Greetings Mafiosos, how time flies! It's September 2019, and spring is in the air! Last month end we saw a flurry of really exciting battles and equally exciting round ends happen! So lets have a look at some of the highlights, low-lights and general chaotic events that is the world of The Mafia Boss Online Role Playing Game.


Level 4 Gold - TMK won with an early build. No one stepped up. Some beef started with 23. Lots of speculation, and a decent JP - he won a cool $1619. He also got top supporters Killer medal and he didn’t get it all by accruing; the man did some killing also to earn that. Tip your hats people. The man is good. And does not shy away from challenges.

Killer ranks supporters 2nd place was taken by Spade. He is someone to watch out for, he is a sneaky player, super fast and can kill, and collect with the best of them. He was not far behind TMK.

KillSmith took silver in level 4...did IU do the clever thing somehow to pull it off? I mean, the man is in IU right now? Very clever somehow...don’t bitch just because you can’t compute, get clever. Read between the lines of the rules, apparently KS did.

Level 4 Bronze, was taken by Torm and well deserved, The Tormented One is old school die hard and is capable of playing any style in the game and get top notch results. I will say it again based on what i see in the results: Those guys in IC are veterans and they know what they are on about.

Level 3 gold, again dominated by IU: Idvorjan won it, and being old Russian Mob, this guy well deserved the win, he is no noob to the game and again hats off to IU bankers to be able to snatch the top spot here.

Level 2 gold was taken by KD from IC and that was a very clever call by IC to snatch the gold there. Kudos to your bankers at round end.

Level 1 is always super tough. WEST COAST dominated here and randomrunner snatched it. Great job bud! Also good on your bankers for stealing it for you.

*Let’s just pause a moment for my MVP for level 1: actually, there is 2 of them*

FURIO: This Mafioso took 1st in free killers and 4th in level 1 and was in Soprano’s Family last round

Action_Jackson: was in Inner_Circle last round 2nd in free killers and 3rd in level 1.

FAMILY RANKS ANYONE? Gold was stolen by IC and good job guys!
Silver was taken by IU
Bronze: this was awesome, with West_Coast taking it by a ball hair in the last minutes

Special mentions:

Kimbo_Slice is back with a bang and his Trap_House family took 4th place

5th place ...Here I must pay a long overdue complement to SS...these guys seem to be a small contained unit and round after round they manage to upset, annoy and badger everyone and have been know to win a few great family spots in turbo and in main.


Octane won it [THE JACKPOT, DUMBASS!] and his family took 2nd place in the family ranks also. Fucking good comeback from an old vet whose name I will not mention, as Turbo is anonymous, innit? Good job ON rocking that one out! No one even came close in the level 4 top spot.

Family Gold was won by ..lets just say outright that was IU who took it and flatly denied Octane and his guys the top family spot also.

Let’s lastly just jump to 3rd place level 4 won by Tusone. Apparently he didn’t get the memo to hide his ID, and with absolutely no fucks given, the man took bronze in his [3rd?] round back? That’s good. You can’t deny, the man is not all just good looks.


- Someone hated on NOMrcy - [who got upset] and then [THE WRITER] detracted, and edited the original post- could this be a sign of remorse? Or true love?

- Bobby_Blunts stash got moldy and he was caught trying to peddle it on TMB- apparently it made KillSmith sick and he made 10 gazillion hits looting less than usual.

Bobby also is now considering moving to South Africa to sample some of SA’s finest. Careful what you wish for....

Klown offered Bobby his help [being a self-confessed connoisseur - could it mean free stash somehow?]..... but Bobby hasn’t yet noticed. Slow, Bobby. Speaking of which, has anybody noticed the Warhounds dynasty quietly being accrued by Klown?

- DarkKnight is waiting for world peace and the legalization of crack, he thinks it should solve everything.

- IDC got told he had to brush his teeth by a tent dweller because it smelled like penis.That got a chuckle or 2.


Training grounds family starting again? Apparently so, in our on-going attempt to snag new players into the game, someone has taken pity on us and will help us with this. Any interested players can contact me from mid month if you wanna help

Speaking of Noobs, we are currently in planning development stages to help to get new players into the game’s our weak point, when new players signup they get lost and don’t know what to do. So we got/want to create some type of start up tutorial that is interactive from the time they sign into game for first time, and end up with them entering a legit family alliance wing [probably we will use this feature somehow to complement that new players can get into families soon!

If any of you bright sparks get ideas, that can help, hit me up - I would appreciate references, and ideas.

PS: *I saw some big hitters lurking in the dark. *

- Apparently Clutch just finished his TMB memoirs, from birth through puberty to current day. He has threatened to publish it soon. Can’t wait!!


Killing: Getting the best kill points return value

Wait for a few days before going on a kill spree if your vibe was to go for kill points. Hopefully you can low build and not get hit, and others will start to accrue kill points, so sometime after day 7 is a good time to hunt for juicy targets that already have high KPs on their profile.
You can take 5%of their total KP’s before THEY ARE MAXED on kill points. So don’t ZERO THEM! Just wait until it says something like...“Player kp’s are maxed” and move to next target.No use wasting your DU to zero someone if you not getting KP’s


Any good banker will always have their eyes in the prizes page and the global ranks. They will constantly be watching and calculating overall what other families make and try to assess what is the best value they can get for their family.

Any experienced player will tell you that no prizes are ever guaranteed a win in TMB, it’s a very tense affair. So your banker must always be numbers savvy, be maxed on top of last hour and have ALL THE FAMILY CASH on hand. Add to that, if you got a supporter going for the JP you sometimes have to also take responsibility to rank the family from the game money he makes that he spent a real couple of 100 USD on.

So it takes a solid well respected player to be given such a responsibility.

Some great hall of fame ROUND END RAKNKING bankers: Gasface, Maxx, LOPOV, Ilovebites, Babbo, Protege’, Stinger, name a notable few


Don’t forget the noobs! We need your help, the game grows only with strong community involvement. We gave you guys alliance boards, please help us, use it to recruit noobs! We will appreciate the help and if we see any people, family alliance or family that focuses to help new players, we will throw some love [and free product] at your face.

As always, live long, and prosper, be nice, don’t be an asshole and the world will be a better place.
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