The True TMB Story of the Polish Black Knight A man of Great Noble Blood and Current State of Power. This Is His Story.

Boss of all Bosses

While his castle now lies in ruins, the Cathedral of Vienna still honors the Ogonczyk coat of arms of the family of Sir Mikolaj Powala of Taczew, who is noted for his participation in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410.

A more famous medieval Polish knight and nobleman was Zawisza Czarny (Zawisza the Black of Garbow, also known as the Black Knight), who also took part in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410 against the Teutonic Order. (Author, Unknown and who really gives a TMB Fuck, Hey Drudge, 2010).

Shield 1- in the Beginning an Insight into Rogers TMB Knights Lineage

Ravenkc: Here in the TMB amazing Studio today we have a Polish Knight, a very good killer as most of you would know and respectful player.. Roger!! now thats as far as I know about this unassuming fello so I would like to get to know him more, so lets get this going!!! Roger how long have you played The Mafia Boss??

Roger: Hi Raven
Roger: im playing TMb since round 81

Ravenkc: ok I am very bad at math you can blame my tits for that, so how many years??

Roger: let me check
Roger: got it, 7 years

Ravenkc: wow!!! 7 years..I only seen your name running around beheading people last year, my head must be in the clouds!! and which family did you start out in??

Roger: ooch raven, i know you more than 1 year, 2 y ago i helped you deal battle trophies issue

Ravenkc: yes I remember that.. ok so I am confused on timelines shhh.. infact I was just talking about that moment before with Tears_For_Fears

Thursday, March 28, 2013 8:09 AM Ravenkc:
i dunno how u guys do this haha but then again i am hunted and hated by IU

Roger: just recover from the past

Ravenkc: woah shit dont repost that LOL
Ravenkc: YES I WAS hunted and not ashamed to say it LOL they know it too

Roger: ok back to your question
Roger: exactly, I don't remember how i joined game and why

Ravenkc: ok past families??

Roger: but remember my first family, it was prophecy_west or prophecy_east m and i remember first lesson in tmb

Ravenkc: NYCU???

Roger: they told me 2h game clock we do attack on tampa

Ravenkc: *fall off tmb studio pink fluffy chair*

Roger: it was 2 am for me , i woke up, was online and no one else
Roger: so i thought you stupid idiot,
Roger:my wife asked me why you woke up? i answered had important things to do

Ravenkc: so that is when it all began, did they teach you to fight?

Roger: no teach nothing, but after 2 rounds i left prophecy and joined WNC family there i learned a lot of tmb

Ravenkc: hmm i sorta remember that family ..
Ravenkc: who was the Don?

Roger: Reedsfinest and Xeris
Roger: i have still screenshots of family code rules

Ravenkc: ok, and where they apart of any major wars?

Roger: we were part of NYCU

Ravenkc: I feel like a dick, I have lost part of my memory lol I mean I was on the NYCU council I should know this LOL!! ok so how long did you spend there?

Roger: 30-40 rounds i guess.reedsfinest left xeris too and i stayed in practice alone, so I tried find some another family
Roger: was 2 rounds in moctezuma in woodsman time, few rounds in Ace family and from Ace time i remember only Madness

Ravenkc: oh yes Oh how I love HIM one of my fav Ace players!!!!

Roger: yes he was ok

Ravenkc: continue ... your amazing memory and bringing up these names, I have this idiot grin on my face!

Roger: After Ace i found my best place in this game it was Omerta_Omega family with Boss Carbon
Roger: Fantastic guy

Ravenkc: give me more details, of Omerta at the time?

Roger: i met great people who teached me how to play collective, how not to be rankwhore, family business is always in first place
Roger: i can't imagine, but in that time we had 3 omerta_omega families

Ravenkc: was this when Omerta was running the bank scene?

Roger: yes
Roger: and it was my first time when i used skype for communication

Ravenkc: as appose to chatzy lol

Roger: every round i sent per email family banking

Ravenkc: hahahah

Roger: was crazy, but i did it very honest

Ravenkc: did you know Pops?

Roger: in that time i knew who was pops, but didnt talk with him

Ravenkc: At the time who were the other powerhouse fams in the game??
Ravenkc: Pissheads?

Roger: yes cypriot, vicarious
Roger: and cccp time

Ravenkc: nice...

