In a game that has changed over and over again few things have stayed the same. But one thing has always been consistent. The importance of a city. In TMB life massive wars were fought over a little city. Which in all its glory is kind of funny if you think about it since its just a name on a webpage. Yet so many people and famalies hold true to it. In a game were nothing is real the feeling of ownership has always been there.

Lets take a look for those of you that dont believe me. Omerta and 13 has been in palermo for ages. Moscow fams have never moved. Hell Southside fams zeroed untouchables just for setting up shop in chicago for one round, and so many other famalies have set up shop in a city and just not moved. Not because it holds historical value but because to them thats HOME. No one can change that and no matter what that place is were they belong.

Sure people travel from city to city. Visit friends in other fams but how many of us actually stay there forever? Do we not often see ourselves gravitating back towards that oneplace we called home on this game? I brought up this point only for the sole purpose of pointing out that although the game may change and rules will come and go. The feeling of ownership and value in what ever way it is you see it. Is what keeps us coming back.

We can sit here and complain for days and always find a flaw but it doesnt change the fact that we still log in everyday to look for that flaw. sometimes we all just need to accept things for what it is and appreciate the things we have had and what we currently have. Lets take ownership of not only a little city but ownership for our own actions. This game is just as much our responsibility as it is the staffs.

Love it or hate it. This game is all a little bit of who we are.

Much Respect to all