Main Rounds 608 & 610. Transfer of Power?

First, before we begin this set of reviews, I would like to apologize for not getting Round 608s review out last round. I was down and out with the flu! All is well again, though, and we are ready for another set of reviews! Round 608 got interesting with several comments from several people, most interesting, though, was this one, from Valentine who was, at the time, in IU

Hello, I would like the chance to provide the update from IU if that is okay. It is been a tough round for us, but we are hanging in there. We are trying to fight Realt, but honestly we have no chance. It seems like everyone is starting to give up. Also, it seems like some of the IU family is moving to Realts union or working with him from behind the scenes and screwing the rest of us over.

This will probably be the end of us. It was fun while it lasted, but since we wont be able to get ranks a lot of these members will be leaving soon since thats all we care about. Please feel free to let me know if you would like a further update or if you have any questions. Thank you.

I took this comment to Eck, and his response was very civil. He explained to me that this was not an official IU position and that Valentine was simply looking to do harm to IU. None done.

Are RealT and his family going to become a force to be reckoned with? Was Valentine from UT? What will happen at EOR? There were plenty of questions swirling around during this round – it was all up in the air for EOR and a record setting jackpot! Here are a few comments from people during the round about how their round was going!

bLiNd: “Of all of the walls in the world, it's the white ones you have to avoid.”
Quite an interesting statement from the more interesting fella, Blind. Anyone have any comment or reaction to his statement?

RocknRolla (HitSquad): “Hello Mr. friendly blogger. Of course I have a comment The secret of our success is: First Wesker left us lol (Dont tell anyone). Second strange winds blow in our family. 3rd uggy is our spiritual leader leads us to the right path. Sticky is a wizard . and 4 did I said for once, Wesker has left us . or simply:
Well. That’s sure to stir the pot!

How did EOR during Round 608 end up going?

-Level 4-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. Sheikh $188,138,448,015,191
2. GeekIcon $25,791,677,676,057
3. StickyCat $3,403,073,984,500

-Level 3-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. RocknRolla $1,845,142,578,658
2. Murderer $1,557,421,836,945
3. Bears $601,526,958,015

-Level 2-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. harryverderchki $798,007,546,731
2. Miles $693,708,328,897
3. Flaco $416,337,381,915

-Level 1-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. hazmoore $700,220,470,000
2. uggy $464,088,194,893
3. MastaKilla $401,232,996,001

-Best Supporter Killers-

Rank Mafioso DUs Killed
1. GeekIcon 8,735,101
2. RealT 3,444,618
3. Jumbozo 2,772,915

Congratulations to UT for having TWO killers in the top three!

-Best Free Killers-

Rank Mafioso DUs Killed
1. Cheetah 587,823
2. rage 524,005
3. That-idiot 490,067


-Collecting Family-

Rank Family Boss Networth
1. Warriors Ajax $3,533,343,631,357
2. HITSQUAD_D_ALMIGHTY Constanzia $3,087,676,694,200
3. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $3,067,409,140,730
4. NaMeLeSs Domenico $2,538,910,118,511
5. Warriors_Saracens Pooxx $1,219,748,636,037

From Scrappy: “Hitsquad pulled through again this round snagging SEVERAL medals this round. It’s always a blast with the family and it’s amazing to have such a laid back atmosphere with this group of people. This round we took:

Silver Family
Level 1 – Silver
Level 3 – Gold
Level 4 – Bronze

Not too bad for a group who has just 20 members! Love working with you guys!
-Union Family-

Rank Family Boss Networth
1. Frak_IU Murderer $84,009,057,533,063
2. IU_RU_NT_CHARGEBACK Cocamafiosa $13,633,014,094,107
3. LEGENDS BlackSwan $5,601,187,072,950
4. WEST_COAST BliZzArD_420 $5,360,188,617,692
5. Detriot RayRay $3,132,130,687,181

Here are a few comments from some others about 608s round EOR and how their families are doing!

“Currently, with the changes in the game over the last few years - MBU is composed of a hard-core group that has been playing together for nearly 7 to 8 years. That number is 15 players. Our goal is that we get online, hire and hit IU. We are proud to be the longest serving family in warring against IU (which many were at one time with MBU). Ultimately, we play for fun and the camaraderie.

To those that want Moscow = > MOLON LABE!

Regards to the future... we take in one round at a time.


-Don of MBU”
RayRay: “We did very well even with the crazy battles everywhere... UT seeming to kill IU at the start made a haven for looters, killers, and collectors. It was a close battle to stay in top 5 unions but again we have proven capable even while several battling with us... In the end our great union ranked top 5 again and we even has some killers in top ten! Another nice round a lot of great looting from dipset they was on the cash like vultures, maxing and keeping the billions rolling in!”

TonyGiavonni (Warriors): “I didn't do anything Alone. Warriors second family got 4th, so proud of that. I also got 2nd or 3rd in Turbo as carlogambino. Overall, great round. Thanks for asking.”
Congratulations to IU on the Level Four win!

