".
Well folks it has been your pleasure as always.

I would like to say I was running a little close to my deadline, so I did not send out my usual personal message of thanks to all those that contributed.So I will offer my thanks here and I hope it will suffice.Until round 613, Roving_Reporter signing off.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger,Storm, or Tiki in game.

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