Ravenkc: Do you define that TMB Period one of the best for you?

Roger: the best TMB period for me was when i come back to the game after, i think 1y break and i met again Death_note and Stinger

Shield 2 – CapoDiTuttiCapi ‘Boss of all Bosses’ THE Tip of the ‘Legends’ Sword’

Polish medieval battles, fought mainly (though not only) in the territory of Poland, were distinguished by:

A) tactics (from the end of the 14th century) different from those of the Western Europe - with the use of natural obstacles and the manoeuvre

B) spontaneity, impetuosity, and discontinuation of the chivalric fighting code (knight against knight, henchman against henchman) for, instead, the total war, which the Polish knight adopted during frequent border conflicts in the East, and wars with the Teutonic Knights, originally invited by the duchy of Masovia but soon taken steps against their polish hosts, who although had only about 1200 brethren in Livonia and Prussia in the early 15th century, were able to hire an army of mercenaries form western Europe strong enough to endanger the much bigger Duchy of Lithuania and the stronger Kingdom of Poland (Reference Unknown).

Ravenkc: oh yeah and is that when CapoDiTuttiCapi family began or??

Roger: i knew stinger from Bloodbath family and death_note was in carbon family omerta_omega

Ravenkc: Stinger is a very strong player and TMB Queen *much respect*

Roger: yes she is, but sometimes i dont understand why ppl didnt like her
Roger: maybe because, that she says what she think

Ravenkc: Well she bashes the shit out of peoples Dus hahah and many male players are also oppose to strong female killers- its sad but a fact of human nature, I have never personally had an issue, I have had her in a fam onetime she was fighting IU with me under a different name and was hardcore killing I was like wow ur amazing who are you!! LOL

Roger: Honestly, Capoditutticapi have a lot of very good killers

Ravenkc: I know, and not only that but they are also very respectful

Roger: but killing give us not much turns as collect, so we are collectors

Ravenkc: CapoDiTuttiCapi .. what does the fam name mean?
Ravenkc: I don’t even read it; all the letters jumble up in my mind and when I look at the fam, I just say 'Capo blah blah blha fam, you know the one with Roger'

Ravenkc: lol
Ravenkc: (if I am talking about ur fam to chopperjo)
Ravenkc: CapoDiTuttiCapi .. what does the fam name mean?

Roger: means Boss all bosses

Ravenkc: hmm nice, that’s pretty awesome
Ravenkc: when did it start?

Roger: dont know

Ravenkc: hahaha
Ravenkc: been around what 2 yrs?

Roger: sorry but didn’t notice it
Roger: yes when i rejoined TMb capo already exist
Roger: never ask

Ravenkc: ok well can you describe the current CapoDiTuttiCapi family and its connection to the Legends Union?

Roger: capo every decision about what we will do , staying individual or join any union we agree in team.
Roger: i was always in the option to play individual
Roger: with bad experience with titans

Ravenkc: yes?

Roger: i was very skeptical to join legends union, but my team said "lets try", so we received an invite from gunny, saintbread and da_secret

Ravenkc: ok and how are you all getting along in this union?

Roger: gunny went on holidays and ... didn’t come back.. or ...
Roger: saintbread showed his face in Iu families only da_secret stay out of iu, but i didn’t forget in battle_trophies time he was part of Iu

Ravenkc: yeah I seen that but I did not know if it was for real or not

Roger: anyway leaders left the union, but we still exist and i think we are from round to round more organized

Ravenkc: I see you guys have some vets though Viking_Slap and V

Roger: yes, they understand what mean team play

Ravenkc: Do you consider your family the tip of the legends sword?
Ravenkc: You said yourself your family has the best killers, and now I see your family are also very strong in collecting as well

Roger: yes because we know how to bank
Roger: without an active bank

Ravenkc: with the Omerta background?

