Scrappy: a HitSquad SuperStar Scrapping his way Through the TMB Underworld


consisting of disorganized, untidy, or incomplete parts.
scrappy lecture notes piled up unread
synonyms: disorganized, untidy, disjointed, unsystematic, thrown together,uneven, bitty, sketchy, superficial, perfunctory, slipshod, inadequate,imperfect, incoherent, piecemeal, More

determined, argumentative, or pugnacious.
He had a scrappy New York temperament

Book 1 - Born in Devils Gate But Rose to Flame and Family in Phoenix -
'The History Of Scrappy’

Ravenkc: Today we have Scrappy, a TMB vet, most known for his killing ability and is a popular name among the TMB ranks.. Id like to get to know him more and find out what makes this guy tick! So Scrappy how long have you actually played TMB?

Scrappy: I started in round 45. In DG. Worked with Fliss and the gang for a while...

Ravenkc: what’s that like over 7 years?

Scrappy: Yes.

Ravenkc: DG= Devils Gate??

Scrappy: Yes.

Ravenkc: Oh haha I remember having wars with them I was in NYCU back then.. who were some of the other players??

Scrappy: Oh, its been a while... haha.I sort of blocked that part of TMB out of my mind...
I ended up causing some sort of issue...went into hiding around round 65...
emerged as Scrappy in round 75.
Do not remember my first name in TMB haha. I literally have no recollection of what it was.

Ravenkc: ahhah yeah and back then it was union verse union in killing

Scrappy: Yes. And the smallest word could cause the peons to start something... and the big guns would have to clean up the mess - or end up warring over nothing.
I think that was something similar to what happened with me... haha.
I remember when Demogg was with DG... I worked with him a lot.
Before he started Phoenix with the rest of the gang.

Ravenkc: thing is but- and i am happy to say it now,, back then it was all about fam/union honour we were all crazy but were used as muscle by top collect fams to kill other unions but had no idea about ranking

Scrappy: haha. yep. no idea about ranking.
I loved killing... it was awesome. Remember old fashioned chatzys?

Ravenkc: Shit i think they had us all 260 players in nycu at one stage cypriot had us hitting other unions while they ranked.. we were none the wiser
yes loved chatzy

Scrappy: I remember logging in and feeling nervous - everyone was there to kill a family... and we'd kill with an immense amount of precision... they wouldnt know what hit them lol.

Ravenkc: yes like combination attacks totally organized it was grand if only we knew we were being used LOL such a shame!

Scrappy: Haha. I don't care. I had a blast. Built alot of friendships with people who aren't here anymore...

Ravenkc: yes of course we all had mad times hahaha

Scrappy: Rainy, Str8upG, Living_Legend...
but we're getting ahead of ourselves... that's later in my phoenix days...
We're still pre-Phoenix at this point. LOL.

Ravenkc: oh yeah Living Legend.. that name rings a bell

Scrappy: He pops in every now and then...

Ravenkc: ok.. and were u apart of the Phoenix thing?

Scrappy: I was recruited to Phoenix around round 90 by none other than the legendary Big_Bad_Wolf.Quite a character, that fella.
Shortly after, Phoenix warred FoundHell. Free families against Supporters. Those were the days.

Ravenkc: haha yes Wolfy is I admire him alot very funny loyal guy indeed. How long did you stay in old Phoenix?

Scrappy: I was with Phoenix until recently... off and on with RL things that popped up... until probably 7-10 rounds ago.Round 90-Round 595.

Ravenkc: so your born bred and rasied DG/PHX

Scrappy: Yes ma'am.

Ravenkc: your a very loyal fello and the game changes didnt seem to bother you, you just stayed, and over the years I mean players go to other fams to simply see how other fams run.. but you never? you must be happy with your crew

Scrappy: I was happy with the crew. Phoenix and Hitsquad are the longest standing families that have stood the test of time, that didn't crumble so far as to fade away entirely. Every other family around here has. I've been a Detroit guy since the day Phoenix stepped into Detroit. We were in NYC for a while, before we settled in Detroit under Rainy & ender... and I was - still am die-hard loyal to the Phoenix family. Just a few disagreements with current leadership.
I've been everything from soldier to don. I was Don Emeritus for a while... which means retired. Wolfy is a Don Emeritus. ender is a Don Emeritus. They're retired dons for life. But - some things are just too difficult to hurdle when you're the only one willing to sort things out...

Ravenkc: hmm NYCU stayed a long while as well only just dropped off and Phoenix have been reborn... they were gone for a while- as in all unions.. fall and rise again
and your were apart of the council?
haha remember chatzy colours! we all had colours brugs.. consig.. bosses then council members

Scrappy: Since the mid 100s... I was always on the council.

Ravenkc: Can you tell us a few stories of some old famous wars?