Having not posted the 608 review in a timely fashion, we received a lot of painfully terrible messages from some angry customers…

from Y: “Hey blogger, what’s happened with review of 610 round?”

from HAPPY: “Where’s the review for round 608?”

from XXX: “I got news for ya, YOU SUCK! BUM!”

from zed: “This mafioso has been removed from the game. (Must have been a bad comment to get banned!)”

from bLiNd: “Why does it take so long to report on a round?”

Has no one ever heard of the word grace?! Let’s see what Webster says the word “grace” means. “a controlled, polite, and pleasant way of behaving.” Why are people so quick to judge and point fingers these days?! Even though I was sick, it was exciting to watch the happenings of round 610. If you have another definition for grace or a comment about our tardiness, feel free to post it in the comments section below!

How did Round 610 sort out in the end? 608 was extremely pricey for each level & tier. Did 610 go for the same, more or less than the previous round? It certainly looked like a fun one! With just a few moments left, it seemed that Legendary.1 might win bronze Level Four with a 7.5 trillion dollar difference between 2nd & 3rd place! However, Mafasi & Lucky_Chevy swooped in to take 3rd & 4th from the strong effort put forth by the London Elite!

-Level 4-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. Nina $22,453,436,010,415
2. LOPOV $8,000,864,155,390
3. Masafi $6,271,103,049,840

Congratulations to our Level Four winner and runner’s up! With last round being as pricey as it was, you would have thought that Level 3 would have been simpler – yet, this round Level 3 went for four times as much as it did in 608! Quite a difference! Here’s how Level 3 sorted out after the dust settled!

-Level 3-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. DomeniCracker $4,004,028,847,979
2. Andy $2,153,230,014,605
3. Nucky $800,223,919,034

from Domenico: ”Howdy. I am extremely happy with how NameLess finshed last round. Was a phenomenal round for us...we got a lot of gold.

We built strong and banked strong all round. That ended up leading to us getting the family gold. Geek deciding to collect a bunch led us to be able to go for some serious tiers as well, when we normally dont focus on tiers

We got bronze level four for Geek, gold level three for myself, gold level two for Jess, and fourth level one for NewGen, which would have been gold if he had grabbed the money in time.

It meant a lot for us to be able to do this in our round which was dedicated to Cracker, as he is stepping down from the consig role because of a new job. The family is strong as ever, and we have a kick ass team assembled, which showed this round more than ever.”
From Scrappy: “Congratulations, Cracker and good luck with your new job! It’ll be weird not seeing you as consign over there in NaMeLesS, but best wishes with the new gig, bro!”
-Level 2-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. CrackerBooty $2,500,247,129,400
2. nexus $1,140,118,462,958
3. uggy $1,037,332,886,755

-Level 1-

Rank Mafioso net worth
1. HeadshOT $1,500,894,376,360
2. RocknRolla $1,000,739,784,733
3. Setup $684,331,692,531

-Best Supporter Killers-

Rank Mafioso DUs Killed
1. Cultivator 3,820,940
2. Jumbozo 2,896,435
3. Masafi 1,823,364

Mafasi, well done with the two bronze medals! Quite a feat!

-Best Free Killers-

Rank Mafioso DUs Killed
1. agentsmith 499,001
2. fat_bastard 436,537
3. Wesker 280,693

NaMeLeSs & Warriors were neck and neck near the end for Collecting Family gold, then all of a sudden, NaMeLeSs took the lead in a dramatic turn, with less than 5 minutes left in the round. Congratulations to all the winners!

-Collecting Family-

Rank Family Boss Networth
1. NaMeLeSs DomeniCracker $4,968,153,510,718
2. Warriors Haggs $4,012,841,848,820
3. HITSQUAD_BEING_HARD Constanzia $2,072,859,294,177
4. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $1,349,357,132,054
5. Dynasty scaronface $1,185,642,830,458

from Bfly: “We're fucking awesome" -TONYGIOVANNI Teamwork makes the dream-work. Great job Warriors.

-Union Family-

Rank Family Boss Networth
1. IU_RU_NEED_FOR_SPEED LOPOV $7,991,999,087,661
2. WesT_CoasT BliZzArD_420 $5,248,726,219,508
3. Legends BlackSwan $3,916,261,374,072
4. Detroit RayRay $2,961,426,272,812
5. London_Elite Bella $1,186,917,666,542

from Madd_Maxx: “Chicago is great. SS lives on, my friend. Legends, we do what we can when we can. We are what our name stands for, Legends! As for the last round, as always IU takes first place. 1 day they will die off. But we is a good job as always. Great minds work well together👍.”

Thanks to everyone for their comments, patience & grace! Tell us how you enjoyed your last few round below in the comments! Hope you’re enjoying the “Special Edition Collector’s Round” in Round 612! Has anyone seen UT this round?

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