Roger: not exactly

Ravenkc: yes I find that interesting.. I see you guys have no main banker yet seem to still at the end bank alot

Roger: Avengers and Hitsquad copied it from us but i like it because we can see a lot of competition in last rounds and Iu domination is reduced

Ravenkc: yes ahahha why do you think I am questioning you sir, your fam are becoming a force to be reckoned with and a bee in my bonnet!
Ravenkc: haha!
Ravenkc: BUt!! IN saying that I only ever get kind and respectful messages and noble ones from your fam, tis the other fams in your union who seem to have a hatred for me, but I guess that’s a fact of tmb life, sometimes you don’t know why this happens

Ravenkc: Ok so do you see a strong future in your current union? Oh I bet you are good at Math ahah

Roger: yes we are good in math
Roger: i think unions now is a future in tmb

Ravenkc: Im not, good at math

Roger: and i like new rules update. One family/union dominations is over
Roger:in the past you got 1-2 unions max
Roger: now you have 5 unions, 5 individual families
Roger: so i think this is good for the game

Ravenkc: oh yeah, well you love the new rules and ur new union it all seems very positive for you .. yes they are in battle with each other now

Ravenkc: Do you miss killing?

Roger: yes of course
Roger: i remember my first lvl4 silver

Ravenkc: tell me about it??

Roger: my 1st lvl4 silver i won in turbo 4-5 y ago
Roger: turbo was focused on killing i stayed almost 9 h online and killed everyone

Ravenkc: jesus thats some serious game playing

Roger: I dont remember rules, but remember, that 5 min to eor someone asked me ‘do you jump lvl4?’
Roger: i said no i stay lvl3 and of course i jumped
Roger: let me find it
Roger: uff got it, it was round 222

-Level 4 Killers-

rank mafioso defs killed
1. Bruce 19,093,303
2. Colorado 11,814,576
3. KILL_YOU 9,488,937
4. JOYSTICK 1,808,817
5. lol 1,255,263

-Level 3 Killers-

rank mafioso defs killed
1. Jose_Jalapeno 16,073,367
2. CSI 5,511,349
3. Wcked1 800,331
Roger: and my name was Colorado but also i used name Denver
Roger: as you see it was no collectors round

Ravenkc: awww and its fucking adorable you remember that medal that it meant so much to you!!

Roger: yes because it was my first individual trophies

Ravenkc: and a level 4 as well
Ravenkc: hahaha

Roger: all levels

Ravenkc: ok sweety its 1am here!! I am going to ask you some of our famous TMB Studio quick questions from our fav Pop Quiz..... are you ready!!! I am typing off the top of my head too btw LOL

Roger: ok go ahead

Ravenkc: Who is your Favorite Famous TMB Player??

Roger: Death_note

Ravenkc: Who is your Favorite Enemy Killer?

Roger: i will be boring... Death_Note

Ravenkc: and I thought you would say Lopov, as he mentioned your name on his
Ravenkc: hahah
Ravenkc: ok

Roger: eck, bob all was learned by Detah_Note how to kill efficiency

Ravenkc: Favorite TMB Queen?

Roger: so please
Roger: Lopov is good killer but with so many jp i would be also good
Roger: so back to the question

Ravenkc: ok Rog... your fucking my POp Quiz;( *with man’s logical stuff on boring things*

Ravenkc: Favorite TMB Queen?

Roger: Stinger

Ravenkc: Most hated TMB Troll?

Roger: Domenico
Roger: personal thing

Ravenkc: Fav Staff Member?

Roger: dont know let me check the list
Roger: storm

Ravenkc: Have you ever heard of Roger Ramjet? LOL

Roger: never

Ravenkc: haha I grew up watching it; its a kids cartoon and when I see YOUR name the theme song comes into my head.. this is the link, watch it later you will laugh

Roger: hahahahaha
Roger: cool
Roger: i like it

Ravenkc: Ok Roger, this has been a very historic and informative interview, thank you for your time!! Take your time now to consider your shout outs!! People you respect, love even hate (in some cases) .. And I am very honored to have taken your interview thanks for your time............ the stage is yours

Roger: Thank you Raven for interview opportunity
Roger: yes i would like say i have big respect to: Death_Note, Stinger,Snyper,The_dudes, pops, lucky_chevy,tommyboy and realt
Roger: my tmb world is not so big, but also have respect to enemies like: coca, yakzi, roughy and ray

WELL That’s a wrap.. Thanks Roger for Popping By the TmB Studios, I hope you don’t get wacked on your way out the door!!! Or I may have a visit from fello TMB Queen Stinger on my ass and I don’t want to be wearing those wigs Storm and Tiki had me in last time I was being chased

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Your Ever Loving Queen

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