Scrappy: Haha... FoundHell. That was fun.
It took place between round 100-110. Free family against Supporter family...
Phoenix hardly ever spent a dime up to that point.FoundHell, Bishop and his gang... they always spent...
Something happened with the uppety ups... and we went to war, this was my greatest chatzy experience.

Str8upG, F1NO, BBW, myself and several others were all on the chatzy waiting for the battle... when everyone signed in (color coded of course), BBW went to work getting targets and we destroyed the entire town of Liverpool that night. They woke up crying every morning. We did that for like 6-7 rounds... It was probably the most exhilirating war I ever experienced.
This was before killer prizes...

Ravenkc: yeah like I have had to explain to many people- we didnt have killer medals prizes back then LOL
I do remember Foundhell I think we were at war with them too but wtf? I recall hittin FH and PHX..
did you guys ever allie with them?

Scrappy: they started around 106...
no... we killed them as long as we could. I don't ever remember a truce or alliance happening.

Ravenkc: or perhaps I am getting confused,, its been many years

Scrappy: lol

Ravenkc: ok maybe it was just hitting them as well as PHX ahaha

Scrappy: haha. We're old LOL.

Ravenkc: yep.. hahahha

Book 2- HitSquad Scrappy-Doo Where are you?? Scrappy Joins a Notorious TMB Family

Ravenkc: OK so I see your name is HS did you say??
and I dont know why but i get HS members mixed up with PHX members sometimes arrg haah

Scrappy: I'm with Hitsquad right now.

Ravenkc: and how does that compare with being with PHX all those years?

Scrappy: I don't have to deal with drama. I'm not in charge. I'm allowed to play the game and enjoy it. Hitsquad, we take care of each other. We let people rank - and we're all active. We're one family, not like 6 different families spread out. I miss Phoenix, don't get me wrong. I'd love to be back. I enjoy working with everyone there. I miss the core group. The friendships we had. I still get messages from time to time to sort something in Phoenix... and I have to remind people I'm not with them anymore.
It breaks my heart.

Ravenkc: And Hitsquad just go for Family ranks?? they arnt apart of a union no more?

Scrappy: We go for family and tier ranks. We share the wealth. Turbos are a ton of fun with these guys. I enjoy working with HS, they're a blast. It makes me miss Phoenix though... lots of good times. Crazy what causes people to step away from friendship.
No union for HS. But you'd have to talk to Chrispy, Lucky_Chevy or Constanzia about that. I don't make the rules.

Ravenkc: Whats with the 'Bro' stuff in their names lol?
like I see it alot uggybro stuff like that
And Chevy and Constanzia play hard to get with me and interviews lol

Scrappy: Talk to the majority of HitSquad. We're all bro's... except Connie. But she deals with it haha. Maybe Chrispy will do one for ya

Ravenkc: ahaha Yes I can see why Connie likes to be the only Queen and I am glad her knights look after her well

Scrappy: You can relate, eh?

Ravenkc: You can tell when a Queen has had strong backing I like the fact that her fam seems to stand by her, you dont get that much..
No I do not relate actually.. Im in a mood…

Scrappy: (We can cut that out haha)

Ravenkc: Your Fam do very well in the ranks, whats the strategy?

Scrappy: We collect all round. It's fairly simple. But, I can't give off state secrets like that.

Ravenkc: No I will leave it in.. lol Spade can’t read the blogs apparently anyways (so he says)

Scrappy: lololololololol.

Ravenkc: ahhahaa ok..

Scrappy: Yeah, Connie runs the show
This is how we did last round...


-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
4. Lucky_Chevy $1,654,552,155,783

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
4. RioAzul $753,125,247,498

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
3. uggy $1,037,332,886,755

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
2. RocknRolla $1,000,739,784,733

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
6. SuperLegbro 513,398

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
3. HITSQUAD_BEING_HARD Constanzia $2,072,859,294,177
Ravenkc: I always get threats from Sticky he hated me at one stage but now he jokes around ... is that from last round?

Scrappy: This past round, yes.

Ravenkc: so your enemies in the fam ranks are Avengers, Warriors and Nameless?

Scrappy: nearly 7 trillion with less than 20 people... Just have to work together. Adapt to the new rules.
Seems like it, but I wouldn't say that NaMeLeSs and Avengers are enemies
We're just gonna leave it at that...

Ravenkc: Well according to the rules, I mean a union shouldn’t be your enemy as its not competing for the ranks with you..
wow 7 tril is amazing for one family, you would have to have alot of 4 stars and won plus bought turns for that though

Scrappy: Nope. Why does a competition have to have enemies? Can't we all just get along?! (That's another state secret you'll never know) Haha.

Ravenkc: well you’re not giving me the info I need scrappy

Scrappy: Good luck
I am excited about this round - - Increased Family and Union Prizes Turns amounts

Ravenkc: OK so who are the enemies of HS who do you guys hit?

