Every day of my life i look forward to Learning.

I like to read, a lot, and i probably go through a book/novel a week. Literature is an absolutely wonderful thing. Because even if its a six dollar walmart special paperback, you read that book, and you learn something.

Tonight, ive Learned from a few different sources.

First of all, i Learn by simply going to my job. I work at a pizzeria, and i mainly deliver. But this experience helps me Learn every day.

I've Learned that there is a big difference in people and how they choose to live their lives.

I've gotten to the point where i pull up to a house, and i look at the condition of it, and the cars in the driveway, and try to gauge what type of tip im going to get out of them.

And let me tell you something

I can pull up to neighbors, two houses in the worse part of Dunkirk, and get something out of the length of their lawn

Because those two people, they might have life hard. But there is a big difference in how they approach things.

Family one lives in a house where the paint is peeling, and the porch is crooked. But the lawn is perfectly manicured. They have some christmas decorations up already. And when i go to that door, they open it and you see a living room with worn furniture. But its clean, and the room in general is organized. That right there tells me a lot about that customer. That tells me that they appreciate what they have, and the hard work that goes into it. So even if they are living on ten dollars an hour at the factory down the street, they take pride in it, and keep what they do have clean and presentable

That house is going to tip me a few bucks. Not because they have the few bucks to spend, but because they appreciate a person working and tryin to make a living, and they understand.

Family two lives in a house where the paint is peeling, and the porch is crooked as well. But the lawn is overgrown, or maybe there isnt a lawn, the front yard is a mud patch. I knock on the door, and it opens to four people sitting on the floor, watching their 60 inch flat screen TV. Now i know im not going to get tipped at this house. Because these people dont appreciate what they have. They take what they have, and instead of buying the smaller TV, AND some furniture, they buy the big TV and sit on the floor. They dont care about appearances, they dont mow their lawn, because that should be the landlords responsibility, and if he doesnt do it, well its not their job to do it. I know im not going to get a tip from these people, because the only reason they ordered from us in the first place is because we dont directly charge for delivery.

Thats Learning. Those two families make the same income. But one family takes pride in what they have, and one family just wants the best things they can get, even if it means taking shortcuts.

Another example of learning is the book i was reading today. This book dealt with the police trying to track down a serial killer. (i really like crime novels haha). And i could have taken the book at face value, and just enjoyed the easy parts of the story. But it dealt with morality, secrets, self worth, relationships with others, religion and different points of view on religion, dealt with the basics of right and wrong in a sense. And thats a story that I can truly enjoy. A story that is entertaining, but has a lot of deeper meaning to it

I found that in between reading it, I was questioning those subjects myself in my head. And not only how they related to the characters, but how they related to me. How they related to my life. And how i think and perceive things. And thats the type of story that i want to read. The type of story that makes me sit back and analyze myself, and see how these issues affect me.

Thats some serious Learning.

And then, after working a typical 12 hour day, and getting Learning out of the common day things, I get home at 330 in the morning, and i go on my netflix, and fire up a katt williams special. (comedian)

I crack open a beer, sit back, and prepare myself to laugh.

But then I kept Learning.

Katt is a black performer, and a decent chunk of his comedy revolves around race issues. He also loves his weed, loves pointing out the ironies in life, is generally the type of comic where if you take him at face value, he is vulgar and too raw.

But behind it, he is an extremely intelligent individual. See, someone can be funny if they have a very specific audience. A nuclear engineer can make a joke to his work mates, and have them rolling in laughter, but if he were to say it to me, im probably going to scratch my head and not get it.

Thats the brilliance of a true comedian. Katt might be black, he might be a pot head, he might be a smart ass in how he looks at things, but he can make jokes about things that i dont necessarily relate to, and still make me laugh. And then while im laughing, i get a bit of an understanding of the things he is talking about.

Thats talent.

When a comedian makes a joke that makes me laugh, and then in turn makes me think, i love that. Katt does that. Gabriel Inglesias does that too. Just last night i watched one of his specials, and he was talking about people making comments on him being fat. And his outlook made me laugh, but also really touched me.

If i dont drink, dont smoke, wear sun block, go to church every sunday, never swear, eat healthy, etc....i can live to be a hundred

But where, really, is the fun in that?

If i do all of the things i have fun doing, within a certain degree, yeah, i might not live as long, but i will enjoy the years i do live that much more.

Think about some of the things you hear

Yes, diet pop is less calories...but is has something in it that might cause cancer.

So while you are trying to be healthy, the ingredients that make it healthy are slowly killing you and giving you cancer.

And thats just one example...i could go on and on and on and then on some more if i wanted to

Thats Learning.

Thats living your life in a way that makes you happy. And im sorry, i dont care what you do, how old or young you are, what kind of situation you are in, if you dont live your life in a way that makes you happy, then you are wasting it.

Quote me on it, rebuke me on it, chide me about it, but im never going to change that attitude.

Im going to keep Learning...as long as i am here

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