Scrappy: Enemies of HS... well we hit IU when they hit us... as hit WC when they hit us... we hit Warriors because they're downright weird... and we revenge those who feel like they can hit us because they're "man enough."
but.. it's all up to lucky, chrispy & connie.

Ravenkc: hahaa "man enough"

Scrappy: LOL. the quotes are key, my dear.

Ravenkc: right and you do have some fierce vet players leading you *much respect*
This round I see you have all come in with just a Letter LOL

Scrappy: It'll be a blast.

Ravenkc: So you guys enjoy the new rules, they obviously benefit your family?

Scrappy: We enjoy all the rules. Seriously, it's a game to have fun. Rules are gonna change, situations are gonna arise... you go with the flow, enjoy your family and have fun.

Ravenkc: Do you have any words of advice for new players joining The Mafia Boss?

Scrappy: Don't give up. It may seem overwhelming at first. Plenty of people are willing to give invites. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If one family is being rude, jump to a different one the next round. I know there are plenty around the game that are looking to expand and build their empire further. If that doesn't work, start your own family! We all started somewhere!

Ravenkc: OK so you are very experienced and have come from the depths of PHX and Now running with an elite family- Hit Squad.. Your TMB history and current state are certainly one to monitor lol .. I am going to give you my PopQuiz Mr Scrappy.. YOu have a 1 second to reply with an answer LOL (since you give me no info on your collect lol) are you ready!!!

Ravenkc: Favourite Player?

Scrappy: ...Raven???

Ravenkc: LOL I want you’re to answer truthfully lol
I mean if I was your fav player that’s awesome but I doubt I am lol

Scrappy: I enjoyed my time with Big_Bad_Wolf... but I'd have to say its a tie between Bella and Constanzia. You can always count on honesty, fairness, and complete maturity from the two of them. They're a joy to play with.

Ravenkc: Player you Love to Hate?
Yes Bella is very popular with the male players lol

Scrappy: I've always had a difficult time understanding Mr_Worker. He's quite the distracting player... but Rip defintely takes the cake. Wonder if he's around anymore... and if he is... what name does he go by? Whenever I handled an EOR, he was the first to message me about a spot, having done nothing for the union that round haha.

Ravenkc: TMB Player you would love to be for a day?

Scrappy: Haha - Im perfectly fine staying right where I am and being myself. There's PLENTY of weirdos out there haha.

Ravenkc: Well I mean who would you inspire to be, who do you admire?
Jesus Scrappy trying to get anything out of you is like pulling teeth from a HORSE.. not that I have ever done that but I seen it on a doco once and apparently its very difficult *mad*
now I remember you hitting me one time i am having flashbacks and I also thought this entire time you was an Indian

Scrappy: haha... I model myself after Jesus Christ. I'm not perfect by any means, but I do try to live my life as Christ lives His. I'm not a spiteful guy, I'm not a hateful guy, I'm not a prideful guy - I'm simply trying to live my life the way God wants me to - and honoring my friendships is one of those ways. It's difficult sometimes, but it's all worth it.
Haha, why did you think I was an indian?
I'd say it's best to emulate Storm, he's the TMB King. LOL.

Ravenkc: I dunno your name and your personality in game I thought you was an indian so in my mind when I think 'scrappy' i think Indian funny guy

Scrappy: Haha. Scrappy's is an Irish Pub around here

Ravenkc: LMFAO ...
Ok sweety I have kept you over an hour, you have pissed me off but I get pissed off easy thats probably why I am not a popular Queen ... Thank you for your time in TMB you have bought much to the game and as you said the Game has made you laugh alot of over the years as well... Please take your time now to acknowledge your mates, friends and enemies in game with your shout outs.

Scrappy: Constanzia, Big_Bad_Wolf, Chrispy, Lucky_Chevy, Bella, Blizzard_420, Viking_Slap (Lars), ender, Rainy (WHERE ARE YOU!), Da_Secret, DirtyNick, Big_Sarge, Lil_Bit, Ophelia, Splooge, Tripp, Stinger, The_Dudes, - HS SHOUT OUT MID SHOUTOUT - Slixed, StickyCat, uggy, Liam, Best, LegBro, (and any other HS dude I missed), - START AGAIN - KidVengeance, SARGE, FIXER, RayRay (we've had our ups and downs), Lost_Assassin, Ichigo, lee, Drob, Hopsing (Long gone and loving RL), Magnum_44, Godfather2017, PINKDOT, PopeBenedict, Domenico, IroncladLuke, Ilovebites, Ducky, Saint-Bread, BeatrixKiddo, Jonzo, Protégé, Blues, and the 5004084180 other players I’ve encountered over the years. STAFF SHOUT OUT: PANDEMONIUM, TIKI, STORM, CAPTAIN_WEST - LOVE YOU GUYS! It’s been forever since I’ve seen several of these players – but those are my shoutouts!

Thanks for your time, Raven. It's always a pleasure to talk to you

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